19 Weird Things We're Glad Somebody Got Photo Evidence Of

If you see something weird, snap a photo. We all have phones with fancy cameras on them and everyone enjoys looking at weird photos online, so it seems like a good policy.

Who knows, the next weird pic you take and then post might be the next big thing that weirds everybody out online.


Reddit | Eujinz

I don't know what this rabbit is doing but it looks like a serious meeting of the minds. As someone who also likes bright shiny things, I can definitely relate.

Rainbow ramen.

Reddit | baatar2018

Speaking of bright shiny things, I'm all about this photo of a prism hitting a forkful of ramen just right.

He's back.

Albert Einstein died in 1955 but you'd never know it based on the appearance of this random Egyptian dude.

The future is now.

Reddit | wakeup2019

This is apparently a newly-built book store in Chengdu, China. As far as I can tell, this is a newly-built space station somewhere in the cosmos.

This is 2020.

Reddit | Baxx0

This pic of a senior center sign promoting social distancing as everything around it is consumed in a blazing inferno accurately captures what 2020 was like.

This is one photo.

You can tell this is one photo by focusing on the tree in the foreground but otherwise, it's really hard to tell that it isn't two pics stitched together.


Reddit | lynch820

This gorgeous egret is flying just a fraction of an inch over the water. I love how the setting sun illuminates its wings.

How snow gets blown.

Reddit | _SP3CT3R

I always figured trains used, like, cow catchers or something to clear snow from the track. This, though, shows how they really do it: by blowing it all away.

Split personality.

Reddit | guberburger

This tree is totally indecisive about whether it wants to stay green or go red so it's found a way to split the difference right up the middle.

Almost too pretty.

Reddit | DT7890

This pic, taken out the window while driving through a national park, shows just how otherworldly the scenes can get. The puffs of steam, or smoke, or whatever, add so much to this picture.

Snoopy's real.

Reddit | lyricmeowmeow

The image of Snoopy lying on his back on the roof of his doghouse is downright iconic. Creating this scene in reality would require a ladder and nerves of steel.

Weird door.

Reddit | IceCSundae

Somehow, the asymmetry of this window/door combo totally works. It almost looks like the circular part is melting down into the door.

Nike skull.

Reddit | 1102username

This is a skull of...something, I guess. What it really looks like is a running shoe, though, with teeth for treads.


Reddit | ZeezoRockOut

The massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon destroyed much of the port area. A local artist used the rubble and debris to create this memorial structure.

You got robbed.

Without the wafer, would a Kit-Kat really be a Kit-Kat? Obviously, it would not. I think the people at Nestle have some explaining to do after someone bit into this waferless bar.

Real currency, disputed country.

There's a region of Moldova that isn't internationally recognized as a sovereign state but still has its own currency. As you can see, the coins are a bit...plasticky.

Very good boy.

Reddit | jbnetworktech

This proud pup dug up a truffle in the backyard. Considering the value of truffles, this could turn into quite a lucrative business.

Thicc pear.

Reddit | vancoura

This absolutely massive pear certainly isn't pared down. I wonder if the size impacts the taste in any way.

Icy impression.

Reddit | Lawdoc1

The back hatch of this truck helped mold a sheet of ice in its image after a recent ice storm. This looks like it'd be super satisfying to punch through.