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Dad Builds Epic Jeep Bed For His Daughter

Did you ever have something special in your room growing up as a kid? If you were fortunate enough to sleep in a unique bed, for example, you'll absolutely love this story.

A handy dad built a life-sized replica of a Jeep as a bed for his daughter and now I want one too, ha, ha! What a lucky little girl.

Can you imagine sleeping in something as cool as this bed?

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Wow, that's so amazing, isn't it? I love how the whole room decor matches the pink Jeep as well. That is a cute little room if I ever did seen one.

Thomas Passmore is one talented and handy dad.

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He set out to remake his daughter's room to match the special bed he was building for her. And from the looks of it, he definitely succeeded big time with this project.

He made the Jeep from scratch using wood and, of course, included all the Jeep details.

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That looks like a time-consuming endeavor but I bet it was totally worth it. I wonder how his daughter, Scarlet, reacted when she saw it.

Then it came time to make all the finer little Jeep details like the headlights.

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I think it already looks so cool, even without a coat of paint. This is one talented dad, if I say so myself.

After the frame of the bed was made, it was time to paint it.

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And the paint of choice, of course, had to be pink. What other color would perfectly suit a little girl's room, right? That is definitely so fitting.

It must've been quite the task to keep it under wraps so his daughter wouldn't find out before the big reveal.

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You know how curious and nosy kids can be, ha, ha! I gotta say, he's one thoughtful dad indeed. Isn't he?

This awesome Jeep bed has two doors on either side so you can easily get in and out.

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Of course, it comes with the cutest little black ladder leading up to the bed. And, check out these real tires!

It even features high beams that illuminate.

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Wowza isn't that amazing? But the best thing about it is that there's a purple glow under the car. It actually flashes to the beat of the music which is the coolest thing ever.

If you've been inspired by this awesome kid's room DIY, you can actually make it yourself.

You can just download the template on Etsy and make a bed like this for one of your own kids. And I bet they're going to love it as much as Scarlet did.