10+ Times Cleaning Was Oh-So Satisfying

Satisfaction is coming for you, my friends. Why? Because I have here an entire list of really, insanely satisfying before-and-afters of different things being cleaned to perfection.

From decks being power washed (ugh, so good) to laser cleaning (!!!), this stuff is shining like new in a way that will have you sighing in sheer relief.

Look at that CRISP line.

What is it about that angled stream from a power washer that is so satisfying? It's basically the closest thing any of us will come to a laser.

This is just SO GOOD.

Why does this have big "forbidden cheese" energy? Okay, anyway. Pushing paint off of a paint roller should be something we all get to do at some point in our lives.

I cannot believe this carpet was red underneath all of that.

So, listen. This isn't just a really dirty rug. It's actually pollen! We all know how much that stuff can travel, and how quickly. Of course it wound up in this rug!

This house is certified fresh now.

Goodbye, actual mud. Hello, crisp and clean beige! Or is it yellow? Regardless, this looks so good, and it's so satisfying to see all of that unevenness disappear.

This progress shot is insane.

Here's the story:

"Mom just got surgery so I’m staying with her for a bit. Saw she had an unopened power washer and asked if I could clean. The deck hadn’t been washed since before my dad passed. I always thought it was gray!"

That's humidity for you.

"Before and After of brick outlining the garden up in the PNW."

That's how it is up here in the PNW (okay, I'm more PN, but it counts). Those bricks look so damn good now.

Well, this is a little gross.

Not the cleaning — that's nice. It's the caption that did me in, y'all.

"Always thought this fence was green..."

NOPE. But wait, I have a follow-up!

This is gross, part two.

No. Way.

"Only thought to take a before pic 1/4 of the way through! 40 years of exposure to British weather."

Britain, are you okay? What's going on, buds?

That sink saw some dark things.

"Roommates thought the sink was permanently stained. I got bored in quarantine and proved them wrong."

As some people pointed out, those roommates are geniuses for presenting a problem someone wouldn't be able to resist.

This construction equipment got a good clean.

There's nothing like seeing something with a mesh-like appearance getting cleaned. It just slides right through and is immediately clean af. That yellow underneath looks so much better now!

Yes. Good.

This was a dirty spot under an umbrella stand. This spot alone took a full minute to properly clean with a power washer, so I now have a new respect for people who do their entire decks or driveways.

Goodbye, chalk paint.

The satisfaction I feel at seeing that paint being removed is astronomical. I'm no wood purist, but sometimes the whole chalk paint thing is overrated. I said it, I meant it.

Dogs, am I right?

Seriously, I can't even judge how hairy that backseat was. If you've ever had a dog that sheds a lot, you know just how quickly this can happen.

Let's show our vintage hardware some love!

I have mad respect for anyone who takes the time and dedication to restore vintage pieces. Not only is it much more sustainable than buying new things all the time, but you can also discover some real hidden treasures. Look at how these old drawer pulls and knobs sparkle now!

This deep fryer was in need of a serious clean.

Anyone who has ever worked a fast-food job knows that cleaning out the fryers is basically the worst task you can do on a shift. I have to give credit to this hardworking employee who gave these fryers the ultimate deep clean.

This looks like a brand new cabin.

If this isn't the biggest power washing flex, I don't know what is. Someone literally power washed their entire cabin and the results are seriously impressive. I just want to know how long it took them — it must have been a massive job.

Now this is a playground kids will love!

Normally, kids love getting dirty and messy. But there's definitely a difference between playing in the mud and a playground that's just straight-up gross. Now, everyone can play and have fun!

Okay, there's actually a hilarious story behind this one.

Apparently, a power washing company began washing this person's stairs, only to realize they were at the wrong house. As a result, the homeowner said they got a "free sample" of the company's service. C'mon, couldn't they have finished the job at least?

Let's not forget about shoes!

When was the last time you gave your shoes a good old-fashioned polish job? It's okay if your answer is never, as I think the art of shoe polishing is slowly fading away. Maybe this photo will convince people to bring it back.

I can't tell which is the 'before' and which is the 'after'.

Under layers and layers of dirt, this seemingly blue and green tiled floor turned out to be... completely different colors. Who knew that a vibrant red and yellow pattern was hiding under there this whole time?

Another vintage restoration!

If you're thrifty, then you know part of the experience of thrift store shopping is putting in a bit of work to make your purchase something special. This $5 find looks like a million bucks now!

This golf cart that no one would want to sit in...until it got cleaned, that is.

If this was the cart that was offered to me, I think I would take my clubs and walk the course instead. Thankfully, someone realized that this cart needed a serious clean and got it back to its former glory.

Now this is a bench I would like to sit on.

I'm not 100% sure what was on this bench before (algae, mold, dirt... who knows?), but whatever it was, I wouldn't have wanted to take a seat on it. Now, this bench is looking brand-spanking new!

Someone got a little creative here!

How cute is this? Someone decided to use their power washer for something other than just cleaning. They made these cute little designs on the sidewalk (before thoroughly cleaning the rest of it, I assume). Aww! See? Cleaning can be wholesome!

I thought that was just a really dark wood stain.

As it turns out, I was wrong. That dark brown area? Yeah, that's just years and years of built-up dirt. Thankfully, this fence is looking a lot better after a deep clean.

Snoopy? What have they done to you?

Good grief! Snoopy did not deserve this treatment. How does anyone get something so dirty in the first place? I'm glad someone was able to take care of him properly.

I don't know much about cars, but I know that this is impressive.

There are some things in life you just have to splurge on to keep them looking great. These chrome wheels got a nice, detailed clean, and now they look much better. So cool!

Here's another example of someone getting creative with their cleaning.

This person used their power washer to make a little city skyline scene. I am seriously impressed by this. How come when I clean I just, somehow, end up making a bigger mess? Huh?

No, that bench was not painted green.

I didn't even know that a bench could turn this color, but the photos don't lie. I'm glad this person took it upon themselves to finally break out the power washer and get to work. I'm sure the bench is glad, too.

I never really thought about how buildings got cleaned until writing this article.

But now that I think about it, it makes total sense. I just thought most buildings were a dark gray color this whole time! Now I know that there are likely some unique brick colors hidden under layers of dirt, just waiting to be discovered.

Finally: let's look at this tiny sheep.

Why? Because it's a tiny sheep being power washed, and I think we all deserve to see it. We've had a rough year, and that sheep is too wholesome to miss.

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