Quotes From People Just Trying To Keep Their Marriage Fresh

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm a marriage expert, but if my parents have taught me anything, it's that the key to success is keeping things fresh.

As for how to do that... well, that's up to you.

Personally, I can see my marriage going the "potentially hurtful but ultimately hilarious" route, because that's the kind of relationship I want.


If my future husband and I aren't surprising each other with passive aggressive notes, then what's the point?

I also think it helps to keep a marriage fresh by recognizing its flaws. And yes, I'm talking about husbands here.


What is it about getting married that makes men inexplicably lose the ability to find anything on their own?

Whether it's because they genuinely don't know where they put things or they don't care enough to remember, husbands always seem to be asking their significant others where their own belongings have ended up. And 10/10 times, it's right in the spot where it should be.

And don't even get me started on husbands helping out around the house.


When my mom married my dad, she had to teach that mamma's boy how to clean up after himself, because she sure as heck was not going to do it.

Of course, now that he knows how to do laundry, he makes a big of show of it every time he manages to do a load of his own clothes. Meanwhile mom's busy doing everyone else's, but sure, she'll stop and clap for him.


In the end, I believe that being able to find humor in your own marriage can help keep it exciting and fun.


Personally, I plan on delivering my husband this very same card whenever he gets on my nerves so I can remind him of his potential.

And, you know, remind him just how lucky he is to have me in his life.