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24+ Lifehacks We Definitely Should Have Thought Of Ourselves

How often do you come across something online and think, "Ugh, I wish I'd thought of that!"

If you're like me, then it happens on a regular basis.

Hacks are often so easy that anyone could do them.

But it takes some real creative prowess to be innovative enough to come up with them on your own.

But seriously, some of these hacks are so easy and so smart, I don't know how I didn't come up with them myself.

They might be silly, they might be weird, but honestly, they're pretty darn smart in their own little ways.

1. And this is the one that I told my coworker to try out!

Twitter | @vickiistace

She didn't want to bring a hot curling iron to the office, but she wanted to touch up her hair after work. I told her to put it in an oven mitt and it worked :)

2. Do you ever feel guilty about giving kids candy at Halloween?

Twitter | @RedmondCare

Well, this person felt soooo guilty they decided to make a candy pack to hand out, complete with toothpaste. He only has the kids' best interest at heart.

3. If you put eggs in a waffle iron for a bit, they come out perfectly cooked and fluffy.

Twitter | @ColbyKGallagher

Not a bad way to have a fancy AF breakfast once in a while!

4. I'm not saying it's the most attractive look ever, but it definitely works.

Twitter | @KobyHameha

We've all put our hands on a way-too-hot steering wheel and cursed our delicate skin. What's the saying? If the glove fits...?

5. If you're short on rubber bands, just give this genius hack a shot.

Twitter | @SantinaMuha

Do you know how many rubber bands come with takeout sushi?! Probably more than necessary. But now you have sushi and rubber bands.

6. Instead of painstakingly trying to get that seal off your bottle of soy sauce, just poke holes in it.

Twitter | @GanarlyScott

Okay, I'll admit this is definitely a hack I've done before. And I'm not going to lie, I'd do it again.

7. This McDonald's hack is genius if you're a fan of yummy and crunchy French fries.

Twitter | @Dulali_Paws

You just have to ask the McDonald's crew to fry your fries a second time. Then they'll be golden brown like they're supposed to be.

8. The milk container broke and they didn't have anywhere to put the milk.

Twitter | @Aaliyahbess712

But then they realized they had some empty bottles of Hennessy and filled them up with the milk instead!

9. Use tinfoil if you need AA batteries but only have AAA ones.

YouTube | Top Trending

There's probably some sort of weird science behind this that I don't understand, but apparently, it works! I probably wouldn't do this too often, but in a pinch? It's perfect!

10. Use a brightly colored piece of fabric to easily identify your luggage when travelling.

Lifehack | Lifehack

This is super key if you have any neutral pieces of luggage, since pretty much everyone else does, too!

11. Isn't it a pain in the butt to try and fasten a bracelet all on your own?!

Thrifty Fun | Thrifty Fun

Well, a paper clip is your new best friend! It's actually super easy to use to help hook your bracelet up!

12. Circular shaped muffins are so last year, and these heart-shaped ones are totally in!

Snappy Pixels | Snappy Pixels

All you need is a marble to push the muffin liner in a bit to create the heart shape! They're definitely super cute!

13. This is a hack I've never seen before!

Reddit | cyclopsdvc

It's a good way to stop your Swiffer broom from constantly falling over in your closet like mine does.

14. This is another amazing closet hack that I can definitely get behind!

Reddit | Persephone2018

I'm always struggling to store my boots somewhere I can see them, but also where they aren't getting in the way. This is perfect for unused closet space!

15. If you stick your remote into a tennis ball, you'll never lose it down your couch!

Reddit | mysteryatoms

That is, unless your dog loves tennis balls. Then not only will you never see the remote again, if you do find it, it'll probably be chewed to shreds.

Still, not a bad idea!

16. Guys, I think I use muffin tins for pretty much everything but muffins.

Reddit | Right_Ahn

They are great for making perfectly portioned meals for on the go, like these chili pucks that were frozen for a week of lunches - genius!

17. If you're in a pinch and need a glasses case, let this fluffy guy be your savior.

Twitter | @EvilAngel1679

It's cheap, easy, and sort of brilliant when you think about it. You could probably even use the sock to clean your lenses, too!

18. This hack is pretty silly, but honestly, I'm going to go with it.

Twitter | @Nerdliness

Just leave the sticker that came with the scale (or make your own), and you won't have to worry about the number on the scale ever again. You look good no matter what the scale tells you!

19. Honestly, this made my morning 100% better.

Twitter | @ReedOmary

If something as healthy as cauliflower can make my breakfast smoothie taste just like ice cream, I am definitely here for it.

20. Flip your ketchup bottle upside down and add a tiny bit of water to get the most out of it.

Twitter | @DominicLai1

I've always done that, but never quite like this! I'd flip it upside down, but I've never tried putting water in it. Genius!

21. Sick of your tea bag falling into your travel mug?

Twitter | @RDSBarath

Well, take all those rubber bands you got from your takeout sushi and put them to good use here!

22. A banana stand isn't much good if you've only got one banana!

Twitter | @TylerAnderson

But, it's not actually the end of the world. Just use the hook and push it through the top of the last banana!

23. How often are you forgetting your contact lens case when you need it the most?

Twitter | @Elyse_Kuhn

I'm never throwing these out again! It's the perfect solution for holding your lenses. You can even mark "L" and "R" on the outside!

24. My aunt keeps her spare key under a rug, and her friend keeps hers in a skate outside her apartment door.

Eslamoda | Eslamoda

Neither seem like great hiding places. But this medicine bottle hack is actually pretty smart!

25. I know people who refuse to use real bottle openers and instead use random things to take off lids. 

Reddit | Albert Dumblestein

This isn't actually the worst attempt I've seen, so it's going on this list for sheer creativity.

26. I would argue that taking apart Ikea furniture is worse than building it.

Reddit | KaiserBobby

If only because it's a pain in the butt to store your screws and remember where each of them is from once you go to build it again. This is so key when moving!

27. Every time I see this hack, I think it's kind of silly. 

Twitter | @Nicole_Cliffe

EXCEPT, then this past week I was at an AirBnB and the curtains wouldn't stay shut. In that moment I wished I had a pants hanger to do just this.

28. Raise your hand if you've ever broken a cork into a bottle of perfectly good wine?

Twitter | @Russw777

Now I don't even feel bad about this! If you want to make sure you aren't drinking pieces of cork, use a coffee filter to pour the perfect glass.

29. Cleaning cheese graters is never fun, especially if you accidentally end up grating your finger in the process.

Simply Shellie | Simply Shellie

Simply Shellie recommends spraying the grater with some cooking spray before grating your cheese to make it easy to clean!

30. We use baking soda in the fridge to get rid of weird smells, so why not other places, too?

Replicawatche | Replicawatche

BrotherBringTheSun suggests putting a box of baking soda in your car to get rid of odors, too!

31. Do you ever just throw your headphones in your purse and realize later that they've become a tangled mess?

Reddit | Stewbacca71

If you've got a pen, there's an easy way to stop them from getting all tangled up. Plus, you'll always have a pen on you.

32 This is something we all desperately need in our lives.

Cutting fruit can be difficult, but luckily this Twitter account is shedding some light on the hardships we endure.

What an easy way to cut a watermelon!

BONUS: The dog lifehack.

Any good list should end with a dog.

This dog found the perfect hack for him, in order to live his best possible life.

So, which one will you be using next?

Let us know in the comments!

There are so many to choose from that it may be hard to choose at all!