30 Wild Things That Naturally Worked Out On Their Own

Whenever we come across something that horrifies or bewilders us, one of the first things we say is "who could have done this?"

And sure, most of the time, it's clear that somebody set up the scene we're witnessing on purpose even if it's lot less clear who, how, or why.

But sometimes, things just turn out the way they do no matter what anybody does about them. And while some of these random happenstances can be bigger than others, it can often be hard to tell that they took place without anybody's help.

And as we're about to see, just because people were involved with some of these pics, that doesn't mean they planned what happened in them.

Now, I'm not going to try and claim that this pumpkin didn't resemble Jack Skellington before nature started taking its course.

Someone carved that face into it for Halloween, as you might expect.

But if you compare the fresh carving to its current state, I think you'll agree that it didn't really start looking like the pumpkin king until it began to rot.

You never quite know what you're going to get when you take up gardening.

Although the grandpa who planted this watermelon likely assumed it would eventually get pretty big, I doubt he expected it to take up a whole rack in his fridge.

No wonder they have contests for stuff like this.

Not only is this picture showing a rare sight but it's also making it clear how weird the weather can get nowadays.

We can see that the area around this window is pretty dark and gloomy because of a storm that's going on.

Yet based on this reflection, it seems that all the photographer has to do to avoid getting rained on is turn around and head in the other direction.

It may be a pretty inconsequential coincidence but I still wouldn't want to try and figure out the odds of this happening.

This ethernet cable is probably easy to ignore under normal circumstances but it became the star of the show when the astronaut's tether in this commercial just happened to line up with it.

Despite how things look, these two photos are showing us the exact same drinks.

It's just that in the second picture, the blue light lined up with one of the glasses in just the right way to cancel out the color of the orange soda inside.

Adding blue pigments is apparently a technique hair specialists use to cancel out dye jobs that turn out too brightly orange. In this case, that effect just makes this soda look like sparkling water.

Water can freeze in all sorts of weird positions but in this case, it seems to take the form of a heavy curtain.

While it's true that the weir placed here was built to direct this river's flow, it seems that it would have frozen in a similarly wild shape in a natural waterfall as well.

Although somebody obviously made this, they couldn't have known how right they would be unless they could predict the future.

And I'm not just referring to the fact that Pinky looks very nervous about entering 2020.

Even though this toy was made in the '90s, it somehow correctly guessed that Pinky and the Brain would return to the screen that year as part of the Animaniacs reboot.

Whether by genetic mutation or some physical hardship early in life, this toucan's beak seems to have been split down the middle.

While toucans tend to be omnivores, it seems unlikely that this deformity will allow it to catch any prey.

So the likely reason that it's managed to live this long is that it stuck to eating fruit.

Although there is some strategy involved in Battleship, the man in front of the uploader has nothing but his bad luck to blame for losing.

It's a little hard to see but this is indeed the game the uploader is involved with, which means they can see exactly where they need to make their shots.

Life really isn't fair at times.

Wow, for these bins to fit so perfectly, this guy must have measured them really carefully, right?

Nope, he apparently grabbed a random number of them and just happened to defy the astronomical odds of picking the exact right amount to fit snugly in his truck.

If you've seen similar markings on your laptop, I'm afraid I have some news you may find unpleasant.

As the uploader explained, these were left behind after a spider fell from the ceiling right onto the computer and skittered away.

That's right, these are spider foot prints.

The uploader was having a whale of a time finding the source of the horrible smell coming from their daughter's toybox until they finally came across this.

I can definitely see how it would be pretty hard to spot this mysterious "accessory" in Moana's thick hair.

In case you're wondering what you're looking at, it appears that a snake got tangled in the hair and died. I've never smelled dead snake but it sounds like I should consider myself lucky for that.

For most of these pics, I'm baffled at the fact what we're seeing in them happened at all.

However, this one just makes me wonder how often something like this happens.

Because it seems unlikely that this squirrel is the only one curious enough to wonder why its new friend is standing so still with such hard, rocky fur.

It's hard to tell from this picture but this was once a box of pencils in a building that burned down.

It's obviously not so surprising that both the box and the pencils aren't here anymore, but it seems that the graphite inside of them was completely unaffected.

