19 Pics That Show How Close Disaster Really Was

What's the closest you've ever come to disaster? It can be a truly hair-raising experience.

I'm not eager to relive my own close calls but I'll happily absorb these people's close calls through the vicarious medium of the internet.

You've gotta have faith.

Reddit | InfiniteLemonz

This guy needed to prop his truck up so he naturally chose a couple of rickety 2x4s rather than, y'know, a proper lift. Hopefully, this ended well for him.

Burn it down.

Reddit | lilsnowbunny716

A restaurant worker posted this photo, saying they found the burning pilot light eating its way through metal when they arrived in the kitchen one morning. Big yikes.

Better the palm tree than me.

Reddit | caymacdesign

You always see pics like this after a big windstorm and it really makes me wonder if flying debris ever catches a person who's in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He brought the receipts.

Reddit | luckylag

This dude got bitten by a king cobra, which is a predicament no one wants to find themselves in. For whatever reason, he brought the cobra in with him when he went to the hospital.

Smashed up.

Reddit | jedzwik24

Pics like this are a good argument for getting homeowners' insurance. Most houses are near trees and most trees have a lot of destructive potential in a bad storm.

You were a good truck.

Reddit | meliman22

This is the aftermath of a semi tire flying off, bouncing down the highway, and hitting this work truck. It looks pretty much completely totaled here.

So long, corn crop.

Reddit | Gambler_001

Iowa is synonymous with corn. It's also synonymous with wild weather. When you combine the two, you get scenes like this: an endless landscape of completely flattened corn.

Surprise passenger.

Reddit | Fistfullafives

Now, black bears aren't particularly aggressive towards humans but that's not to say that you want them riding in your flatbed. I wonder if the driver's even aware.

Who does this?

Reddit | Colorblind-Painter

The person who posted this notes that it's a pic of their local library after a couple of teenagers broke in and set a fire one night.

Ticking time bomb.

Reddit | midclasswhiteboy

Layer upon layer upon layer of paint, combined with shoddy plumbing, can create ominous water bubbles like this one. If you ever see this in your home, call a plumber right away!

New digs.

Reddit | SharingMyStorys

Something tells me that this quaint Georgia home wasn't always located right in the middle of the road. But after a wild tornado ripped through the area, the house was relocated.

When nature hates you.

Reddit | swingOfTheking

Everyone knows that tornadoes are bad and that fires are bad. But what about fire tornados? They kind of seem like the worst possible combination of natural disasters.

Very close call.

Reddit | wilpoptires

This skater bailed out by sliding on his knees, as he was taught to do. The vert ramp splintered in a serious way and would have caused serious damage if not for the knee pads.

Thanks, Roomba.

Reddit | mrmcgeek

This person just found out why their Roomba hadn't been working; because at some point in the last few days, it had run over a massive snake that was apparently in the house.

Costly mistake.

Reddit | ayeayekane

This is what it looks like when a gigantic video board worth about $300k collapses and breaks all over the concrete floor. I wonder if anything's even salvageable.

Stranger Things?

Reddit | ReadItSteveO

This front porch view would probably be pretty nice on a clear summer day with blue skies. But in the middle of forest fire season, it looks more like a portal to Hell.


Reddit | thiswillsoonendbadly

The metal in this steering wheel lock was so overheated that it expanded, popping out and breaking the car's windshield. It would almost be less hassle to just let the car get stolen.

What happened?

Reddit | walteliasdisney

There's no background info on this apart from the description: "Partially burnt down electrical pole near my hometown." I feel like there's more of a story here.


Reddit | airwolfevenes

This guy got in a car accident four years ago and had some windshield glass embedded under his skin. Now, years later, some of the chips are starting to re-emerge.