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Redditors Reveal The Mysterious Backstory Behind These 35 Pics

Every picture tells a story, right? It's just that the weirder the pic, the stranger the story behind it, generally speaking.

Sadly, we might not always get the full story behind a strange pic. And, actually, that might not even be such a bad thing. I'm not sure I even want the story behind some of these pics!

No, really, that's weird.


Who does that?? "Welcome" does not mean that you're welcome to just take it, and anybody who thinks it does needs to reconsider.

I think this person's dinner plans might need a tweak.

Reddit | jarod369

Just going to go out on a limb and suggest that this one's quality is not where it needs to be. You can't put enough butter on this bad boy to make it taste right, and it's probably not a great idea to even try.

When you're a fan of McDonald's, but not a fan of their garbage cans.

Reddit | mbcatfan they know it's free to use McDonald's garbage cans? Or any public garbage can for that matter? Can you image the smell in there?

Someone saw a person toss this piece of paper into the water.

Reddit | klugenratte

And some kind person on Reddit translated the Arabic writing:

“Go ahead, the servers of this talisman, by bringing and stealing the heart, mind, soul, and all the pain from Samuel, the son of Cathy, for the sake of my love, servitude, and marriage. I am Majid, the daughter of Ilham.”

The outer triangles read “Mariam,” (Mary). The inner triangles read Michael, Israel, Azrael, and Gabriel (9pm, going counter-clockwise).

This has come to be known as Volvo Island for obvious reasons.

Reddit | Bunnaynnay

It's a 2001 Volvo, surrounded by 40 feet of water, near Ottawa, IL. You can even see it on Google Earth.

I can't tell you how it got there, or why anybody would have left it there. By all means, suggest some theories.

This bird has unwittingly paced out the image of a bird in the snow.

Reddit | stilts1007

Well, most of one, anyway. However, it apparently never quite completed the accidental artwork.

"Almost immediately after this picture was taken he stomped all over it and ruined everything, like the a**hole Canada Goose that he is," the uploader wrote.

Well that's a tease and a half.

Reddit | _ninalii

This calculator comes in the kind of wrapper you'd find on a candy bar, and it smells like chocolate.

It is not chocolate. What kind of monster would make something like that?

How many times did they keep trying to unlock this phone?

Reddit | sremisdelemis

At a certain point — say, long before you hit 18 years of being locked out — you would think they would have the sense to stop trying.

No, this isn't a bad restoration job.

Reddit | Jattack33

It's an odd pattern of fading on a pic taken around WWII. For some reason, the green in the pic has been the last color to fade

This person received a check for exactly zero dollars and zero cents.

Reddit | Foxwolf465

And that's a physical check. Somebody paid real money to print off and then mail a literally worthless check that will not be deposited.

You never know though, it might end up framed.

Either this will turn you on to live traps, or turn you off.

Reddit | honeylaser

This mouse was caught in a no-kill trap and then had its babies while stuck in there. For what it's worth, the person who caught them ended up driving them out into the woods to release them.

Before today, I had never seen a single-slice toaster before.

Reddit | MorgunHillYT

It's such an odd invention because toast is just one of those things you make in pairs. And if you decided you want a single slice, the standard two-slice toaster still gives you that option.

But you can't make two slices at once in a single-slice toaster, so why would you want one? I'm honestly baffled.

This used to be a bar of soap.

Reddit | VV01313Y

Not to worry, someone else did the research on what happens to a bar of soap when you just leave it out for a few months. You're welcome.


Reddit | The--Lion

These burnout marks had to be from motorcycles, right? The only thing that gives me pause is the symmetry of the bends in the lines in the lower right portion of the pic.

But I don't know how else to explain the diverging streaks.

"My brother cut his hand a couple months ago with a saw, his hand has become significantly hairier since it started healing."

Reddit | Stephaniemnz

Trauma can have some profoundly strange effects on the body, I suppose. Maybe something about the healing process stimulated more hair growth?

Somebody found this in their Monster energy drink.

