23 People Who Phoned It In To Get Home On A Friday

It gets harder and harder to focus on work as it gets closer and closer to Friday's closing bell... and sometimes you need to cut your losses and cut a few corners if you're going to roar into the weekend well-rested and ready for some fun.

You can always fix it up on Monday.

Maybe he wanted Friday afternoon to go twice as fast?

Reddit | onebit

Two clocks are better than one when you're worried about sleeping in, but this double-decker system leaves much to be desired. At least the big one is still right twice per day.

In the right light, at the right angle, you can hardly tell

Reddit | mikerockitjones

The shoddy workmanship on display here is truly astonishing. The pieces aren't even close to the right shape and it looks like our bricklayer cut out those smaller edge pieces using his teeth.

They're really serious about that no-smoking policy

Reddit | ossist

If that sign on the door doesn't deter you from smoking in the boy's room, maybe those mirrors on the ceiling will do the trick. Who's got the pink champagne on ice?

"It'll be fine."

Reddit | Mr_McKessner

We're not sure if the column or ceiling fan came first but sparks are definitely going to fly when someone gets brave enough to give that fan a whirl.

Saving money on plumbing and utility costs!

Reddit | Tebeaux84

Don't waste your money on a plumber when you can simply hire someone to empty these buckets every few hours. No need to waste precious water flushing either — let gravity do the work!

You'll be thankful if the bus ever flips over

Reddit | solconner

Until then, though, you're left wondering how someone could get something so simple so wrong, especially considering they had to stare at it while screwing it in.

OK, I guess, as long as you don't use the zoom lens

Reddit | Cutmerock

It might be a creative photoshopper having fun with the word "retinal" but it could also be the most thorough eye examination of your life. You won't know for sure until it's too late.

If you can't read, you might head right into the fence

Reddit | sit_wednesday

This can only happen on one of those Friday afternoons when you already feel intoxicated just thinking about the cold ones waiting for you at the end of the day.

Sink or Swim? 

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

Whether it's because of excessive water pressure or a mismatched sink and faucet combination, this botched bathroom job will douse unsuspecting souls, making it look like they've wet themselves. It'll also make a bathroom slip'n'slide nobody asked for. Nice one, Dave.

"Soap on tape" just doesn't have the same ring as "soap on a rope"

Reddit | trump__sucks_

This simple hack gets the job done but it doesn't do it with much grace or style. If you're going to use tape, use duct tape for crying out loud, and use it proudly!

At least the arrows are all pointing in the same direction

Reddit | unfkndun

Maybe the warehouse worker is a lightweight and figured the warning only applied to his heftier co-workers. Either way, these boxes aren't likely to fall until the weekend, so no sweat til Monday.

Throw out some orange cones and call it a day

Reddit | Huft11

Unless your cats are racing and one of them will eventually break through the white ribbon, we're at a loss to explain this dangerous situation. Is it trim? Wiring? A poor man's laser beam alarm?

These solar panels have it made in the shade

Reddit | alechko

You wouldn't want those expensive things designed to collect energy from the sun to get too hot, would you? Eh, they're on the roof, that'll do.

I'm leaving on a jet plane, I think, I'm not sure

Reddit | Blackout711

Maybe you have time for a brew before your flight or maybe you have to sprint through the terminal and slide across the ticket counter like it's the hood of a Camaro. You just don't know.

These little acts of rebellion make the job bearable

Reddit | SaltOver9000

It's not easy corralling carts and stocking shelves and the pay certainly isn't great so grocery store workers best make their own fun. A dollar and 69 cents. Hmm...

Clean up in Aisle 7!

Security cameras just have to look like they work, right?

Reddit | Cheese321BOOM

But hiding one behind an exhaust pipe and a thick cloud of vapor sure gives it the element of surprise.

Maybe he's a Detroit Tigers' fan?

Reddit | SargentStraya

The font isn't Olde English, but maybe our sign-maker took that "D" to put on a hat to cheer on his favorite team? No, wait — maybe it's a ticket trap!

Pothole season comes with a mix of dread and desperation

Reddit | IAmAWalrusBroski

But hey, if it's good enough to technically drive over, it's fixed. So really, whoever did this is a hero.

Mmmm, bananas by the each, perfect for a snack on the go

Reddit | LateKnight85

I can think of two things wrong with this display. Maybe they expect us to tear a banana off one of the bunches to get our "each?"

Well, there's nothing wrong with a happy elephant

Reddit | thegodzilla25

Unless the happy elephant has a creepy human face. But, I mean, it's done, right? Kids won't know the difference anyway, will they?

Not everyone was giving it 110 % and staying positive

Reddit | dgdv

The TV news editor who forgot to input this hockey player's name at least had the decency to get her position correct. Unless that's her name? We're not sure. We don't speak French.

That's a dramatic before and after, you have to admit

Reddit | trigunnerd

Brandon went from not even wanting to show his teeth to smiling, all because of invisalign, we have to assume.

It's not wrong to put out warnings about hot glass

Reddit | SuperSeagull01

As my chemistry teacher was fond of pointing out, hot glass looks like cold glass. But putting Braille on that sign? Maybe this person should have phoned it in harder.

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