Impatient Pooch Escapes Her Yard And Walks Herself To Doggy Daycare

Letting your pooch socialize with other dogs is an important part of being a pet owner. Depending on a family's lifestyle or the temperament of the dog, that might be playdates in a controlled environment, off-leash dog parks, or even regular days spent at a doggy daycare.

I'd like to try sending my pair of troublemakers to a daycare sometime, just to see if they like it.

Even if they do, though, I hope they don't love it quite as much as one viral doggo does!

Jem is a German shepherd mix who is a regular at the Happy Tails Pet Resort & Spa in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

She used to attend their daycare three-to-four times per week, though since the pandemic ruins fun, she's had to make due with only one visit each week or so lately.

Clearly that wasn't enough for Jem and she took matters into her own hands.

It was barely 6:30 AM when Marty Carriere was puttering around in the lobby, getting things ready for when dogs would begin to arrive.

He saw a nose peaking through the gate over the door, but waited a few moments, assuming humans would knock.

When the nose kept pushing and no one else appeared, he opened the door to find only Jem.

She came right inside, tail wagging and ready to start her day.

Even though she wasn't even wearing her collar, Marty recognized her and gave her family a call. Apparently, guests the previous night hadn't securely locked the gate to the backyard.

When Jem went out for her morning potty break, she decided she wasn't going to wait for her humans to decide when her next daycare trip would be.

Embarrassed, her family picked her up, took her home to have breakfast and then brought her right back to the daycare, since that's clearly where she wanted to be.

h/t: The Dodo

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