Quotes From Women Who Said What We're All Thinking

The global pandemic has got all of us feeling some type of way lately. Most of us are going stir-crazy with anxiety about what is to come and looking for ways to calm down and unwind.

One thing is definitely for sure — the only way to combat all of this stress and worry is by laughing it off with some funny, funny gals.

Most definitely true.

Everyone knows that sometimes when you go out shopping, you can start to go a bit crazy buying things you already own. Getting older means you have to have that talk with yourself — "We have [insert item] at home."

Who doesn't?!?

When we were all "allowed" to go out, we wanted to stay home as often as we could. Now, we're dying to get out and go to the bar, to pretend we want to be there.

Honestly, who are they playing?

It's a bit crazy to believe that anyone at the post office is there to do anything other than drop off some letters or packages. Who do they think they are?

We get it: We were miserable at a young age.

When someone says you're "mature" for your age, it really just means you're being way too miserable for someone so young. These are the facts.

I was today years old.

Remember when you were younger and you'd turn on the car light and your parents would automatically start shrieking at you? Turns out, they're just annoying and crazy.

Put this on Kickstarter because I love it.

Reading can be fun for kids AND adults. But, I bet kids would read more if they had a countdown to get ready for when they get to that final page. Is this idea patented yet?

Literally all of us.

If quarantine has taught us anything, it's that we're never hungry but we are always hungry. We're going to have "a little snack" which basically equals 10 pounds of pasta.

Keep the girls in place.

For your "end of the world" kit, you should most definitely put a bra in there. You don't want to run for your life and have your girls bouncing everywhere!

I stand behind this!

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Dad bods are one thing, but why can't I have a dad bod as a female? Yes, I like beer and food and yes, I want a belly, too.