20 Hilariously Bad Situations We Made The Best Of

There are moments in people's lives where they find themselves in terrible situations, and sometimes the best thing to do is to be positive and look on the bright side! To some people, this comes naturally... I am not one of these people.

But, this should inspire the optimist in everyone, so please enjoy these 15+ hilariously bad situations we made the best of!

"Found on a PA wine truck. In case of accident..."

Reddit | Reddit-or-forget-it

I would just be following this truck around all day every day with those very supplies on the off-chance that such an accident would happen. While everyone was calling an ambulance I'd just be stuffing my face.

That's One Way To Look On The Bright Side!

Reddit | happs20

I cannot read this phrase without hearing it in John Cleese's voice. I can almost hear it screaming, "Get back here! I'll bite your hubcaps off!"

"Corner of my thumb got cut off by a grinder. So had to make the best of a bad situation. I give you Julius Thumb, leader of the hand empire!"

Reddit | warman707

He came, he sawed the corner of his thumb off with an angel grinder, he conquered.

"Mate was in an accident and had two scars on his leg. [Made] the best out of a bad situation."

Reddit | Overestimated_Spoon

At least they haven't let this clearly quite severe accident affect their sense of humor! Those are some incredibly detailed zippers as well!

"We made the best of all the snow!"

Reddit | DigGoldToMakeALiving

A lot of people complained that the beer would just explode, but the person who posted this explained that it wasn't cold enough in the hollowed out sections for this to happen.

What A Bargain!

Reddit | jewlsnycatx

It's the deal that people are dying to get their hands on! Why just mourn one person, when you can mourn two for the price of one?

Good News, Everyone!

Reddit | chrisisnice

Well, at least they are genuinely trying to find a positive in a bad situation instead of just spouting bland, sentimental nonsense! Go you, whoever you are!

Push! Push! Push!

Reddit | Whoshabooboo

Wow, that is one hell of a big tree to have fall down! Those must be some strong as hell skeletons!

"Not one of my brightest moments."

Reddit | the_one_less_banned

Well, on the positive side, at least they still have a bottle of wine to make their way through to forget about this mistake!

Silver Linings And All Of That Nonsense...

Reddit | yanapets

"Dave, I saw that you finally changed the sign like I asked."

"Are we going to have the 'attitude conversation' again?"


"Buddy of mine got stuck in stand still traffic on I-10, I think it's safe to say he made the best of it."

Reddit | spartan337

It's a great way to kill a bit of time, but I can only hope that they weren't playing it with actual beer!

"It's my last day of work before I move to the ICU — my coworkers made me this cake. I have the best coworkers."

Reddit | Vult92

Well, at least they put a rainbow on it, that's a nice little positive note at the end of this message, if nothing else!

"Saw this on my way home. Took an unfortunate event and made the best out of it."

Reddit | FrenchBraidsAndSemen

I can only imagine that the reason someone crashed into this car in the first place is because they were also trying to take a picture of that license plate.

"My friend made the best of a violent hail storm. Hail cocktails!"

Reddit | gijyun

Although I absolutely love where their head is at, I cannot say that I would advise doing this. That ice cannot be clean!

"One of my professors thought the screen was a whiteboard..."

Reddit | -Knut

That is the face of a man who has made that mistake before and knows that he is about to have yet another phone call about the IT course he needs to go on.

You Don't Say!


It's good they have made sure everyone knows that this car is a slip hazard. I cannot imagine how many people were going flying over it!

Keep Calm And Carry On!

Reddit | NutraEfficient

I have been looking for a positive phrase to get tattooed on myself in a generic italicized font for ages now, and I think that I might have found it.

"Paul. Always the optimist."

Reddit | DRThrowAway222

Oh, Paul. I really like your optimism my man, but if that turns up then I will be absolutely astounded. I have very little faith in the milk of human kindness.

"So my girlfriend didn't want to lose the keys to her lock..."


Well, she certainly won't lose the keys to her lock now! I cannot fault her for her logic, it's just that she has now rendered the lock somewhat useless.

Stay Positive!

Reddit | kbrunk89

All it needs underneath is a little caveat saying, "Honestly!" to really complete that blindly optimistic tone that they are going for.