I could probably write with one of those "leads" right now if I wanted to.

This isn't the first time that someone has managed to get two balls into a basketball hoop at once, but it seemed particularly hard in this case.

Not only did they both manage to get way deeper into the net than normal but that broken backboard added a whole new degree of difficulty to this freak occurrence.

As much as I'd like to say this person managed to bring an egg back from Bizarro world, that's not what's happening here.

Apparently, the yolk on the bottom one broke in just the right way to make it look like an "inverted egg."

That's a new one on me.

This might not be so unusual in Australia but it makes for a pretty startling sight for the rest of us.

Still, at least this big spider picked a fairly easy place for us to spot it when it decided to take shelter here.

It's certainly worse to suddenly feel hairy legs where they don't belong than to spot something like this in your car door. Good thing it's bad at hide-and-seek.

The uploader didn't seem to have any idea as to why but a whole flock of sheep suddenly appeared behind their house.

And while sheep may be cuter than spiders, I think I'd rather have to deal with one of those in my car door than a whole group of these fellas on my property.

After all, it's not like most of us have a trained sheep dog handy.

This seems like an intricate pattern that would look good on a floor but we're actually seeing it on some snowy ground.

Since we can't see anything else the sun could be shining through, I guess we're just left to assume that this gate happened to be placed in a way that allowed for such dazzling shadows.

There's no way that was done on purpose.

Despite how it looks, this man actually doesn't have a problem with his doctor at all.

As he explained, it's just that a giant stone slab with wood screws in it happened to crush and impale both of his middle fingers.

Since his other fingers were somehow unaffected, things look like they're going to be socially awkward for him for a while.

I suppose it's not impossible that someone created this effect intentionally but they seemed to have practical designs in mind for this gate.

While the gate doesn't look like much on its own, it happens to be placed in such a way that the sun projected these cool floral shadows on the ground when it shines through it.

Despite how it looks, this is a very clear and crisp photo.

It's just that the way the frost gathered on these leaves creates the impression that we're looking at a much blurrier picture.

It's one of the more subtly strange optical illusions that nature is capable of.

The raccoon has no reason to know this but it picked the perfect spot to rest.

Saint Francis of Assisi is generally depicted showing friendship and tenderness to animals and that's appropriate because he even used to preach sermons to them in in the interest of treating them as equals to humans.

So if the real Saint Francis was standing here instead of this statue, he would likely welcome this raccoon's presence.

This may not be a particularly lucky situation but it's certainly a rare and unexpected one.

It may not be so insane that a bird would crash into someone's windshield but what are the odds that it would turn out to be an eagle that managed to survive the collision?

It's almost worth having to pay to replace the glass.

If nothing else, the crew dispatched to this internet outage in Mexico didn't have to investigate too long before they found the source of the problem.

Although somebody was obviously responsible for firing this bullet, it's pretty doubtful that they actually could have made this happen on purpose.

It's just one of those things that we only manage to do by accident.

It's nothing new to have the letters on a sign burn out but it's much more unsual for that not to affect the messaging at all.

After all, if you use roman numerals, this sign still kind of says "five below." It's pretty wild how it worked out like that.

When this big ball of rubber bands was left in an office that was evacuated as the pandemic emerged, it showed which of its pieces were truly the strongest.

And from the looks of it, the multi-colored ones on the outside did not stand up to their rigorous months-long test that well.

It's under debate as to whether this was because they were exposed to more elements or simply because the colorful elastics aren't as strong.

I'm not sure how this came to be but there had to be a very specific and rare set of circumstances that led the spring to flow through this tree.

There's usually at least some path around that the rushing water would use instead but it seems that wasn't an option here.

It's also pretty wild that the tree is managing to survive this...inconvenience.

Notice anything familiar about this grass on the water's edge?

As far as we can tell, nobody shaped these blades of grass into the position that makes them spell "love."

It's just in the air around here, I guess. Now I want to know where this is.

If I had been around to take this picture, I can't imagine that I would ever take a better one in my life.

It's probably not that hard to catch a goat in mid-bleat when it's in a mood but capturing it at the height of its derpiness with a rainbow behind it?

That's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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