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Christmas Tree Farms Use Newfoundland Dogs To Cart Trees In Favorite Holiday Trend

As a person with seasonal allergies and two dogs who sometimes forget they're house trained, I gave up on the idea of a live Christmas tree a long time ago.

It's hard to keep reminding them to do their business outside if I literally bring something from outside into the living room.

Still, the sudden surge of people sharing stories of their local tree farms bringing in dogs to cart the trees has me tempted.

Not just any dogs, though. My little dudes couldn't pull anything bigger than a succulent. Specifically, Newfoundland Dogs.

Or, if you prefer: the biggest, floofiest, laziest work dogs you ever did see.

Though this isn't an entirely new thing, there does seem to be an uptick in the sheer number of farms holding events of this sort.

Sorry folks, most of these are one day only sorts of things. Most commonly, the farms will partner with a local Newfoundland Dog group or rescue for the event.

Though Newfs are notorious for their sloth-like tendencies at home, they are also happy working dogs.

What doggo wouldn't approve of a day full of constant walkies and attention? Followed, most likely, by a nap that lasts the rest of the holiday season.

This is just how Newfs like it.

The latest pic of them to go viral was on Reddit, where user yetisa was surprised to learn that it wasn't just the one tree farm doing it.

Many of the comments were from people in other states chiming in to say that they have a farm near them that does the same.

It also caught the attention of the owner of the dogs in the photo, who commented to clarify that the specific event was part of a fundraiser for River King Newfoundland Club Rescue.

So check around. There may be a similar event at a tree farm near you!

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