20 People Who Found Some Wild Ways To Completely Mess Up

"To err is human," they say. These four words serve as an acknowledgement that people screw up pretty much all the time, along with granting us permission to occasionally mess up. So let's not judge these people too harshly. We've all been there.

Infinite cheese.

Reddit | ZomZike

Do you ever chomp into a mozzarella stick that just...doesn't...end? Someone clearly bit off a little more than they could chew.


Reddit | ki5loops

There are a few different ways to mess up microwaved hot chocolate, but transferring the entire mug's contents to the microwave plate is pretty innovative.

Do feet work like that?

Reddit | smodanc

I know that socks aren't quite tailor-made to fit everyone's individual feet, but surely the good folks at the sock factory can do better than this.

Constant agony.

Reddit | Dr_Apk

Is it okay to eat buns that look like the vomiting, screaming souls of the damned? Because these are the perfect shade of golden brown.


Reddit | TheEnderGirl07

If it isn't the best hot dog condiment, the bright yellow garnish that made French's famous, let's give it up for...mayonnaise?!

Catfishing done wrong.

Reddit | Fictation

If the old-looking grain of this photo wasn't a dead giveaway, perhaps the World Trade Center in the background might indicate that this person isn't being truthful.

Sure, I guess.

Foxes and raccoons are both scheming little critters with pointy faces, but I don't think anything excuses this particular screw-up.

Math is hard.

Reddit | ArerNelvebypehs

Speaking as someone who barely scraped by in high school math, I can say with reasonable confidence that someone messed this up.

Was it, though?

Reddit | Rbrocchini24

I was made in the '80s and I played Sonic the Hedgehog as a kid, but not until 1991. Why? Because Sonic didn't exist in the '80s.

So close.

Reddit | odenseguy70

"In Denmark a flat-screen was delivered on the right street and number. But the wrong town. Houses were not built yet. It was pouring rain."

For ambitious cats.

Reddit | SluggishStudent

This is a real facepalm moment, but if this person has a particularly acrobatic cat, things might just work out.

Look before you drink.


One of these is a mug of tea. The other is a mug of paint water. Putting them so close to one another is a dangerous game.


This is almost time travel: this kid is messing up big-time in 1998, but he won't fully realize it until decades later.

All tart, no pop.

Reddit | DON0V4N

We all know that the icing on Pop Tarts is hardly a thing of beauty, but this is a bridge too far.

Crossed out.

Reddit | Rattlehead96

Putting those words on the wall is a nice sentiment, but proceeding to cross all of them out sends mixed messages.

It didn't work.

Reddit | Deven_Patel7

Either the police are ignoring the clear directive on this man's shirt, or putting directives on one's shirt means nothing.

What a deal?

Reddit | Nurrsha

Saving twenty bucks is always nice, but it's hard to feel good about things when the original price was even lower.

That's a new one.

Reddit | live_fully

This travel mug lid fell into the bottom of the dishwasher, touched the heating element and melted. Now it's part of the dishwasher.

Perfect imprint.

Reddit | Cyanized7

If you ever smash your glasses violently into your own face, you might just see a perfect eye imprint on the lens.

Great deal.

Reddit | oj_mudbone

Somehow I think this is more than a hundredth of a pound of salmon, and it should probably cost more than ten cents.

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