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Hilarious 'Mom Fail' Results In Boy's Class Pictures Printed With The Phrase 'I Don't Want This'

Sometimes, as moms, we do silly things. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally sent my kid out in the world wearing a t-shirt that's inside out, or forgot to remind him to zip up after going to the bathroom.

But other times, it's not entirely our fault. In general, school forms are pretty straight forward — but I say in general.

Inevitably, there come those times when you're asked to fill out a form and for some reason the phrasing doesn't quite make sense, or the way it's presented is kind of convoluted.

It's good to know that I'm not alone in these struggles.

There are a host of new options for class photos these days that didn't exist when I was a kid.

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You can have them photoshopped or with different, fancy-looking backgrounds. They even offer to have your kid's name and grade printed along the bottom.

As if you or whoever else gets a copy of the picture doesn't know your kid's name? (Shrug.)

One mom got caught off guard when she was filling out the forms for her son's kindergarten class pictures.

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Brittany Kinley, a mom and owner of The Bee's Knees Custom Design in Arlington, Texas, got a little tripped up when she was filling out the forms for her son's school pictures.

"It wouldn't let me bypass where to put his name or any of the other stuff on the front," she said to WFAA.

Her workaround for the glitch ended up being the hilarity that her family — and everyone else — needed this year.

Brittany's solution to the problem?

"I just put 'I DON’T WANT THIS,’” she explained.

And figured that it would be fairly self explanatory that she didn't want her son Mason's name printed on the photos.

The school photographer's studio had another idea in mind, however.

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When Mason's photos arrived in the mail, Brittany says she excitedly ran to open the envelope. When she pulled out the photos, what she saw was her son's adorable smiling face with the caption "I DON'T WANT THIS" scrawled across the bottom.

Her confusion quickly gave way to roaring laughter.

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"I was like, what is on here?" she said, laughing. "That’s when all of us took a closer look and all of us started just dying laughing at it."

She now has 30 photos of Mason with 'I DON'T WANT THIS' written across the bottom.

The funniest part is that it can be construed as either she doesn't want Mason or that Mason wants no part of the school picture!

She aptly called the error #if2020wasaschoolphoto.

Brittany posted her self-described "mom fail" to Facebook and within a day it had been shared more than 12,000 times. She also jokingly added the hashtags "if 2020 was a school photo" and "sorry Mase."

She's glad that her silly error has brought so much joy to those who've read her story and Mason seems pleased too.

“He asks how many people are laughing at him every once in a while,” she said of her son.

The reactions to her error weren't just met with joy. A lot of people admitted that they would have done the same thing.

"This would be something we would do," one commenter wrote.

"I can see this happening to you," another said and jokingly tagged a friend.

While others just commended Brittany for creating a sweet and funny memory for her son that will last a lifetime.

For her part, Brittany laughed and said: "Yes, I do want this. I’ll keep him."

Is this the kind of "mom fail" you're capable of? Let us know in the comments.

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