35 Ironic Situations That Brought The Laughs

Everyone loves a delicious bit of hilarious irony from time to time ⏤ especially Alanis Morissette, but we'll get to that later!

From people being dissed by ironic health inspection awards to people having ironic crashes with trams, here are 15+ times we found the irony in bad situations!

"Took this after lunch at the restaurant... at least the irony is delicious."

Reddit | ritchiesoultodevnull

I think that they may have been a little premature with awarding that grade by the look of things! That cockroach is just mocking the health board at this point!

"The irony of the bar at a PayPal business event."

Reddit | Jeffery_C_Wheaties

It baffles me that there are any bars left out there that are still cash only. We're meant to be living in the future!

The Importance Of Proofreading...

Reddit | 2ndknightbro

Wouldn't you think that if there was even a chance you would appear on TV, then you would maybe check the spelling of a word if you weren't completely sure of it?

How Many Times Can I Donate?

Reddit | iBleeedorange

The fact that they have put "Please help stop diabetes" in quotation marks for some unbeknownst reason suggests that they can see what they have inadvertently done!

Keep That Sign In Line!

Reddit | wasabimaybe

Even though I do like the irony of that sign, there would be no way that my OCD could let me leave it like that!

If You Say So...

Reddit | artooken

Never make promises that you know you are never going to be able to keep! Otherwise, you're just asking for this kind of embarrassing thing to happen!

Safety First!

Reddit | theesmaarkhan

It's quite strange how they have written "helmet" in the singular, as though there is only one person out there who is worthy of being saved by a helmet!

"I asked my tattoo artist if he'd ever had someone faint before. He said 'never quite as ironically as you.'"

Reddit | tralfamadorian42

I think that this person needs to start taking the advice of their own tattoos. I'd be terrified of fainting during a tattoo in case they drew something else on me while I was out!

Well, Well, Well...

Reddit | iBleeedorange

I imagine that most people will completely ignore that warning and do it anyway. It seems only fair after all.

Part Of The Anti-Tip Kit!

Reddit | heyitsdanny

A lot of people were writing that stuff like this happens all of the time at Costco, but I only ever pay attention to the free samples when I'm in Costco.

Take Note!

Reddit | JakeTheSnake134

Well, the tram did warn that driver! How did they manage to crash into this tram?! It's huge and yellow for God's sake!

I Can Definitely Spot Something...

Reddit | scrubadubadubadub

This actually is incredibly ironic, unlike literally anything that Alanis Morissette sings about in the song "Ironic."

"Found in the book section at a thrift store. The irony."

Reddit | KelownaKid

Maybe they didn't have any dictionaries in the donations when they put the sign up so they had no way of looking up the word? More likely they're just a bonehead, but you never know.

*Angry Activist Noises!*

Reddit | Body_Massage_Machine

Aside from the fact that they have that ridiculous license plate, that is perhaps some of the worst parking I have ever seen. Seriously, learn to park!

No, No It Didn't...

Reddit | Balenciagagucci

They really should have put a stricter speed limit on their drive-thru! This is what happens when people are trying to grab their whopper at 100 miles per hour!

But Who Opens The Opener?

Reddit | yazziey

"Dave, can you open this opener for me?"

"Yeah, no worries! I've actually just bought a new opener as well!"

"Is yours open?"

"No... Damn."

"What an ironic name for the CEO of Food For the Poor..."

Reddit | DisDudeForReal

Yep, that was indeed the actual name of the CEO for Food For The Poor! Robin Mahfood actually retired from the position earlier this year, according to their website, but his legacy will live on in his ironic name!

"Please behave like animals!"

Reddit | jaywalkerr

I'm sure that this seemed like a great idea until people started squawking at one another and stealing each other's food!

"Literally being held by a thread."

Reddit | agroyle

The possible lack of a case on that phone is making this whole situation even more nerve-wracking.

"Cobwebs on a BMW turn signal stalk."

Reddit | pengouin85

I can't even make a joke about this. It hurts my soul to see. Please, just use your turn signals, I'm begging you.

"My mom accidentally printed her divorce papers on stickers."

Reddit | lmhimes75

The "adding insult to injury" potential your mom has with this is astronomical.

"My mum sent me this unintentionally ironic photo of an accident at her work the other day."

Reddit | poedamneron25

The only thing that would make this better is if the truck read, "It's not our problem."

"[...] got some 'silver' wrapping paper to wrap [Dad's] presents."

Reddit | dmwp99

I'm ashamed to admit that I, too, have been fooled exactly like this before. I still look back at that moment with anger, both at myself and with whomever markets this stuff.

"Drew this for my bf this morning and forgot about it. Scared the poop out of myself."

Reddit | EclipseCaste

Well, if you were going to have the poop scared out of you somewhere, at least it was there!

"Well isn’t that ironic."

Reddit | Dr_Spice_

Given the price of ink alone, even if it weren't out of stock you're better off just handwriting whatever you need printed.

Picture Perfect.

Reddit | Mick0331

In a chance encounter sort of tale, this user titled this photo with their story, "This truck in front of me had a decal that said 'Sasquatch Research Society'. Ironically I could only get this [...] blurry photo that doesn't prove anything."

"My wife had a car accident on Sunday. She is Ok except for a massive cut on her forehead. Ironically this is what made the incision."

Reddit | wrenchtosser

And it was with a steady hand that this thing sliced into her forehead.

"Working from home."

Reddit | Aquatilium

He's doing a terrible job then. Shouldn't the sheep be running away from him?

"Uhm...guess I’ll try?"

Reddit | starvald_demelain_

This feels very much like your car is throwing you to the wolves here. "Well, there's nothing more I can do. Good luck!"

"Well, that's ironic."

Reddit | Hugh_Schmefner

Looks like someone didn't stop safely like the last picture said to do. At least they don't have to get someone to investigate it!

Poor Guy Just Proposed To His Girlfriend.

Reddit | coreyzard

Can you imagine how cold that would be, though?

"Will you marry me?"

"Oh. Um. Well. Why don't you just read my shirt."

"'Tis the Season."

Reddit | ampearlman

No word on if it actually improves performance but, damn, if it doesn't taste great!

"Oh I see the irony now."

Reddit | hirsty19784

I'm sure that the person who owns this wall laughed maniacally at this hilarious joke! I bet they didn't even mind!

"Posted in my local community watch page."

Reddit | ChingonaJung

Wow, I've never seen a custom license plate like that. Is it even legal?

Y'all Need Some Sliding Doors?

Reddit | ds0

"Dave, do you not think that we should probably have put sliding doors on the front entrance?"

"Jeez, what are we, made of sliding doors?"

"Well, yeah, kind of!"