Reddit Has Some Thoughts After A Guest RSVPs To Wedding With 21 Extra People

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Planning a wedding can be a lot of work for the couple that is getting married. While it may be the happiest day of their lives, the stress that goes into planning can be too much to handle at times. The most ironic part about planning a wedding is that most of the stress comes from people who aren't the bride(s) or groom(s).

Getting married should be a joyous and happy time for couples.

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Choosing to spend the rest of your life with someone is something that should be cherished and celebrated, of course, and it should be a happy time. Unfortunately, for many couples, weddings are far from happy.

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of responsibilities.

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Having to make a wedding list, pick out the right venue, put the right food on the menu — it all becomes overwhelming for couples. This is mostly because they have to pick these things to accommodate their families and friends.

It's only right that some couples want their families and friends there.

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Saying "I do" is a moment that many want to share with their loved ones, so they put up with all of those stressful choices just so they can ensure the day is monumental for everyone.

However, some families and friends make things more difficult than they have to be.

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With outrageous accommodation requests and lists of people who "need to be invited," couples often ask themselves the question, "Why didn't we just go and elope somewhere?!?" Trust me, it happens.

No matter how stressful your own wedding planning may be, however, I promise that it can't be as stressful as this couple's who received an outrageous wedding RSVP.


Shared on Reddit, the RSVP showed that the invited couple said they would attend the wedding with 21 extra people. Yes, you read that correctly — 21 extra people in addition to themselves.

The RSVP showed all of the extra people that the couple would be bringing along with them.


Apparently, they would be bringing 14 extra adults and a few children and babies along to the wedding. I'm not sure who wants to drag babies to a wedding, but it seems these people can't go anywhere without the whole crew.

The audacity of that request!

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The invitation was shared in r/weddingshaming, a subreddit where people can gather to commiserate about the most ridiculous things that happen while planning or attending weddings.

Clearly, everyone on Reddit was blown away that anyone would RSVP to a wedding invite this way.

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"I would circle 'decline' and send it back," is what one Reddit user said if this was an RSVP to their wedding.

"I'm so shocked, that's all I have. Just... the audacity of some people. Why would they think this is ok?" another user asked.

I'm a big fan of this scenario.


"This is only acceptable if they all show up in one Mini Cooper and chase each other around the reception hall with whipped cream pies and water squirting flowers."

Clown car wedding!

Another Reddit user said that they should ask for money for each extra guest.

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"Were those other people invited or are they just inviting them along? If the latter, mail back an invoice for the cost of each additional guest," they said.

However, one person had a possible explanation for this response.

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"The only occasion where this would be understandable is if the invited person is from a culture where it's acceptable to bring your entire family, whether or not they know the bride and groom. There are some cultures where it's literally the more the merrier," they said.

That makes sense!

As it turns out, another user was able to shed some light on the situation.

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"Apparently the bride who posted it didn’t block the names and her cousin ([whose] reply this is) flipped her nut," they said.

So, it was her cousin who wanted to bring 21 extra people. WTF?

The image apparently came from a Facebook post.


The Redditor grabbed the picture and posted it on Reddit, but there was no update provided as to what happened during the actual wedding...

But, we do know how the post came about.

Sorry, but no cousin of mine is bringing 21 extra people to my wedding.

Including kids whose ages apparently needed to be listed. I'm guessing she expected the bride to provide special meals for them?

At any rate, I hope that bride had a wonderful day and her cousin learned a valuable lesson about assuming things.

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