20 Weird Problems That Nobody Expected To Have Today

Although we never know what's going to happen to us in a given day, some of our misfortunes are easier to predict than others.

For instance, those with pets will always have the understanding that whatever they leave on the floor runs the risk of being front and center of a messy mishap. And when I knocked over this glass trinket sitting on my bathroom shelf after reaching for my towel this morning, I was more surprised that it didn't happen sooner.

But sometimes, the unfortunate events in our lives will completely blindside us. And even the most pessimistic among those on this list likely didn't see what happened in these pictures coming.

At 6'2'', this person is the tallest in their family and it shows whenever they visit their mom's house.

It may not seem like such a big deal in this photo but I can tell you from experience that showering here is undoubtedly a big challenge.

Despite the impression that this picture might give us, the uploader spent about $100 on Christmas decorations.

The problem isn't that the tree was hiding them. The problem is that they managed to forget them in a Lowe's parking lot so this is what they're left with.

As the uplaoder put it, "My oven door shattered for no reason."

There is a possible explanation for what happened here but it's not exactly comforting.

As one commenter said, "I’m guessing there were already fractures in it that were basically invisible just looking at it from your POV. Possibly opening the door or setting the skillet caused it to finally go."

While it's not unheard of for a rogue nail to give someone a flat tire, this is a little more unusual.

I'm not sure how this sharpened piece of wood ended up in the middle of the street but it's definitely proved itself to be just as effective at ruining tires as its metal counterparts.

Maybe somebody thought this bike's rider was a vampire?

After having four kids, this person managed to prevent any of them from swallowing anything they're not supposed to until now.

In case it's hard to tell what we're looking at in this X-ray, it seems that one of them got curious enough to try a coin.

Honestly, they did pretty well for something like this to take so long.

We're always told that we'll fall if we lean back in our chairs but it turns out that isn't the only problem that can arise.

As we can see, it turns out that it's possible to lean back either so forcefully or so often that you just end up wrecking the back of the chair.

I guess this person's posture will be very different for a while.

This person might be able to do a lot with this socket set but they're out of luck if the job requires a 10 millimeter socket.

Because whether the mistake came from a machine or a person, it appears that they're stuck with two nine millimeter ones instead.

Actually, I wonder what happens if they lift those other ones up? Is it just nine millimeter sockets all the way down?

If you're wondering what these are, that's because you're not supposed to see them.

These metal pieces melted off a pan that was left boiling water for too long but the fact that the pan was made of aluminum may have also contributed to their creation.

The uploader was probably having a perfectly pleasant walk through the woods before they came across this creepy sight.

There are no shortage of weird things out in the woods but it's not often you find something that says "you're next" as clearly as this severed doll head does.

It's a little hard to tell at first but nobody is having a good time in this picture.

You might think this guy's screaming because he's climbing over his friend for the dunk but the picture gets clearer when you notice where the other kid happened to flail his left arm.

And while we can't see much of the other friend they're with, it's still enough to show us how disappointed they are.

This person was in the process of painting a still life before life decided it was done being still.

At least we can get a sense of how this looked before everything fell apart. But fortunately, they make a practice of taking a backup photo before they get started.

Apparently, this is the first time they've had to use it.

This isn't anywhere near as big of a deal as some of the things on this list but it came as a surprise nonetheless.

This man apparently couldn't find his nasal strip only to discover that it managed to stick to him during the night and survive his entire morning routine until he got to work.

From the looks of it, this 4,500-piece puzzle is now harder than anyone intended it to be.

Jigsaw puzzles usually come with a quick reference that at least gives you a general idea of what the finished product is supposed to look like.

This one is no exception but the problem is that somebody cropped off the bottom inch of the puzzle, so that section is a complete mystery.

Since people wouldn't stop putting stuff in this store's dumpster, the owners started locking it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that changed the behavior of these unknown dumpers, who have managed to find an even more inconvenient place for their trash.

Although most people doing virtual learning are trying their best, the sad truth is that the unreasonable teachers don't get any less so when they're behind a screen.

For instance, this one demands to see the hands of their students while they take their exam. The problem with that is that constantly broadcasting one's hands makes it impossible to actually see the exam's questions and do it.

If you've heard the term "Kafkaesque" and wondered what it meant, this is an oddly handy example of a Kafkaesque phenomenon.

The first time we go ice skating can be pretty awkward and maybe a little embarrassing, but it's easier time than this woman had.

Indeed, this picture is showing you just what you think it is. She managed to break both of her arms in one bad fall.


While it's always frustrating when our misfortunes are beyond our control, it almost stings more when they're entirely our fault.

For instance, this person put some pillows in the washing machine and ended up with a pile of blue and green foam pellets for their trouble.

I have to give them credit for admitting they likely missed a clear "do not machine wash" warning label, though.

Mistakes happen when you've got a lot of orders to fill but this one will likely have us checking every burger we get for a while.

It's hard to know how this happened but the only bit of good fortune here was that they discovered the mold before they bit into this.

Apparently, this is what happens to a wrench when it falls into a steel strap recoiler.

It's probably not going to be very useful from now on but the weird way it was twisted at least makes it a cool keepsake.

As the uploader explained, "Someone stabbed our Xmas duck."

I understand that Christmas isn't everyone's favorite time of year but I don't see why they had to take it out on this adorable inflatable duck.

That said, other commenters raised the possibility that this could have been caused by an owl or somebody's dog rather than a vandal. If that's true, I guess I can't fault them for thinking they had caught sight of the biggest feast they've ever seen.