McDonald's Customers Are Sharing Their Secret Menu Hacks

If you often eat out at fast food restaurants, you know that the money you spend there can easily add up. So, it's best to take advantage of any kind of hack that will not only save you money but also your sanity, too.

Well, I've got good news for you if you're a fan of McDonald's. These folks found some awesome hacks and I'm passing them onto you for the next time you hit up the drive-thru.

This Spill-Proof Hack

How do you eat your fast food on the go without spilling a thing? Well, it seems that smart people have a simple hack for that. When you stack your nugget or burger box on the drink like this, it totally keeps things in order.

This Coke Or Root Beer Float Hack

Who else craves a root beer float when it's hot? I do, I do! Ha, ha! Get one easily by ordering a coke or root beer, and a soft-serve cone. Voilà!

This Mommy Hack

Moms take a note from this lady. She gets a side salad from McDonald's and a $1 hamburger. Then, she topped her salad with the chopped hamburger. This quick meal only sets her back about $3.

This Hungry Hack

Isn't it the worst when you finish the night shift and you're terribly hungry? That must really suck. This person orders a McMuffin with cheese only and then stuffs a hashbrown inside for the ultimate breakfast sandwich. Sounds intriguing to me.

This Apple Pie Hack

Did you know that McDonald's used to serve their apple pie with a side of ice cream? I dunno why they stopped doing that. But no worries, just get some soft serve or a plain McFlurry and you're good to make your own apple pie à la mode.

This Fresh And Hot Fries Hack

Nobody wants to eat cold and slightly stale fries. Am I right? So just ask for your fries to be made with no salt — that way they have to make them fresh. Then, use salt packets on the side if needed.

This Healthier Option

Who says you can't eat healthier even when getting fast food? You just have to get a little bit creative like this person did. This is a McDonald's quarter pounder without the bun for a low-carb lunch.

This Ice Cream Sandwiches Idea

Do you fancy an ice cream sandwich from McDonald's? No problem, mate. Just order yourself a McFlurry and a couple of cookies. Then assemble it together and enjoy. Wow, I gotta admit this does look delicious.

9. This Burger Eating Trick

I love getting a burger just like everyone else but I don't like to deal with the mess. It looks like this lady is speaking the same language as me, and her hack to stay neat is pretty genius. Just pop the burger in a fry box!

This Quick Salad Hack

How do you get a special salad without paying a lot for it? This lady just orders a side Ceasar salad with two grilled chicken breasts. She customizes the salad and pays only $8 for the whole order.

This Double Vanilla Iced Coffee Trick

Forget paying for those fancy double vanilla iced coffees. You can make one yourself if you're smart like this person. I bet it tastes just about the same, if not better. Am I right?

12. Keto-Friendly Breakfast

For a breakfast that's packed with protein and low on carbs, just ask for no English muffin and add an extra egg on your breakfast sandwich instead. This is perfect for anyone watching their carbs.

Easy Kid's Tray

If you're out and about with your kids and need to eat on the go, ask for an extra drink tray (or two). These make the perfect kid's meal carriers and will keep your car neat and tidy.

Just Grill It

Did you know you can buy McDonald's grilled chicken breasts on their own? It's true! These are a quick and healthy protein option you can throw in a salad or bring home to eat with some steamed veggies.

The Classic Fry Burger

This hack is an oldie but a goodie. Lots of people swear by this "recipe" of adding a few fries right to their burgers. It's like eating the best of both worlds in every bite.

This Espresso Milkshake

If you're looking for a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a caffeine boost, here it is. Simply order a vanilla milkshake and a regular espresso. Add them together for something that's absolutely heavenly.

There's Even A Chocolate Version

For all you chocolate lovers out there, don't think that we forgot about you! Many McDonald's customers have also tried adding espresso to a chocolate shake and say it's equally delicious. Now the only question is, which one to try first?

Fries And Ice Cream Are A Classic Combo

If you love the combination of ice cream and french fries, McDonald's ice cream cones make the perfect holders for your fries while you're dipping them. Then, when the fries are done, you can eat the whole thing — cone and all!

Another Pie McFlurry

The pie McFlurry hack isn't just limited to McDonald's apple pies. Try this hack with any of their specialty pie flavors! This person went for one with a strawberry and creme pie mixed with ice cream. Yum!

The Perfect Cone Holder

As it turns out, the famous McFlurry dome lid also works well as an ice cream cone holder. This is a great hack to keep in mind if you ever need to set down your cone for a few minutes.

21. This Ketchup Trick

Did you know that the little condiment cups are able to expand so you can fit more ketchup inside of them? Oh yes, that's right. If you're not already doing that you're definitely missing out and that's a fact.

22. This Big Mac Hack

Why pay a full price for a Big Mac when you can get pretty much the same thing for much less? Just get a McDouble at a self-serve kiosk and customize your condiments. This version has less bread, too.

This Stacking Hack

I know it's pretty annoying when you have to eat in your car and you can't find space for all those dipping sauces. Well, if you get a McFlurry you can use it as a holder too ha, ha.

This Egg Sandwich Hack

How do you get a regular round egg on your McDonald's breakfast sandwich vs. that rubbery mystery egg? Apparently, all you got to do is ask for it and you get it free of any extra charge.

Pay 1 Cent More For Much More

Oh my goodness, what? How can it be? I can't believe that 20 nuggets cost just 1 cent more than 10 nuggets? Did you know about this? I gotta admit I certainly didn't.

26. This Hungry Bunch Hack

If you have a hungry bunch of kids on your hands take it from this mom. She found a really cheap way to feed all her kiddos without breaking the bank. Thanks for the tip.

This Triple Breakfast Stack Hack

How in the heck do people have the time to come up with these hacks ha, ha? Do they spend all day at McDonald's? Either way, I'm glad they're here to school us. Am I right?

I hope these food hacks will come in handy the next time you're in a pinch and need to stop at McDonald's.

I gotta admit I didn't know about at least a few of these. Thank you to all the smart folks out there, ha, ha!