20 Pretty Cool Things Your Eye Might Miss If You Don't Look Close Enough

I wear glasses. They're not super strong and I can usually see just fine without them, they're more for work and driving. They improve my vision, but not enough to be able to spot some of the tiny, tiny details spotted by the people on this list. With or without glasses, they have superhuman vision!

"This paw has a small paw mark."

Reddit | uwuuwu

Your kitty has the spirit of an even tinier kitty inside them! That's, like, twice the kitty!

"In Denmark, some of our light signals are small Vikings."

Reddit | Ulle82

These are specifically for telling you to walk across the road with confidence and strength. Don't disappoint the little viking man now.

"My daughter's new doll came with a tiny phone...and the screen is cracked."

Reddit | Olneyvillain4190

Wow, seems like that doll is a real klutz. Ignore the cracks on my own phone screen, focus on the doll.

"My car has a little slot designed just for holding quarters."

Reddit | YoutubeRewind2024

Hey, my car has one of these! Right now it just holds a little plastic bear I found on the sidewalk. It might not be the intended purpose, but it's my intended purpose.

"Small church model on top of a lamp."

Reddit | Majkl440__

I always find it fascinating when people put art in hard to see places. Then again, it just makes it all the more special for those who do find it!

"I recently discovered that my carpet has a tiny snowman head sewn into it."

Reddit | raggertoad

He's there to keep your house cool in the summer! Well, he'll try to anyway, there's no promise.

"Someone built a tiny village on campus today."

Reddit | RPShep

You say 'someone' like it wasn't obviously a community of traveling grass fairies. It's okay, you don't have to lie about it.

Alternative terrain.

Reddit | lemonarmpittea

Gotta keep that adventurous spirit alive when you're drinking what looks like canned coffee.

"This tiny Ant-Man billboard at a bus stop."

Reddit | Camusfearna

These were around when the movie first came out, and it's an excellent little marketing tool. Ha. Haha. Alright, anyway.

"My desk notes are on a tiny shipping pallet."

Reddit | LandersPannell

Tiny pallet, or giant post-it notes? What would one even do with giant post-it notes? Put up really big reminders, I guess.

"This man's walking stick is wearing a tiny shoe."

Reddit | cashmere010

Duh, can't get the cane's foot dirty! The socks and sandals combo is a...well, it's a choice.

"I just realized there are jokes on the bottom of Gogo Squeez pouches."

Reddit | kptrulee

For those who can't turn their heads upside down on a pivot like I can, the answer reads 'A bronto-bore-us'. That's not very nice, I'll listen to your stories Mr. Dinosaur, no matter how long and boring.

"Stepped on a small hammer walking to work."

Reddit | ManFromSwitzerland

I hope these are the tools used to build, like, doll furniture and whatnot. Gotta stay tiny all the way through.

"The tread on the bottom of my boots is made up of small footprints of boots."

Reddit | cruelhandofagirl

The perfect boots fr being stealthy! Instead of knowing a full-sized person walked through here, they'll think it was a very tiny man dancing while being eaten by a shark!

"On the back of older US pennies, there is a tiny Abe Lincoln sitting in his memorial."

Reddit | AlexDavis2001

Why not the newer ones? Did they just decide that Abe wasn't worth it anymore? Not very American of you, U.S. Mint.

"The small filters for the P100 masks at my work come in old Arby's kids meal toy bags."

Reddit | DaRealTaterTot

This is a very neat way of recycling, and also probably makes those filters a little more exciting to open.

"My curly fry has a tiny curlier fry inside."

Reddit | thehoddy

That big curly fry smuggled an extra, smaller fry into the basket, just for you.

"My cracker has a small sad face in one of the holes."


I can get why it's feeling sad. It is about to be eaten, after all.

"The way this tree branch and grown through one of the steps of the ladder."

Reddit | eggssausagechipsbeans

It's just climbing! Sure it's sideways and it'll take many decades, but it'll get up there eventually!

"Fancy McDonalds Sign in Salzburg."

Reddit | AnnabergerM

If you've ever wanted to class up your trip to McDonald's, Austria has you covered, it seems.