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A Stray Dog Kept Showing Up At A Car Dealership So They Gave Him A Job

Some friendships are forged through trials and tribulations, and some are just destined to be lifelong bonds right from the start. But either way, friends have to make a choice to keep being friends.

I'm not sure if it works quite the same way with dogs but they often do have a knack for making friends. And in the case of one stray in Brazil, that might have saved his life as well as making a car dealership into a destination.

If you want to get a job, you have to show up.

And that's exactly how one stray in Brazil managed to get himself adopted and become a sensation: by showing up.

Staff at the Hyundai Prime dealership noticed the dog hanging around frequently and decided to do something about it, so they gave him a job.

Tucson Prime, as he's come to be known, fit right in almost immediately.

It didn't hurt that he got some good old-fashioned TLC with a nice bath and some eats and attention, of course.

But after he'd been cleaned up, the dealership put his natural talents to work as a brand ambassador.

They even issued Tucson Prime his own ID badge.

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He seems to be good with both the staff and the customers, and has taken Instagram by storm.

He's only been at the dealership for a few months, but Tucson Prime has already racked up more than 170,000 followers on Instagram.

We have to admit, this pooch is the best car salesman we've ever seen, too.

Talk about a natural at getting cars the attention they deserve and making them look good. Who could say no to this guy?

From the looks of things, Tucson Prime is just as good at staff meetings as he is on the showroom floor, too.

Could have something to do with his charisma and friendliness bringing folks together, could have something to do with his ability to chew through paperwork, hard to say for sure.

It looks like the dealership is quite happy to have Tucson Prime around, too.

This is a long-term commitment, folks. They built him his very own dog house that lives inside the dealership. A home within a home for the former stray!

If there's been any problem so far, it's been that Tucson Prime has been just a bit too popular.

There's been no word on whether they've sold more cars since Tucson Prime joined the team, but the attention has been quite a bit to manage.

"Good morning my AUmigos πŸΎπŸΆπŸ• today my day started early, but it was not in sales, I am trying to read and answer the thousands, I swear, thousands of messages I received in the last few days," one Instagram post read. "Me and my humans are still trying to find a way to deal with so much love and affection like that, if I didn't open your message or answered, I wanted to apologize."

Such a polite boy!

That's not to say that he hasn't been nosing in on the odd transaction.

Tucson Prime must give this dealership an edge, right? Because who else can offer this level of service and customer satisfaction?

What's next for Tucson Prime? Management, perhaps?

That might be a tad premature. He's probably happy just to earn his commission treats and keep morale nice and high at his workplace. Is it even possible to have a bad day with this guy around?

But, needless to say, Tucson Prime has been a great hire.

It's wonderful to see so much love in one place, and how both the dealership and Tucson Prime are benefiting from each other.

What a champ!