24+ Beauty Fails That Got The Best Of People

Looking good is hard. At least, I think it is. I've honestly fallen more into the "throw clothes on and spend as little time working on my appearance so that people think that I look amazing when every so often I don't wear a hat" camp, but I can still appreciate the lengths that people go to to nail the lewk they're after.

1. Whoever said that you need to suffer for your art probably never had this happen.

Imgur | Imgur

This is the worst curling accident that I've seen since that one time I tried to lift weights. Nothing terrible happened, I was just exercising and it was awful.

2. I can only get away with saying "nailed it" sarcastically once in this article, so I might as well say it now.

Twitter | @xLolitaCassx

I'd have a really hard time having my nails look as good as those on the left. I literally want to eat them.

3. One of the guttiest betrayals that can happen to a person is when their hairdresser fails to follow through.

Imgur | TheSoulOfTheRose

With most broken relationships, you can at least hide your pain, but with a hairdresser, you have to find someone else to fix you for hundreds of dollars. Okay, so maybe emotional pain is actually similar to hair pain.

4. Beverly Hills, that's not where I want to be. 

Twitter | @Nicoleyy_9

Now, I have no idea if the problem here was a problem with the product or the application, but one does have to appreciate that there's a textured look that I've never seen anywhere else.

5. This is the kind of product fail that you'd have a hard time replicating in a laboratory.

Twitter | @Mscatherineanne

Like, how exactly did it end up in this consistency and get yanked out like this? Or have I just been using it wrong this whole time?

6. Sometimes it's hard to tell when someone's making fun and when someone's really tried but totally bombed.

Reddit | fnord-prefect

Either way, you've got a mouth full of sprinkles. Or, as I like to call it, a good Friday night.

7. Mega Multiplier? More like Mega Clumpifier!

Twitter | @blackorchids

That honestly looks like you could crack the whole thing open and use it to fix a hole in your driveway. No way I'm letting that anywhere near my face.

8. Uh... This makeup artist needs a new career path.

Twitter | @Dilysnana

I don't know what foundation line this MUA was pulling from, but someone should've kindly directed her to the Fenty Beauty section... or out of the store.

9. When the face mask can't even begin to solve your problems. 

Reddit | whoaaintitfun

I am disappointed for her.

Is this a face mask for newborns? For dogs?! Some please tell me what's going on!

10. Clearly her only option is to pour the rest out on her other boot and pretend that this was all intentional.

Twitter | @BrookeWVTM13

It's a good thing that you report the news from behind a desk, otherwise this could have gotten even more uncomfortable.

11. The idea of letting bae do your makeup may sound adorable, but please make sure that he understands, at the very least, what goes where.

Twitter | @naharmon887

This seems like a good way to end up with concealer all over your lips, to be honest.

12. This plastic Walmart bag gave somebody's girlfriend an undesired hair-do.

Imgur | Bobbysan

It's a look, tbh.

On the bright side, at least she saved a few bucks on blue and red hair dye!

13. This is honestly my new favorite picture on the internet.

Reddit | Yugen9x

I shouldn't take this much pleasure from watching someone die inside, but, like, how in the world could whoever did this to her think that this is what she wanted?

14. Sometimes, you're going for more of a costume look, but those are just as easy to bunk up.

Reddit | gatorrrrr

And, let's be honest, you've got even less practice with stuff like this.

15. If this is what mermaids looked like, Prince Eric would have just tossed Ariel back into the sea where he found her.

Reddit | MintBB

I'm pretty sure the instruction on the dye doesn't say "pour blue liberally on your head."

16. "Proceed with caution" is the best advice when trying new beauty hacks.

YouTube | What's Trending

One thing's for sure, she can't say she didn't get what she wanted. The viral Kylie Jenner lip challenge worked better than she ever imagined.

17. These DIY pin curls looked a lot more promising on Pinterest than they turned out in real life.

Pinterest | Kait Killgo

Fact: "Easy DIY" hair tutorials are hardly ever actually easy to do yourself.

18. When they decide to charge you 70% of the way through the appointment and your card gets declined.

Reddit | eraser_dust

The colors themselves don't look bad, but someone forgot about the whole gradual transition thing.

19. Sometimes the fail isn't in the execution, it's in how people receive it.

Twitter | @_Laang

I'm pretty sure we just need to accept "eye weaves" into our everyday speech. It's the right thing to do.

20. Here's a great example of when tragedy and hilarity occurred simultaneously.

Instagram | @beckystevie

Boy oh boy, do I ever wish that I was present in the moment when this happened.

21. Sometimes beauty isn't just about the execution, it's about the presentation.

Imgur | deesmutts88

Unfortunately, you at the beach throwing your hair around while your friend snaps a picture with their iPhone just isn't likely to land that perfect shot.

22. She's got this whole situation wrapped up in a tight little bow.

Reddit | blinkergoesleft

I actually don't even know if the woman on the bottom was going for a bow or just threw together a super rough pony.

23. At some point, an apology just isn't enough. They should just give you the whole salon so you can fix whatever is going wrong in that place.

Reddit | Ivey_Mom

It's like someone just put some bleach in a Super Soaker and shot it at her head.

24. One of the cardinal rules of spray tanning was broken here.

Tumblr | makeupaddictsanonymous

When they say do not get wet for at least one to two hours afterwards, they really mean it.

25. What... is... that?

Instagram | @kalognomos

If you're unfamiliar with the term, "depotting" is when you remove the pots from eyeshadow palettes and glue them onto one larger palette.

Apparently, you can toss a palette into the oven to help loosen the pots.

But, uh, don't forget to set the timer.

26. I never knew that a hairstyle could end up classified as an endangered species, but here we are.

Imgur | Imgur

It might have been a red flag that he was struggling to find a place that was willing to do it. I'm thinking that if you're not ready to cough up hundred and hundreds of dollars for an appointment that you've waited months for, you're never going to end up pulling off a look like this.

27. Here's a reminder that if you contour too aggressively, you may end up looking like you pressed your curling iron up to your face.

TheThings | TheThings

She's got cheeks for days, but not in the way she was expecting.

28. Sometimes when you're trying to get your nails on fleek, you end up with some...collateral damage.

TheThings | TheThings

Unfortunately, nobody's looking at your nails if they're too distracted by the arts and crafts experience going on with your skin.

29. Let's be fair, most of your hair is on the back of your head, so it's hard to see what you're doing.

TheThings | TheThings

But, uh...yeah. I just appreciate the bravery it took to share the "reality" picture with the world.

30. Now I wish I'd saved that "nailed it" pun from page one.

Twitter | @DanielleSuzan

Now, I don't want to call anyone a liar, but I have a hard time believing that the nails on top are real. In my defense, I also believe that anyone who's better than me at anything is a cheating liar.

31. I'm used to getting gouged at the salon, but never quite like this.

Facebook | Danni Draper

Apparently she asked for a contour cut, and I guess that yeah, technically, there is a contour at work here, but yeeeeeeesh.

32. Sometimes looking too good can get you in trouble.

TheTalko | TheTalko

Apparently the bride here got hit with some serious last-minute jealousy of her stunning bridesmaid and decided that she couldn't be outshone. That one had to hurt but feel pretty good at the same time.

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