20+ Smart Lifehacks That Let Us Take The Easy Way Out

There really is only one reason to love lifehacks, and it's because they make our lives easier. Seriously, I'm not going to judge you for trying to make something in your life just a bit less complicated. Life is tough.

And, luckily for us, the good people of the internet have found some solid ways to do just that. I'm excited to take the easy way out once in a while!

1. Turn an old sock into a dress for your kid's dolls.

Twitter | @TattooedJerry

There are actually a ton of ways to make super easy clothes for dolls instead of buying that expensive stuff they sell at the store. This is going to save you a ton!

And while it might not be haute couture, it can actually be fun to use everyday things to make little outfits for the dolls.

Twitter | @TattooedJerry

And if your kids like to help out, they can make some clothes for the dolls, too! That's a win-win-win-win if you ask me.

2. Does this look familiar to you? It should, since most people have them at home!

Twitter | @scottinthe503

Unless you or someone in your family is allergic to peanut butter, you've probably got one of these kickin' around. And if not, you've probably got something similar.

The lid of a peanut butter jar apparently makes the perfect sized hamburgers.

Twitter | @ScottInThe503

This sounds like a secret hack that chefs around the world have been keeping to themselves for years. I'm definitely going to give this one a try ASAP.

3. Doing dishes is the bane of my existence.

Twitter | @s_esselman21

Seriously, my partner and I fight over who is going to do them All. The. Time. So, any hack that'll save me from cleaning an extra bowl is a good one to me.

Basically, all you need to do is cut out a hole in your popcorn bag instead of pouring it into a bowl.

Twitter | @s_esselman21

And now more people can share the popcorn bag. Sounds like a stellar idea to me!

4. Why is it that sandwiches never fit perfectly in a sandwich grill?

Twitter | @MXR156

I like my meat stacked high, with lots of cheese. But then it doesn't want to close! While this clamp might be a bit much, the idea of clamping it shut with something else is actually pretty smart.

5. I'll use just about anything as a bookmark.

Twitter | @CarmenJohnson27

Bobby pins, receipts, a straw. I'm way too cheap to spend money on bookmarks when I can find things for free to use instead. I love this because paint chips are totally free!

6. I think every iPhone owner can agree that this was a poor move on Apple's part.

Reddit | nomsale

If you're worried about the dongle getting ruined, use a pen spring to keep the connection points safe.

7. I saw this on the local news this morning and just had to share.

Twitter | @CondoChris

Basically, bicyclists are so concerned about bad motorists that they're using pool noodles as a buffer. As a cyclist in the city, it's not a bad idea, tbh.

8. Picking up glass can definitely be a nightmare.

Reddit | zachary6

You never seem to be able to get every last bit! Use a piece of tape to pick up all those little pieces.

9. Don't have a level, but need to know if something is straight?

Reddit | Fockelot

Pour some water in a measuring glass. If the water is level with the lines, it's most likely straight!

10. Got a smelly car?

Reddit | iCan'tBelieveBeron

I mean, 90% of the cars I get into have some sort of weird smell that the owner doesn't care about, or is just used to.

You can put a wax melt in a cup and let the fresh scents fill up the car as the sun heats it up!

11. Actually, maybe this idea is even better.

Twitter | @xcassidyo

Instead of using a red plastic cup, grab a salt or pepper shaker from the dollar store.

Put the wax in, and when the sun heats up the wax, the scent will escape through the holes of the jar. Plus, this is much prettier.

12. Want to add some funky lighting to your home for cheap?

Twitter | @NibblesOfficial

Apparently, all you need is a spare light bulb and a Crayola marker to give you the vibes that you're after.

I mean, it definitely looks like it worked!

Twitter | @NibblesOfficial

I am totally feeling the pink vibes of this room, and you could do a different color depending on the season or event!

13. Hate fishing for all of your tupperware lids and containers in the dishwasher after a cycle?

Reddit | thecatunderthebed

Flipping a drying rack over your plastic containers will keep them from flying everywhere.

14. Packing is already such a drain.

Reddit | unlimitedmtndew

Make your life a whole lot easier when moving by scooping all of your closet clothes in garbage bags so that you can hang them right away in your new place.

