21 Punny DIY Halloween Costumes That Take Creativity To A New Level

With the Halloween season officially upon us, it's time to start planning your costume. If you're one of those people who prefers to dress as something that's a bit more clever than creepy, you've come to the right place.

Get inspired by these punny DIY Halloween costumes people shared online. Best of all, they are super easy and budget-friendly to recreate at home!

It's a little chili.

This is absolutely adorable, and the perfect easy, fun costume to do in colder weather. Having rarely experienced a Halloween where I didn't have to wear a down coat, I can attest to how helpful costumes that accommodate the weather can be.

This would be a really fun craft to do with kids!

The kids get to pick their animal and design their own ears and tails. This is a great costume for a fun family picture. The best part? It still works after the kids change into their real costumes!

They're struck by lightning!

Well, this is adorable. It's a pretty simple DIY, and you get to actually tear up an umbrella. Tell me that doesn't sound fun! You can thrift the clothes you want to tear up, too!

Taco Belle!

There's no reason you can't make that taco out of craft supplies, tbh. Some poster board, some paper, and some string, and you've got yourself a great Disney princess pun!

When life gives you lemons...

Let's just have a round of applause for this brilliant pun, shall we? She is on a whole other level, and we have no choice but to stan.

She's a sand-witch!

So, I want you guys to know that I first saw this joke on Bob's Burgers, and I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen on that show. I don't know why I wanted you to know that. Moving on.

Chicken cordon bleu.

Guys. Once you see it, this costume is SCREAMINGLY creative. How the hell did she think of this? It's so simple to DIY, it's easy to wear, and it's genius.


Where would we be without this Halloween classic? Everyone needs a little Beeyoncé in their lives. I would totally carry my phone around so I could blast her entire discography wherever I went.

Rum and Coke.

Captain Morgan, anyone? I seriously love creative couple's costumes. You can tell couples who go that extra mile seriously have fun together. Also, catch me doing this costume so I can just drink Coke all night.

Deviled egg.

Keep it simple! This costume only requires a devil headband and some felt, which makes it ideal for the person who wants to have a clever costume, but is also a little lazy (just like me).

Ariana Grande Nonfat Cinnamon Dolce Latte, No Whip.

Alright, Ariana Grande coffee jokes will never not be funny. That's her lot in life, and I think she's probably fine with it. This costume is super simple!

Eye candy!

So, this is genius for a very obvious reason: Once you're done wearing your costume, you get to eat all the candy. I know, I know. I will also be doing this now.

Deer in the headlights.

I adore this costume, but I just have to know, how did she attach those headlights AND get them to light up? I really love it when people pull out all the stops to make their punny costume go the extra mile.

The Black-Eyed Peas.

This is a hardcore throwback costume idea, guys. It's a classic. My favorite part is definitely the "p" attached with what looks like duct tape to each of their shirts. Duct tape: the underrated hero of Halloween.


This one deserves an award. It's so frickin' clever. This is a really simple costume to do, too — you really just need a wig, a cane, and a piece of paper!

A formal apology.

Seriously, this costume could not be easier! Some formal wear you definitely already have and a name tag is all it takes to make this hilarious costume come to life. Sorry.

Reading rainbow!

I feel like I've waited my whole life to see this incredible costume. I totally want to do this now! It's the perfect, cute tribute to the show that helped all of us learn how to read.

Waist of Thyme.

Okay, so this joke really hinges on the people around you being able to recognize thyme. This would absolutely kill in a cooking crowd, that's for sure.

The couple you can count on.

I wonder if I could convince my partner to do this. Neither of us can count to save our lives, but look how cute and easy this costume would be!

Identity theft.

Man, you really only need some name tags to make a great DIY costume. This one is particularly fun, because you get to come up with the most ridiculous names possible.

Bread winner.

In the words of RuPaul: "Where'd you get a loaf of bread?"

That joke was for my Drag Race stans. ANYWAY. In all seriousness, you really only need a loaf of bread and a novelty award for this one.

Spoiled milk.

This one took me a minute, but it was worth the wait. You can DIY your dress and even DIY the bags! No need to actually go shopping at Gucci just for a shopping bag.

Well, unless you want to. Pick me up a li'l something, will you?

Ice, Ice, Baby.

Now, you have a very narrow window to do this costume, so, anyone with a baby: You best be taking advantage of this one. It takes a bag, cotton balls, and, well, a baby. That's it!

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