40 Times People Captured Something Cool They Noticed With A Pic

Life's all about the details: small pieces of humanity scattered around, ones that make us smile and enjoy living a tiny bit more. Like a chance encounter, there are some cool things we're just meant to see.

Luckily for us, these people got those moments on camera, and posted them for the rest of the world!

"I photographed a white stag mid sneeze."

Reddit | The_Oban

Such a rare and elegant creature, caught at possibly the worst, most awkward moment. His ego will never recover.

"Someone at my work did a perfect circle burnout."

Reddit | strawberry0sunrise

Since farmland is being driven out, aliens have taken to new, more urban forms of crop circles. The humans aren't really getting it, though.

"Today I saw a woman walking her child on a leash and her dog without a leash."

Reddit | alabamaman69

I see more well-behaved dogs on any given day than I do kids, so I get it.

"The way this clinic offers help to abuse victims."

Reddit | TwillyS

Seeing not just a singular person, but a whole facility/organization care about people this much is incredibly touching. I'm sure they've already helped loads of people!

"This fox I encountered on my school's campus while going for a walk last night."

Reddit | myroommateisgarbage

He looks suspicious as hell. I think he's up to some nighttime tomfoolery.

"I found a piece of driftwood that looks like a dragon's head."

Reddit | MarliePwns

I think you found the decapitated, petrified head of a long since defeated nature deity. But that's for you to discover, not me.

"A stand for bikers to hold on to while waiting for the traffic lights in Sweden."

Reddit | medmik

I feel like biking infrastructure is ushering in a whole new wave of neat little innovations like this. So simple, so smart!

"This Scorpion Chair."

Reddit | LuckyDoctor

Now this is a throne fit for an evil cartoon villain king. Or whoever owns that flip flop.

"A dock with a duck dock."

Reddit | baarsie

Fit with little ducky steps to they don't slide down! It's a new life goal of mine to see a duck use something like this.

"I had a quadruple mini banana this morning."

Reddit | sigglet

That's a lot of potassium! Well, I guess if you put all four together it'd be close to a regular banana, so...that's a normal amount of potassium!

"The amount of growing my snail has gotten done in under a year. From a 4cm shell to a 17cm shell."

Reddit | mossydeerbones

I had no idea snails could get this big, let alone so fast. And to do it all while building onto its own shell like that, it's fascinating!

"A sword in a stone that I just saw, Somerset, England."

Reddit | ZeroTheDank

Sooo...are you going to go become the new king or what? It's right there!

"Someone is filming a historical movie next to our Airbnb."

Reddit | Asmonymous

How do you know you didn't just time travel in your sleep? I'm just saying, I don't see a camera. Okay, I see a satellite dish, but that's unimportant.

"This vine climbed up a chair to silence my wind chime."

Reddit | RedTenchu

"I've been trying to sleep for ages but your ringing keeps waking me up! When I finally get up there, I'll shut you up for good!"

"My tape dispenser broke and it was filled with concrete and a cigarette."

Reddit | TheBrilliantBriton

I guess someone on the "filling tape dispensers with concrete" production line decided to have their smoke break inside.

"The mailbox for this construction office is a crane."

Reddit | FirstManLostOnMars

As long as it doesn't go lowering it now... That would make the mailman's job a little more annoying.

"A shark shaped mailbox in a neighborhood near me."

Reddit | krcroot

So much mailbox envy today! If only I didn't live in an apartment, I'd have nothing but the coolest mail boxes.

"My parent’s water is hot pink due to a chemical leak."

Reddit | musicaljerks

Looks like an exciting new Kool-Aid flavor. I don't think it'd taste as good though. Only one way to find out.

"Sand sculpture I was lucky to see on my morning walk."

Reddit | MoonkinVanilla

Sand sculpture, or tiny village for a community of beach fairies? I guess you gotta wait and see.

"My [dad's] apartment came with a baby pink stove."

Reddit | loveinacase

I'm tired of stainless steel and white. Let's go back to cute colors and bright appliances. I want my kitchen to be yellow.

"Some roads in Australia are so long and boring they have trivia signs to keep drivers alert."

Reddit | eppinizer

No offense to Australia, but I think these signs would put me to sleep more.

"This spherical chalkboard my professor uses to teach curvature in General Relativity."

Reddit | neithercon

I don't know what any of those words mean, but ooo, cool round chalkboard...

"This elevator has a call button 30 ft away so the doors will be open by the time you get to them."

Reddit | lukeallen1

This is only neat if there's already an elevator on the ground floor. But I guess a cool feature working sometimes is better than not having it at all!

"This store lets customers choose whether they want to be bothered by the staff."

Reddit | hand_

This is the greatest innovation I've ever seen. I don't want any store clerk anywhere to speak to me lest I embarrass myself as I frequently do.

"A buck decided to [lie] down by my university's library windows."

Reddit | Ericborth

And he's having a real deep moment with that student there. They're connecting on a spiritual level.

"The handle to this knife shop door is also a knife."

Reddit | SGT-smash

Well, the handle is a knife hilt. If it were a full knife, it'd cause the shop a few problems.

"This banana painted on the floor of a grocery store."

Reddit | droo46

I get anxiety just looking at this. I know it's fake but I keep feeling like I'll slip.

"Sunflower growing out of the sidewalk - parent patch visible in background."

Reddit | Batholith_forge

This reads like a kid who decided to run away from home but instead just pouts on the front stoop.

"This sign is translated for dogs."

Reddit | Gettafa

Are we sure it says what the English half says? That dog looks pretty disturbed... Who knows what it read.

"Bob Ross in my burrito."

Reddit | leahleanorddd

I think this is exactly what he'd call a happy little accident!

"This purple carrot looks like a bartender ready to take your drink order and listen to your troubles."

Reddit | nancyxxu

And he also has his leg hiked over the counter? Mr. Bartender, what are you suggesting here?

"This sign feels like the start of a video game."

Reddit | instaterence

"Along this trail, participate in side quests such as 'stay hydrated' and 'see a bird,' but all will lead up to your main quest: 'don't litter!"

"My pile of clothes completes the triangle."

Reddit | Peatrick33

Well, now you have an excuse to never pick up those clothes again!

"This grave marker in Okemah, OK has a parking meter with 'Time Expired'."

Reddit | Burbada

The headstone reads "her humor lives on" and they're right! I hope she's happy knowing she's still making loads of people chuckle.

"Someone painted a service door in my neighborhood to look like a [Monsters Inc.] door."

Reddit | TheObsidianX

Are you sure that's what it is? Have you tried going through it? There could be a bedroom on the other side of that for all you know.

"This moth landed in my car while I was going 40mph."

Reddit | 0nly0bjective

I see. It tried to hop in mid-ride thinking it could get out of paying. Damn freeloading moth.

"These three trees somehow grew out of one old dead one."

Reddit | SuqueMyCoque

Just because that original tree is slanted, that doesn't mean it's dead! Maybe those are just three very impressive branches.

"Leaving a rain storm. Blue skies ahead.. darkness behind."

Reddit | Hilari_ous

I've had this happen to me before. Let me tell you: Even if the storm isn't coming your way, it's a hell of a motivator to drive quickly.

"Found the End of a Rainbow. No gold, just more road work signs."

Reddit | TyAzzSe

Urban development and repair — the world's true treasure.

"This plaque at the dog park commemorating a park record."

Reddit | TheDangerStranger

I love how congratulatory and praising it is. "Good on those dogs! Woo! Forget the woman. I'm sure she's fine. Let's give a round of applause for those dogs!"