23 Little-Known Hacks That Get The Job Done

When we come across a problem in our lives, big or small, sometimes it can overwhelm us. Everyday activities that we do can often create small issues that tick us off. While we can't fix everything, there are a few lifehacks that make the small problems simply disappear.

Dogs getting into the trash when you're not home? Easy fix!


Whenever we have leftovers in the trash, the dogs can sniff them right out. Protect the garbage and avoid the mess by using a crate around the bin when you're not home.

If you need to stretch out uncomfortable shoes, this works like magic.


Wedges and heels that are brand new can be painful and cause sore feet. If you need to break them in, try wearing them at home with some thick socks to stretch them a little bit.

No more watered down wine!


If you like your white wine cold, try freezing some grapes and throwing them in the glass. That way, your wine doesn't get watered down and you can still get your drink on even if you forget to chill the wine.

Two plates are better than one.


If you heat up food separately, one plate will always be colder than the other. Use a glass in between the plates and heat them both up at the same exact time. Boom, win!

Store your belongings on the beach somewhere no one will grab them.


When you want to go swimming in the water, you're always concerned that someone may snatch your phone or wallet from the beach. However, using a baby diaper will keep everyone away from your crap!

Sawdust all over the floor? Don't worry.


Putting some plastic around the screw on a drill can keep all that dust coming out from the wall in one space ( and not all over your floor). It's a smart hack!

No more watered down iced coffee!


Everyone loves their iced coffee in the morning but we sometimes get so busy that we don't drink it ASAP. These coffee ice cubes (made by freezing coffee) can make it so your coffee stays cold without getting watered down.

Use a keyring to keep your fly up.


Some jeans and pants have zippers that are just old and worn out so they fall all the way down. We don't want to get caught with our fly down, so use this key ring hack to keep it right on up.

Here's the best way to dry a mop.


Drying a mop can be complicated when you don't have an outdoor space to leave it. This dryer rack and bathtub hack makes it convenient and easy to dry it out.

Replace a corkscrew with a screw and hammer.


This is the last resort hack to opening a bottle of wine. If you don't have a corkscrew at home, you can use a screw and hammer to open it right up.

Brides, pay attention!


Wedding dresses can make it hard to use the bathroom on your wedding day. However, if you have an Ikea shopping bag, you can do whatever you need to do for as long as you need to do it! Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag, step in, and hoist your dress up.

Stop the sun from getting in that annoying gap in your hotel room curtains.

Reddit | Boedarc

Hotel room curtains just don't like to stay closed, do they? Luckily, the hotel actually provides you with a solution to that problem: Grab one of the hangers from the closet and clip the curtains together!

Finally, a good solution for sponges!


A taco holder is the perfect size and shape to keep sponges dry and bacteria-free! You can stop leaving them at the bottom of your sink now. Score.

Put a shower caddy in your bathroom cabinet.

Reddit | WarningGipsyDanger

It'll keep all of your necessary items in easy reach, especially feminine hygiene items. When it comes to that time of month when you'll need them, it'll be nice to think smart — not hard.

This is a must for mask-wearers.

Reddit | daito-

"Wearing a face mask for an extended period of time. Sew a button to a headband to keep from destroying your ears," said this Reddit user.

Your ears will thank you for this one, trust me.

It's time to stop drain bugs in their tracks.

Reddit | clag

"In Queensland we get a lot of insects who escape the heat by getting inside via the drains. My wife had this idea as a barrier. Those are stocking socks."

That is a genius wife right there. Marry her twice.

It's self-watering!

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Attaching your drainage pipe to a garden is low-key innovative. Just make sure that it's on a slope and that there are a lot of rocks and sand to filter the water before it gets to the plants!

Change your queso game forever.

Reddit | cjslc1

Need your queso warmed up, and for it to stay warm? Candle warmer. Maybe remove the lid before you heat it, though. We don't want to be responsible for any queso-explosion TikToks.

Skip buying a new pan just for one dish.

Reddit | tw272727

Sure, it would be nice to have an excuse to go to Target, but we all know how empty your wallet is going to be after that trip. Instead of buying a new pan, hack your old one!

You'll never lose a tiny Ikea part again.

Reddit | cute-e-lad

"Putting together furniture? Use some of its styrofoam packaging for keeping small parts from disappearing!" suggested this Reddit user.

Now, if your Ikea stuff doesn't come with styrofoam, I recommend a dish for all those small parts. Trust me, it'll help.

Anyone with an extra freezer can use this hack.

Reddit | Invisibeth

Accidentally buying multiples of what you already have is a pain in the butt and a waste of money. Keep track of what you have in your freezer with a dry erase marker!

You can still count your calories while you paint.


Painting an entire room can work up a sweat but not everyone wants to keep their Apple Watches on around paint. Using a sweatband over it can help you rock the watch and count those calories while you paint away.

Make it easier to carry heavy things.


If your heavy items have handles, you can simply thread your shopping bags through so that you can carry everything in one hand. It's simply the easiest way to grab it and you'll only have to make one trip from your car!