Reddit | Parrmesan

And as much as it's nice to get free stuff, I don't think this is the kind of bonus anybody desires. An excess of one of the ingredients probably found its way into the can by accident.

I think somebody forgot their couch.

Reddit | LachlanOC_edition

Or they're confused as to where they should drop it when they're throwing it away. Of course, it could be that someone just wants a cozy place to sit while watching cars go around and around and around.

Somebody made their room into a camera obscura to project the sunset onto their wall.

Reddit | licenseles5

"But why tho," has to be the question at the top of your mind right now, right?

And the shadows look like fire damage at first. But then you see the sunshine and think, okay, maybe this person is onto something.

A green greenhouse.

Reddit | kazzmere

This greenhouse is made entirely out of salvaged and refurbished windows and doors! This person really is showing off their extremely green and sustainable lifestyle. Think they're vegan too?


Reddit | vbenthuiast

Yeesh, this looks like a pretty nasty injury. What could have caused it? If you thought 'sand', which I'm sure you did, you'd be right! Who knew sand packed such a punch.

This cutting board after five years of use.

Reddit | Ichbinatheist

I feel like after a while this would, like, affect your ability to cut straight. Then again I'm naturally bad at cutting straight, so it could just be me.

A screw that came uncarved.

Reddit | jimonlight

Pop that sucker ion the ground and you have a makeshift-but-probably-not-great golf tee!

We're finally moving on from styrofoam packing peanuts.

Reddit | CPU_Gaming1

And onto these cardboard ones! Not only are they way better for the environment, but they also look super funky.

Could this be the mask of choice for an '80s slasher icon? Yes.

Reddit | FreeRangeLemon

But it's actually a mask worn during some radiation treatments, meant to keep the person's head in place. This one is also Minnesota Vikings themed!

This is why remotes go on a coffee table and nowhere else.

Reddit | hollyjoyofyourlife

This user had put their remotes on their heater while cleaning, then forgot about them before turning the heater on. I'll go back to just losing them all the time, thanks.

I fell into a thrivin' ring of grass.

Reddit | Jonspriest

People suggested either a fungus on the roots or a specially applied fertilizer caused this strange phenomenon. Me, I think this is a fairy ring, and you should stay very far away.

When nightmares come to life.

Reddit | lvnwk

In going into their attic, this user found, well, this. A freshly shed snakeskin. All I have to say is good luck and godspeed.

An artist puts magnets they create on the back of their car and with a sign saying they're free to take!


Cool art, free stuff, it's a good vibe all around!

You think you have it bad when it comes to allergies?

Reddit | saturatedhydrocarbon

When administering the allergy skin test, it turns out this patient was allergic to nearly everything on the test. I guess they're better off just...not going outside. Or touching anything. Ever.

This pre-served soft-serve ice cream.

Reddit | semi_imperfect

I've never seen this before and I'm kinda sad about it. To be able to get an easy and contained soft-serve cone to go would be a dream come true.

A man found a tattoo on his puppy and decided to get a matching one.

Reddit | tanishvv

But what he didn't realize was that tattoo means his dog is neutered. Really, why else did he think his dog had a tattoo? For style?

If it's gotta be out there, might as well make it look nice.

Reddit | wild_bloom_boom

This is a porta-potty being hidden by a small fake wall. I can appreciate the dedication but all I can think is 'why'?

Seldom do you see such impressive work that's so difficult to look at.

Reddit | girolski07

I mean, the artist who did this tat sure outdid themselves! Now if only I could actually focus on the artwork for more than a few seconds.

In case you felt like cringing today.

Reddit | ydw1988913

This user managed to rip out a chunk of their eyelashes by sneezing while curling them. I'll never take my eyelashes for granted again.

Speaking of bonuses you don't want with your beverages...

Reddit | UTubeGingerOnWheels

Somebody treated themselves to a case of beer and was tragically late to find this nastiness. "Got home and had a couple, they tasted funny," they wrote. "Looked closer, realized they were covered in mold and had little mold cities floating around inside."

Welp, I'm off beer for a while now.