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People Are Loving This Adorable Pic Of A Toddler-Decorated Christmas Tree

The holiday season may be a bit different this year, but that just means that we should all be taking the time to reflect on the true spirit of the season.

Often, we get so wrapped up in the traditional big meals and family squabbles that we miss out on those smaller moments that make the time special on a personal level. Aunt Sally's mashed potatoes will be back in future years, so for now, let's focus on those fleeting moments instead.

Christmas with small children has some of the most magical moments.

It's that couple of years where they are just old enough to understand the concept of Santa, but without the budding cynicism and curiosity of the seven-year-old who is guaranteed to find mom's hidden presents mid-November.

(I was that seven-year-old.)

Little kids are just so much fun at Christmas.

Like the delightful results of letting a toddler help decorate the Christmas tree.

We've all been the kid that insisted on doing the decorating, but wasn't nearly tall enough for the job. (I am still that person and I am 35.)

So when writer AC Thomas shared the results of her toddler's careful work on Twitter, everyone loved how gosh darn cute it was.

Many noted that while the band of decorations was narrow, it was pretty well done.

I mean, it's certainly more impressive than my own tree, where I got lazy about "fluffing" the fake branches and clearly need to invest in another box of 100+ baubles to fill all 10 feet of it properly.

My favorite part is the few ornaments scattered higher up.

Each one is like a moment of desperation where an adult offered to "help" the child decorate and was swiftly told to step back and let them work their magic.

But here is the very important question: would you fix it later?

Are you the kind of person who lets the tree stand tall in only a sparkly loin cloth because it's the work of a beloved grandchild, or are you the type that waits until the kid has forgotten about it before rearranging all the ornaments in a more "traditional" way?

I think I'd be on the leave it side. It's adorable as-is and has a whole lot more heart than a perfectly balanced tree ever could.

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