Quotes For When Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Petty

Most of the time when someone is being inconsiderate or just plain rude, it isn't worth the extra drama to call them on it.

Maybe they're a family member who's always trying to stir things up and you're done playing their game. Maybe they're taking up two spaces in an IKEA parking lot and the idea of confronting a stranger isn't something you're comfortable with.

Though seriously, any other place I'd probably let it slide, but in a packed IKEA lot? This means war.

But I don't get confrontational. I don't even get passive aggressive.

It's time to get petty.

Guy in the apartment next door keeps playing video games at top volume all night, even though you've asked nicely multiple times?

Well, fine then. You've always wanted to learn how to play the violin and now you're going to practice your scales at 9 AM every Saturday and Sunday next to the wall you share with his bedroom.

Bonus points if you don't bother to learn how to properly tune your instrument.

Guy driving a Hummer decides to ride my bumper all the way through the city on my commute home?

Oh look, it's a school zone! I guess I need to slow down even more for safety!

Watching people like that freak out because I have the nerve to follow the rules is just a balm for my petty, petty soul.

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