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Mom Gifted Hand-Me-Downs Is Asked To Return Them To Original Owner A Year Later

Having a baby is an exciting time in a soon-to-be mother's life. For women who are having their first baby, it's a roller coaster of emotions and planning. Many moms look forward to the opportunity to dress up their children in adorable outfits and cute clothing. But, baby clothing can run up quite a bill. It's equally annoying because babies grow out of those clothes rather quickly.

Having friends and family who have already had children is something many new moms are grateful for.

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Friends and family are always around to offer advice and guidance to new moms, which they usually appreciate. But, best of all, they're always coming around with hand-me-down items to use for our own children.

There's nothing better than getting hand-me-downs from people.

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Most moms get the best of the best for their own kids, so when they offer up their gently used baby gear, it's like winning the lottery. From high chairs to strollers to clothing, new moms always appreciate a little help.

But, what would you do if the person who gave you the hand-me-downs asked for them back?

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Sometimes, friends and family will give you things and then eventually ask for them back, possibly because they're planning on having more kids. But, how would you feel if someone asked for them back, just because?

One mom wrote into the popular mom blog Mumsnet asking what she should do after a fellow mom asked for their hand-me-downs back.

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"So back in August last year while I was 5 months pregnant, my childhood friend kindly gave me 2 big bags of her daughter's baby clothes. Her baby is 1 year younger than my new arrival. So all season-appropriate clothes for my new winter baby. Most of the clothes were good condition and very pretty, some were stained or bobbly or faded. But I sorted through it and kept what I wanted," she said.

The mom said her daughter absolutely loved the clothes.

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"My daughter has enjoyed wearing her pretty clothes for which I am extremely grateful for. It saved us an awful lot of money. My friend gave us lots of newborn, 0 to 3, and 3 to 6 months [sic]. My daughter is a very chunky girl so was out of the 3 to 6 at around 4-months-old," she continued.

The mom ended up giving some of the gently used clothes to her sister-in-law.

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"I passed on the clothes that weren't too worn or stained (threw the rest away or cut up for rags) to my sister-in-law who was also pregnant and expecting a girl. To which she was very grateful for. It being lockdown and all," she said.

Now, her friend is asking for all of the baby clothes back.

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"Now my friends mum has messaged me asking for all of the baby clothes back. My friend is not pregnant nor can she have any more children. And before she gave me the clothes there was no mention of them being on loan. Or having them back when I was done.

I've messaged my friend to confirm this and she's said yes. She does want them back. And in the next week or so. I find this really upsetting" she wrote.

While the mom could try to get the clothes back, she said her brother and sister-in-law are struggling financially due to the pandemic and need the clothes.

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"I don't really want to have to tell them that they need to buy all new clothes for their daughter because I need the clothes back to give to my friend. I also don't want to fall out with my friend over baby clothes," she said.

Most moms on the website said that it's pretty unreasonable for the mom to ask for the clothes back.

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Due to the fact that the friend had never mentioned the clothes being a loan, many of the moms on the website are saying that this mom doesn't have to give them back.

However, some say that because the mom cannot have more kids, maybe she wants the baby clothes back because they hold "sentimental value."

What do you think of this situation? Should the mom try to return the hand-me-downs?

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