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Silkie Chickens Are Basically Balls Of Adorable Fluff That Happen To Lay Eggs

I want you to picture a chicken in your head. I bet it looks like a generic white or brown bird that bobs around on twiggy legs and goes "cluck" or "bawk."

Maybe you thought of a common rooster, which is also a just perfectly average chicken who happens to be the epitome of the worst kind of morning person.

Okay, now forget those mental images and take a gander at these silkies.

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(The bird pun was unintentional, but I've chosen to stand by it.)

Yes, these walking floofs with just a hint of beak are actually chickens.

Look at it run!

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Obviously, the most impressive difference between a silkie chicken and your standard barnyard variety is their fluffy abundance of feathers, which are said to feel soft to the touch like silk or satin.

But that's not the only thing that makes silkies distinct.

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Not only is their skin, beak, and legs black, but their bones are black too.

Unlike most chicken breeds, silkies have five toes instead of four, and bright blue earlobes. You know, for a pop of color.

Due to their calm and friendly demeanors, silkies are very popular backyard pets.

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They don't fly, due to their fluffy wings, making them less escape prone, and lay three-to-four eggs a week.

Plus, they're just such funny and cute birds to have bobbing around in the backyard.

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