Charcuterie Cones Are The New Boards Because All Good Things Come In Cones

Fruit filled charcuterie cone.
Instagram | kelsassweetbox

Step aside ice cream (don't worry, we still love you), because it's time for us to introduce these deliciously cute charcuterie cones! It may interest you that these charcuterie cones are easy to make at home and can be used as an after snack elegant food holder too.

Say goodbye to the potential germ infestation of the traditional communal charcuterie board and say hello to our new scoop on these delightful cones.

Scoop! There it is!

White charcuterie cone with chocolate.
Instagram | briemyboard

It's time for every foodie to flip out because these charcuterie cones are too much fun.

Whether you go for sweet or savory, or the gold standard combination of both, these cones are truly an art form.

Say cheese and meat!

Lots of charcuterie cones.
Instagram | beautifulboards_

Birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, picnics, graduations, a sunny afternoon snack, or just because; there really are no occasions that these treats aren't good for.

Cone-gratulations are in order for whoever thought of this, because these cones may be the best foodie idea ever.

Yummy cheese and ham charcuterie cones.
Instagram | fruit_slice

Pics or it didn't happen! Taking pictures of these tasty treasures is part of the fun.

People on Instagram and TikTok are sharing their personalized charcuterie cones and the images are simply drool-worthy.

It's easy to lose cone-trol with these delicious creations.

Fruit salad charcuterie cone.
Instagram | fantasiasdecoraciongourmet

All you need are paper cones — which you can also make at home, if you choose — and some delectable and artfully sliced up food. Your next party will look, and taste, divine.