Quotes For When You're Great At Starting Sentences With 'Kids These Days'

I'm what is often referred to as an "Older Millennial." Which does a pretty good job of deflating my ego, but also means that I remember what it was like to not have the internet.

My family got our first computer when I was already seven or eight years old, and we only had dial-up. I would stay up all night chatting on message boards because my family couldn't afford a second phone line for the internet during the day.

When cable internet came to our neighborhood in 1996, I thought I was going to die with excitement.

Napster and the pirated music boom? Oh, I was in it. Downloading one crappy-quality song at a time over the course of several hours and then burning a maximum of 12-15 tracks onto a blank CD.

I then carefully balanced a Discman while walking to school because any small shake would cause the music to skip and possibly ruin the CD that literally took days to create.

When the original iPod came out, the idea of having dozens of songs on one small device was mind-boggling.

And now I can stream pretty much every song ever written.

I explain this because you know what makes an "Older Millennial" the most annoyed?

Listening to people not even a decade older than us complain how "Millennials" don't know what it's like to have been without the internet.

Millennials are grown-ups now. They can vote, drink, buy houses, and the oldest of us are the parents of teenagers.

I just want to be able to start complaining about "kids these days" without being lumped in with them, okay?

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