22 Tattoo Designs That Are As Unique As The Stories Behind Them

Tattoos don't always have a special meaning. However, more often than not, ink represents something special to the person it's on.

For these people, their tattoos are tributes to loved ones, cherished stories, or beloved pets. Let's check them out and get inspired for our next tattoo!

(Anyone else itch to get a new tattoo the second they see pictures of other people's?)

This tattoo embraces an existing scar.

This is unbelievably cool. Some tattoos cover up scars, and others work with them. Both are really great reasons to get ink! This fish is one of the most creative I've ever seen.

Done by Agne Hurt at The Ink Factory in Dublin.

Three birds for three siblings.

The genius of this cannot be overstated. Whichever bird is in the air represents which sibling they are! I also love that the birds change positions in each tattoo.

Done by Ben Tyne at Union Tattoo Studio in Victoria, BC.

A puppy's ears are treasured things.

"In memory of my childhood best friend, couldn’t be happier. done at Evolve Tattoos, Lancaster, UK by Lauren Hodgson (@socks.tattoos on Instagram)."

This is such a sweet way to honor a very good dog.

These flowers have special significance.

"My wedding bouquet by Tindra (tindratattoo on insta) at Villa Ockult in Stockholm, Sweden."

I've never thought to preserve a bouquet like that! It's way more permanent than drying them.

This person's grandma is the coolest person I've ever seen.

Here's the story:

"The photo was taken by my cousin when my Nan was in hospital, she was 91 in the photo and it was the first time in her life she'd ever been in a hospital for any kind of injury or illness. My cousin asked how she was, she immediately raised two fingers, told him she was fine and she didn't want any fuss made of her. She was pretty much the biggest badass I ever knew."

Done by Joe at Studio Eleven in Chatham, England.

What do we say to the God of Death?

"After a horrible car accident in July, the god of death swung and missed: done by AJ AUlOSE at Aerros ink, San Antonio, TX."

I love that they found so much strength from a story that they had it tattooed to memorialize a difficult time. That's the power of fiction!

This peach is so sweet.

"My grandma called me peaches growing up! Made by Layla Chenz at Bebop Ink in Vancouver BC. The prettiest pink I’ve ever seen in a tattoo, 1 month healed," this Reddit user explained.

This rose is a tribute to their father.

"My father passed away almost two months ago. Today is his birthday and he always wanted us to have matching tattoos. Done by Chip @ Olde Tyme in GA."

This is a beautiful tribute.

I love when people get tattoos of their parents.

Redditor barks1212's mom actually isn't a big fan of tattoos, but they hope that she'll like this one. Honestly, I'd be honored if my kid did this!

Done by Matt Cooley at Rain City in Manchester, UK.

Bueller? Bueller?

I am so crazy about pop culture tattoos, especially when it's a classic. This scene, perfectly rendered in tattoo form, is the Redditor's favorite scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Done by Shawn Pope at Living Canvas Tattoo & Body Piercing in Columbia, MO.

This is a truly stunning tribute to a mischievous cat.

"Cat memorial tattoo with flowers she loved to eat by Dustin Charles @ Ritual Electric in Tulsa, OK."

Losing a pet is a terrible pain. Memorializing them like this truly does help.

This tattoo was chosen by a very special person.

Oh my GOD.

"My daughter asked if she could pick my next tattoo. Tonight I honored that request. @ Modified Designs done by Savannah Johnson."

I could not be more thrilled with this.

This one helps break a cycle.

"This is my first tattoo that is helping me to overcome my anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder."

It's perfectly imperfect, just like life. I love how much this embraces the chaos of life!

This nurse is a hero.

"A nurse shows off her tattoo before entering an ICU in El Salvador to care for Covid-19 patients."

We have no choice but to stan someone who is standing in the line of fire of that virus.

They're twins now!

"This father tattooed his skull to support his young daughter after a skull reconstruction surgery."

Now that is an amazing dad right there. What a brave little girl, too! I hope she has a wonderful life.

These incredible portraits are of family members!

"My 'grandmother' is on the left, she wasn't really my blood relative, but she was with my paternal grandfather since before I was born, and was hugely influential in my life. My mom, on the right, was also one of the most important influences on the person I am today. They may be gone, but they are not forgotten."

Supportive moms of LGBTQ+ kids are the best people.

"My aunt took a stand against the rest of our homophobic family."

From personal experience, I can safely say having a mom support you when you come out is an amazing feeling. Seeing it tattooed? That's even cooler.

I love tribute tattoos.

They're just so full of love!

"... another tattoo I got today, for my dad who has passed. my whole family has it for him."

The poster wrote that it says, "love."

This tattoo brings me much joy.

"Got a tattoo of a penguin I saw at Dallas World Aquarium. Went back a few years later to show him."

I hope that penguin appreciated his tiny, adorable tribute.

This sweet ladybug tribute.

"My grandma LOVED ladybugs. They reminded her of her mother. When she saw them, she would tell me that her mom was visiting her. Months after her death - my mom, aunt, and I do the same.

"Every time we see a lady bug, we are reminded not only of the love we have for her, but also how much she will forever be missed. Now, my sweet sweet grandma will always be with me."

As a former clarinet player, this is awesome.

"Clarinet designed by my father and done by Pascal Guimond at Sinister Skin in Port Moody BC."

This has to be one of the most unique tattoos I've ever seen. I love that it was designed by a loved one, too!

This awesome puzzle piece is for a family member.

"New tattoo done by Aaron Barben at Human Canvas in Pittsburgh, PA. Puzzle is from 1973 and I used to put it together with my grandmother when I was young. And Halloween is my favorite. :)"

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