Rent A Cozy 'Harry Potter'-Themed Cottage That Looks Just Like Gryffindor Tower

Brittany Rae

Nerds, I cannot prepare you for the level of insanity you are about to see.

Designer Carol Cavendish brought the common room to life, pulling on design features from the Harry Potter films to create magical accommodations that will surely delight fans of all ages.

Welcome to Gryffindor Tower.

Yup, those are the iconic four-poster beds Harry, Ron, and their friends slept in! This amazing dorm cottage is located in North Shire, a family farm run by Carol, pictured here.

Anyone need some broom parking?

The stone fireplace, wood elements, and rich red drapes all make for the perfect Gryffindor experience. Those fairy lights look straight-up magical!

Thank goodness they have broom parking, I wasn't sure where to put mine.

The kitchen and eating area are equally as magical.

Look at that roof! It really evokes 12 Grimmauld Place to me, tbh. Those high-back chairs look like the ones the Professors sat at in the Great Hall, don't they?

Of course, the true mic drop is the bathroom.

YUP. Modelled after the Prefect's bathroom that Harry solved the first Triwizard Tournament clue in, this bathroom is quite possibly actually magical. I would use that shower in a hot second.

Hey, do those mirrors look familiar?

That's because they look exactly like the Mirror of Erised, the magical mirror that shows you your every desire. If I looked in those mirrors, I see me standing with a key to those dorms.

The dorm sleeps six guests.

It comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a real fireplace, and a private bathroom with a "special surprise." I wonder what it could be?

You can book your stay in the dorms here.


There's more.

Yes, yes that is an entire recreation of Hagrid's Hut! In addition to the dorms, North Shire offers this amazing, secluded retreat to Hagrid's iconic little home on the Hogwarts grounds. (Ford Anglia not included.)

Welcome to the Groundskeeper's Cottage!

Laid out exactly like Hagrid had his hut, this cottage comes with big, squishy armchairs, a fireplace, and stained glass windows. The wooden beams overhead are absolutely stunning!

The cottage also sleeps six.

It's available to book right now, but be quick! Spots are filling up fast.

North Shire has a number of themed retreats to fit your nerdy needs. Check out their website for more delights!