Dad Trolls Girlfriend With Photoshopped Pics When He's Home Alone With Their Baby

If your romantic partner has a peculiar sense of humor, you might get a kick out of this story. Taking care of a young baby when you're the dad can be a challenge, especially when your girlfriend is constantly asking you if the baby is okay.

So this dad took the humorous approach when he decided to reply to one of her concerned texts, and it pretty much spiraled from there, hee, hee!

Kenny Deuss from Antwerp, Belgium, and his girlfriend had a baby a year ago.

Whenever Kenny takes care of his daughter, his girlfriend always asks him if the baby is okay. I guess that must've gotten on his nerves eventually.

So he decided to respond to her in the only way he knew how — by making a humorous picture.

Clearly, the baby is okay, but he wanted to make a point with his creation, and it went over so well he kept doing it.

That's pretty much how it all started.

With the help of a trusted camera and, of course, Photoshop, Kenny began replying to his girlfriend's texts using funny pictures. And to state the obvious, they only got funnier as time went on.

As you can imagine, Kenny's girlfriend had to do a second take to realize what was really going on in that first photo.

After that, she started to look forward to his imaginative creations that were coming her way.

Of course, Kenny always makes his pictures safely.

He never puts the baby in any sort of danger. It's all done using his creativity and the magic of Photoshop — even though some of these may look questionable to us!

Not only is Kenny an awesome father, as you can see, but he makes sure his baby is having a great time with him.

His baby girl, Alix, is as happy as a clam while all of Kenny's shenanigans are taking place.

It's so good to see a dad having such a grand time with his young daughter.

I bet she's going to develop a sense of humor as unique as his some day. He's a great example of how not to take parenting too seriously.

His baby girl is already showing signs of unique silliness.

She's a happy-go-lucky baby who's always smiling and making her parents laugh even when she's a stubborn one-year old. It looks like this couple is adjusting to the challenges of parenting well!

I guess it's true when they say "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," huh?

This baby girl is a perfect example of that. I wish I could see how funny she's going to be when she grows up, ha, ha!

I think it's also so sweet to see a couple make light of parenting.

It can't be easy to raise a daughter in this day and age. But these two are doing the best that they can, and that's for sure.

Parents, don't try this at home, please.

It's never a good idea to get your baby to drive the car. But then again, by the time she's old enough, Alix will be a very skilled driver, ha, ha! Ain't that the truth?

Oh my goodness, we're talking about reaching for the sky.

Here's one adventure no baby should ever embark on, ha, ha! I bet I made you look twice here! Am I right? I think this picture would give any good mom a heart attack.

No, no, no, let's not do that.

Here's one job that would be best for a skilled and seasoned professional. On the other hand, getting your baby to do it would be a much cheaper alternative. Am I right?

Why would you need to leave your baby at home when you could rock out together like that?

I don't see any problem with this scenario here. As a baby, Alix is going to develop quite a different musical taste, and that's for sure.

What's on TV, you ask? Well, it's Alix, of course, ha, ha!

Apparently, those wall-mounted TVs provide a great picture and make the perfect place to perch your baby. Just kidding!

Okay, enough of these shenanigans, and let's get back to work.

We have lots of important things to discuss, like world domination and all. So we better not be wasting anyone's time with this Zoom meeting. Do you hear me, Donald?

Aww, how awesome is this feel-good story, huh?

What do you think of this dad's prank on his girlfriend? I think it's pretty genius, to say the least. The man does have a wicked sense of humor indeed, hee, hee!

h/t Bored Panda