15. It seems to be so difficult to find the right microwave setting to nicely soften butter.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

Not anymore! I'm definitely going to be giving this hack a try. It will definitely save my microwave from forming a buttery pool in it.

16. Wow. This person has been living in 2020 while we're all living in 2019.

Reddit | eirikso

How have we not been labeling our power cords? Like, pardon me?

So simple, yet so genius at the same time.

17. Sometimes you need to cook for one.

Reddit | mario61752

Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of pots and pans for smaller portions.

This is an easy way to fit a smaller recipe into a larger dish.

18. Now, this is kind of cruel. But if you're a parent, you know the struggle of trying to get your young children to take their medicine.

Reddit | goodlyearth

This will really make your life a lot easier. Until they start hating juice because of it.

19. You might want to hang onto bread clips if you haven't lost them under your oven just yet.

Reddit | xxsunglassesxx

They're great for marking cords so you can better distinguish between them all in case you need to unplug any!

20. Don't you hate when you first organize all your frozen food in the freezer, only for it to become a giant mountain of freezer burnt food?

Reddit | curlysass

Clipping your bags neat and tidy along the freezer's shelf will help leave more space for other yummy frozen goodies.

21. Free up space in your cart for more snacks with this grocery store hack.

Reddit | Highlife2tall

Instead of piling six-packs of pop on top of each other in the cart, use the side of the cart as a functional holder for them.

22. I have really wrecked my fingers from trying to pry open a key ring.

Reddit | QuevedoDeMalVino

While I don't normally have one of the staple removers handy, now might be the time to invest in one.

23. We've all heard germ horror stories from hotel rooms.

Reddit | BrReg

Using the provided paper or Styrofoam cup from the room can be a useful makeshift toothbrush holder to keep it off the counter.

24. When you can't fit your collection of tank tops in a drawer any longer, it might mean you need to pull a Marie Kondo.

Reddit | kvnmahan

However, if you discover every single one brings you joy, try out this nifty storage hack.

Simply use shower hook rings to neatly hang all your tanks on a single hanger.

25. Don't waste time boiling water from a kettle for your instant ramen noodles.

Reddit | Nintenoob

The largest cup size on a Keurig coffee maker actually fills the cup perfectly to the marked line so you don't have to.

26. When your teen's room is smelling funkier than you'd like, you can use a dryer sheet to freshen it up.

Reddit | terminator_rex

Tape a dryer sheet to the air conditioner and turn it on. It'll smell like fresh laundry in no time.

27. Use beeswax to waterproof canvas shoes.


Take a piece of beeswax, rub it all over the surface of your shoes, set it with a hair dryer, and voila!

28. Pack a bar of soap in your suitcase to keep your dirty laundry from stinking up your bag.

Unsplash | Kristina Balić

It's hard to keep your clothes smelling fresh while traveling when they're sharing space in your bag with the dirty ones. To prevent things from getting funky, put a bar of scented soap in your laundry bag.

29. Bounce batteries to test their charge.


If you, like me, are always finding stray batteries around the house and don't know if they're good or not, try dropping them on a table from a six-inch distance.

If they bounce once and fall over, they're good; if they bounce around more than that, they're dead.

30. Cool down your drink fast with a wet paper towel.


Take a wet paper towel, wrap it around your drink, and put it in the freezer. In about 15 minutes, you'll have a nearly ice-cold drink.

31. Use a toilet paper roll as a cuff to store your wrapping paper.


To keep your wrapping paper from unfurling, cut a toilet paper roll and wrap it around the wrapping paper.

32. Use coffee ice cubes to keep your iced beverages from getting watered down.

Unsplash | Linda Xu

Fill an ice cube tray with coffee and put it in the freezer. This way, the next time you make an iced coffee, it won't get watered down.

33. Put a wooden spoon across a pot to keep it from boiling over.


This is a great hack, especially if you're a distracted cook!

34. Place a stocking over your vacuum to pick up small items like earrings.


This will allow you to find those tiny items really easily without running the risk of getting them sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

35. Freeze grapes and use them as ice cubes to keep white wine chilled.

Unsplash | Krisztina Papp

You don't want to water down your wine, do you?