33 People Who Accidentally Caught Wild Moments On Camera

Photographs are a great way for us to immortalize moments to look back on years down the line. However, sometimes photographers can inadvertently capture more hilariously amazing moments than initially intended!

So, here are 15+ people who accidentally caught wild moments on camera for you to enjoy!

"SIL got married, this is the second she realized she got BBQ sauce on her dress. Hubby still golden."

Reddit | tuscabam

I mean, having something with BBQ sauce on the menu at a wedding is a very risky move in the first place! They had to see this one coming!

"My fishing prodigy!"

Reddit | MuDDx

Wow, and to think that she managed to catch herself a human on her first try! That is very impressive!

This Turtle Seems A Little Miffed About Something...

Reddit | DangerousDetlef

Someone needs to show this picture to everyone who leaves plastic crap on the beach after a day out!

"Getting paid on the Wall of Death in Rajkot, India."

Reddit | mohiemen

Myself, along with a lot of other people, were quite concerned about him putting cash in his mouth. Although that really isn't the most alarming thing here, I guess.

"The moment this jogger realized he stumbled into my friends' engagement photo."

Reddit | 123CJP

That jogger is one of the most naturally photogenic people that I have ever seen! Also, what is up with the right leg of the guy proposing? That looks incredibly uncomfortable!

"The exact moment I gave up on ballet."

Reddit | Ilia731

I love that everyone else in this picture looks like they are about to burst into laughter! I also never had the grace for gymnastics or ballet!

"The moment he realized we went past the dog park and we're on the way to the vet."

Reddit | firemike28

It is quite funny that most people who become vets are people who love animals, and yet most animals that go into vets inherently hate their vet!

"The exact moment my buddy was bit by a horse."

Reddit | jnic1324

I am absolutely terrified of horses! They're massive, have big teeth, and always look jittery!

"Not my dog's proudest moment."

Reddit | Sniknuh

Oh dear, that dog has a face that's saying, "Look, I know this is embarrassing and funny but could we possibly move past it like sophisticated adults, please?"

"The exact moment her phone was lost forever."

Reddit | gavotron

This is also the exact moment that this went from being the best day of her life to the most mildly infuriating day of her life.

"I asked my mom if she could get a picture of me mid-air jumping off a sand dune. She assured me she could. These are the two pics she got."

Reddit | emzieees

Well, the person in this picture wanted quite an innocuous picture but instead got these beauties! I'd say that is an inadvertent win!

"My husband, after he cut our daughter's umbilical cord this August."

Reddit | peachypineapple11

I love the raw feeling of panic and amazement which is being conveyed in this picture! This man is completely overwhelmed right at this exact moment!

"When going out to dinner as a couple just isn't enough..."

Reddit | CracksTremoR

So, this guy was taking a picture of people taking pictures of their food. Was there another guy taking a picture of this guy taking a picture of those two taking a picture as well?

I'm getting a headache thinking about it.

"My 'Full Sized' Mjolnir arrived. I'm still happy and I refused to let my moment be ruined."

Reddit | JesseD320

Wow, this guy must have absolutely enormous hands to make that massive hammer look so small!

"My brother posted a picture on his birthday. Upon seeing it I immediately started laughing at who he captured in the background."

Reddit | holycrapidonteven

Can you imagine if there was something wrong with your food and you had to complain about it while dressed like that?!

"My daughter got a camera for a birthday. One of the first things she did with it was to barge in the bathroom and take a pic of me taking a dump."

Reddit | theard7

That is not a moment that you would want being photographed and going in the family memories album now, is it?

"Lil dude had to get shaved for surgery."

Or maybe he just shed his winter coat into a pair of shorts for the summer.

"[A] customer used a 37 year old crisco coupon today."

I can't tell what I'm more confused by: this not having an expiration date or how this person managed to keep this coupon for so long.

"Slapped a mosquito out of the air and got an imprint of its last moment on my finger."

This is like having blood on your hands but in my opinion, it's worse. You have the whole outline of the body! That's so much more morbid.

"I took a picture of Jeter tonight at the exact moment someone else was."

Just a normal baseball game but with a side of ghostly/angelic presence!

"Perfect timing."

He's just so shocked that they're still tied! Hopefully, someone scores soon.


Was this truck airdropped? Whipped into the air by a tornado and thrown down?

"Doggo gets surgery and is high on tranquilizers."

He looks mighty suspicious. "Say, you haven't been skimping out on treats, have you?"

"Took a picture the moment my bubble gum popped. Looks like I have a spirit coming out of my mouth."

Sometimes you accidentally perform an exorcism on yourself with a simple selfie. It happens!

"Something [I] never thought I’d see."

At least they look relaxed! That car looks pretty old but who knows, maybe it's still pretty comfortable.

"Camera captured exact moment when my friend lost his phone."

It honestly looks like he was rearing back to chuck it forward anyway.

"My captcha described what I was eating at that moment."

You know those jokes about an FBI man watching you through your webcam? Maybe he's reaching out.

"I caught a fly in my reel while fishing the other day."

Is this what everyone means when they talk about fly fishing?

"I caught the moment just before the surface tension on the water broke and also it made my brother look like Smeagol."

This is a strange picture just to process, but I'm mostly stuck on the fact that he's wearing pants.

"My phone vibrated from a text message at the exact moment I took a picture of San Francisco."

At least, we hope that's what it was. If not, you might have caught a little rift in space-time there.

"Not my finest moment..."

Reddit | Deathkru

I'm impressed that they managed to do this without breaking the yolk, though! They're going to have to clean that out somehow... Otherwise the smell in there is going to get unbearable after a while.

"A picture of me as a kid with a snowball my dad threw at me moments before."

Such a serene, oblivious smile. If only she knew what was coming really, really soon.

"Our daughter pulled a knife on the hired princess at her 3rd birthday party."

Reddit | drow890

I feel like she is about to say to that hired princess, "There can only be one princess in this house!"