16+ Times I'm Glad Someone Had Their Camera Ready

It takes skill, natural instincts, and a bit of luck to capture the perfect pic. At least that's what I keep telling myself because I can't even get my flash settings to work as they should.

I might not be able to snap a decent pic to save my life but that's okay — these folks can pick up the slack.


Reddit | tgg121

This person captured a lightning bolt so big, so close, and at its absolute apex, that it looks like some kind of electricity-infused tornado or something.

Need to practice more.

Reddit | rLal1998

This guy was lining up the perfect profile pic when he realized — a split-second too late — that he had no idea how to balance while standing on a paddle board.

Schrödinger's cat.

Reddit | vo_xv

Is this actually happening? I think there's one box, on the left; and one cat, on the right. I think reflections are at play here. But honestly, I'm not entirely sure.

Protect the snacks.

Reddit | Rough_Beat

If you've ever dealt with seagulls before, you probably already know it was a bad idea for her to open up a bag of chips in the presence of so many birds.

On brand.

Reddit | ARKenneKRA

Fun fact: Marge Simpson's massive bouffant of hair was originally intended to hide a pair of bunny ears because things were super weird back in the early days of the show.



Giant Jenga is super fun because a) it's easy to make your own set, and b) things like this can happen. It's just more satisfying than conventionally sized Jenga.

Red sky in the morning.

Reddit | SpudBiscuits

Wildfires, even when they're not in the immediate vicinity, can do weird things to the sky. Not only will they make the air acrid, they can also make the sun appear much weaker.

Great timing.

Reddit | hi7en

Here's another would-be Instagram pic that was ruined by the cruel shifting of the wind. Honestly, I think it turned out even better this way.

Unrendered trees.

Reddit | HowDotHow

I'm glad someone captured this park from this angle, if only to show how weirdly pruned these trees are. They barely even look like actual organic objects.


Reddit | RhineReviews

This is the most thorough of photobombs, in that it's completely unexpected and also blocks certain people out of the photo. Well done, random motorcycle guy.


Reddit | ClassyTurkey

"My two-year-old daughter gave up on her walk this morning," wrote this proud parent. I wonder if they carried her home or just left her on the sidewalk.

Tourists being jerks.

Reddit | dOnerdOghnut

No big deal, just a bunch of old-timey tourists enjoying tea on top of the freakin' Great Pyramid. Like, it's cool and all but it also seems like something you maybe shouldn't do.

Pretty prism.

Reddit | ChrisTweten

You don't have to be a Pink Floyd fan to appreciate what's going on with the light here. I particularly like the cube-within-a-cube effect projected on the wall.


Reddit | Travel_Inyourownway

This little owl is unbelievably cute but you'll have to get around the impressive camouflage to properly see what it looks like. Otherwise, he'll remain virtually invisible.

Properly protected.

Reddit | drak0bsidian

If you need to wear a mask in a store, why not do it right? This guy has perfect filtration, assuming that get-up allows him to properly breathe.

Technically, what we're seeing here isn't in this room at all.

Instead, it's just a camera obscura effect that resulted in the neighbor's house being naturally projected on this wall in the uploader's daughter's room.

And we wouldn't have ever seen it if people hadn't adapted similar principles to make the camera we now know and love today.

While there are a lot more opportunities to take a perfectly timed photo now, this picture proves those living back in 1940 could do it, too.

For instance, here we see the exact moment the uploader's grandfather suddenly realized his three brothers couldn't make as sturdy of a tower as he thought.

When the uploader took this picture, they thought they were only going to capture the rainbow.

RedditReddit | jerm1323

However, nature gave them an exciting bonus because lightning struck just as the shutter clicked and now they have an awesome photo of the two phenomena crossing each other.

Unfortunately, we're not looking at photographic proof that puppies can learn to breakdance.

Instead, we're seeing the exact moment when one little pooch realized its attempt to escape from this pen wasn't going as smoothly as it seemed.

At least the timing makes it look like it's doing something cooler than just clumsily flopping over the wall.

When this young woman was in cosmetology school, she happened to capture a photo expressing exactly why the pages of her textbooks were stuck together.

Suddenly, that selfie with her drink didn't seem even remotely worth it when she learned the hard way that the cap was ajar.

As cool as that would be, this cocktail isn't quite as bright and colorful as it appears.

Fortunately, the reason it looks that way is just as cool because that laser just happened to shine into it at the precise moment this photo was taken.

This picture doesn't look like much on its own but the context makes it both adorable and worth capturing.

Apparently, the staff at this Sonic location blocked off a parking space for this cat that decided it was going to spend most of its day here.

That was cute of them.

It's pretty wild seeing the exact moment that someone realizes a bird is about to hit them.

We can see that this woman's brain has registered that information due to her facial expression but this photo was taken before any actual reaction was possible.

And considering how close that bird already is, it's not like there's much she could do about this anyway.

We're looking at a pretty bizarre sky here but it looks like that for a reason.

In case it's not clear, those yellow lights emanating from those roofs to the left are actually coming from a sprawling collection of greenhouses.

As we can see, they seem to stretch for this whole block, which does a lot to explain how enough of this light was amassed at once to affect the color of the sky.

This is one of those things that people would probably find hard to believe if we couldn't prove it with a picture.

While the uploader was walking, they happened to come across both a Bow and an Arrow street. And appropriately, those streets cross each other.


Reddit | oizown

In real time, this wasp versus hummingbird battle probably played out impossibly quickly. But when captured as a freeze frame, you can see just how epic the confrontation really is.

Nearly iconic.

Reddit | OkHair3

Everyone knows the cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road but it wasn't the only photograph taken that day. Here we can see the Fab Four just before they crossed the street.


Reddit | rekinho

This hockey player just scored a goal, then inadvertantly broke the glass while celebrating. I'm not sure if his face is in "regret" or "celebrate" mode at this point.


Reddit | PlanetoftheAtheists

Yes, this cow has eyes painted on its butt. Yes, there actually is a good reason for this. It's designed to ward off predators. I guess it isn't stupid if it works.