15+ People Who Had The Wrong Idea

People love to share pictures across the internet of people they know being boneheads so that everyone can unanimously facepalm upon viewing. Seeing such moments not only makes us laugh, but kind of makes us feel a bit better about ourselves at the same time!

And, with this unsettling idea in mind, here are 15+ people who had the wrong idea.

"Go upstairs to tell us you need help going upstairs."

Reddit | ObiWan-Jacoby

They're not even trying to help here really, are they? I mean, they even spelled the word "disabled" wrong on this terrible sign!

"Someone in my office apparently tried to Xerox whatever was on their iPad screen."

Reddit | babyinthebathwater

I am baffled that someone would try this instead of just taking a screenshot, but I'm also baffled as to why this wouldn't actually work. Anyone who knows and is willing to help out this person, let me know in the comments!

There Was An Attempt To Be Wholesome!

Reddit | RedBombX

I think that someone should let whoever the "her" is that this is the case. That white windowless van driving past seems a lot more ominous with this message here...

"Please train the bears!"

Reddit | roy4512

Maybe the company could get around this by just putting bears in the rooms? I mean, they might lose a few guests but they wouldn't have this complaint again!

"Driver's ID [pictures] are often horrible but this Tennessee woman's ID takes the cake!"

Reddit | tomytronics

I guess she must have just gotten up a little too quickly? I am baffled that no one noticed what had happened here before it got to Ms. Dodd. Or, maybe she is just a sentient chair?

"This was not a good idea!"

Reddit | gizzoojr

How did they possibly think that this was going to end? It's an animal that hates water and has incredibly sharp claws... This is the only way that this could have ended.

"My manager taped a piece of paper to a clipboard."

Reddit | PeteMarsh54

"Dave, was it you who used sticky tape to attach that piece of paper to the clipboard?"

"Yeah, have you tried getting push pins into one of those?! They just don't work!"

"I think you're missing the point here."

On-Ice Parking!

Reddit | Mrbluebob1

According to Fox, this happened at a Winterfest celebration on Lake Geneva. I bet they made sure to tell people to park on solid ground the next year!

Mixup At The Laundromat!

Reddit | sivribiber

On one hand it is ridiculous that their partner left them without hearing them out. Although, they probably left the person who wrote this note for many reasons. I mean, they wrote, "must of" instead of "must have." That's unforgivable.

"I believe that's meant to be the date..."

Reddit | SkatchUK

Well, the person who wrote this wasn't technically wrong. Although, it is catastrophically dense of them to have made this mistake.

I Nearly Had A Breakdown Reading This...

Reddit | joaoalemar

After struggling through reading those horrific signs, the last thing that I would want to do is have a drink or eat anything! It's made me feel like I was going to vomit.

"We own a family business. Mom thought she bought a map of the world for the conference room."

Reddit | mgoor91

Even the most ardent Game of Thrones fan may have to express a little concern that this person doesn't know what the world looks like.

"I guess my son thinks I need to lose weight."

Reddit | Pencreus

Oh, but it has a very sweet sentiment behind it, I guess! I would say that this must just be how that kid draws all people, but the stick man above says otherwise.

"Having a curved toe finely paid off!"

Reddit | TheTonz

You know what? I think that, as opposed to banking on your one curved toe saving you if you stand on a nail, maybe you shouldn't be wearing flip-flops when doing DIY in the first place!

"The wife said there was so much Sodium, they just put OMG."

Reddit | Reiem69

I'd like it a lot more if companies just put things like that on bottles. For instance, next to "sugar" on bottles of Coke, they could just put, "take it from us that there is a lot!"

Maybe Try It In Place Of The "O" Instead?

Reddit | crepper-awww-man

I actually don't think that the starfish would work in place of any of the letters. Although, if you're the kind of person who would buy this anyway, then you have bigger problems than that.

What Instructions Did They Follow?!

Reddit | kukidog

How did they mess these up quite so spectacularly? They're just essentially bits of banana dipped in chocolate?!

It's An Easy Mistake To Make!

Reddit | jungqama

Well, now that they have pointed it out, I don't think that I will ever be able to read it as anything else!

"This Sign in Homer, Alaska."

Reddit | mickeybuilds

The fishing is only a problem because it takes more time away from drinking.

"If it’s not supposed to work, it shouldn’t fit!"

Reddit | TypicalRecon

That's an extremely bold claim to be making, but I'm still interested to see where this goes.

"I don't know if it's really worth the risk."

Reddit | Spacebutterfly

Seeing as how this year is going, it actually just might be worth it!

"I asked my mom if she could get a picture of me mid-air jumping off a sand dune. She assured me she could. These are the two pics she got."

Reddit | emzieees

That dune ain't too big. You can step on up and do it again. And again. And again. Anything for the shot!

"My sister took her cat for a walk last fall. We still don't know if he was enjoying himself."

Reddit | Evanescence81

I'd peg this as a sort of terrified awe. It was a lot all at once so he needed time to process it.


Reddit | jesper1007

It really does seem like people forget about tan lines as soon as it comes to something irregular. The sun will always burn, everyone. Heed that warning.

"Some guys in my town decided to check if the ice is strong enough to hold a car."

Reddit | Juffin

Hey, not every scientific experiment can succeed! These two are doing important work! This data is helpful.

"Ordered a custom sequin pillow as a gag gift for my brother’s birthday...the company switched up the orders, and I received someone else’s order...which means the person who receives mine is going to be infinitely more confused than I was."

Reddit | Darren-Foster

Or they're going to think it's an extremely strange form of letter from a friend wanting to say heyyyy.

"Coworker thinks her husband doesn’t take nice pics of her. This is his contact photo for her."

Reddit | bloopboopboo

I think this is an excellent pic. The cat looks adorable!

There's A Storm A Comin'!

Reddit | joker_crineg

I like that the person who was taking this picture realized the danger of this situation and yet stayed within the danger zone to grab this quick pic! That's dedication to the craft.

"My dog just had fur babies."

Reddit | jamieziz

That dog's like, "You think I'm happy about any of this? Do you even know how much all this fur weighs?"

Misunderstanding What The Car Insurance Company Means When They Ask For Pictures From All Angles...

Reddit | BourgeoisBanana

The fact that they took the time to tell her that she looks very nice is lovely! I don't think I would have been able to reply at all for laughing!