40 Moments That Made Us Go ‘I’m Embarrassed For You’

There is nothing worse than doing something stupid and feeling completely embarrassed. However, people bizarrely love watching cringe-based comedy!

And, with this idea in mind, here are 17+ moments that made us go, "I'm embarrassed for you!"

"My father decided to order me pizza while I was away at college. His added request would explain the awkward exchange with the delivery guy and I..."

Reddit | Lawlpocalypse

I would have loved to have seen the face on the delivery guy! I bet he was dreading knocking on that door.

"My mother got embarrassed when she 'found my [girlfriend's] panties' on our kitchen table."


Christ, hopefully she figured out what this was before this person put it on their face and headed outside.

"That's gotta be a bit embarrassing."

Reddit | Palifaith

Imagine having trained for however long to become a firefighter, only for this to be your first call out.

"This baby elephant that fell down a ditch in India looks a little embarrassed."

Reddit | Gruffo

"What are you all staring at? There's absolutely nothing to look at here. Go about your business, people!"

"Mom you are embarrassing me!"

Reddit | notyouravrgd

Looks like this woman may well have nearly taken that poor girl's eye out with her inappropriate balloons!

Sadboii Receipt Messages...

Reddit | fullfacejunkie

This person explained, "Oh boy 2014 Tumblr was a different time. Here’s a taste of my [...] blog from back then. I'd write these [poems] on the cash machine and print them to post for sadgirl internet clout."

"That awkward moment when a pothole takes out the repair truck."

Reddit | needzmoarlow

"Hi, I'm calling about the pothole on the main road."

"Yes, we've just sent someone out."

"I know. I'm the guy you sent out. Send another truck."

"Why do you embarrass me human?"

Reddit | btl_1294

That cat looks like it has seen some things! I'm betting that cat has had to pose for some much more cringe-worthy photos before this one!

"He left his flash on!"

Reddit | [Deleted]

Good God, you can feel how uncomfortable this is in your kneecaps. Literally everyone is looking at the camera — not just her!

"I thought she was wearing a black dress and hands on her hips!"

Reddit | Lannart

"Wow, that sassy woman has a massive head!"


"Oh, no, I realize what I've done now."

"The perfect tattoo doesn't exi—

Reddit | ciroc-

Way to go. They managed to ruin two of my favorite things at once: tattoos and classic video game consoles ⏤ and yes, I am hipster trash.

"My younger brother just got married. I am now the only unmarried sibling. I think the photographer was able to capture my awkward pain."

Reddit | Caratticuss

"Right, so for this picture I really want to capture the misery of loneliness... So, can you just bugger off right to the background please?"

"Well that’s awkward..."

Reddit | hero807

Quite frankly, Vicar, I don't see how any of that is your goddamn business!

"Couple goals, I guess?"

Reddit | aman_1706

Look, at least it is quite a creative way of being truly sickening. However, that doesn't stop them from being sickening.

"If robots could look ashamed..."

Reddit | anonomis2

"Roomba! What have you done?!"

*Sad vacuum noises...

Jeez, Church, Chill!

Reddit | martinbishop

What is it with churches being so damn thirsty?! In particular baptist churches as well! Keep it in your cassock!

"My friend said he felt a little awkward walking up to the register."

Reddit | 888andtheHeartbreaks

I was really hoping that this trend would have died out by now. Dear God, how much longer will we be seeing man buns?!

The Look Of Misery!

Reddit | [Deleted]

Wow, it looks like they have captured the exact moment that this guy's world completely fizzled up and died.

"When Theresa May misjudged the timing on the wave at the France-England match."

Reddit | RaboKarabek

There were a lot of things that Theresa May misjudged, looking back. Jesus, look at the face on Emmanuel Macron!

"Never be ashamed for your love of tuna!"


What's wrong with loving tuna? I thought that we would be past this kind of judgment as a society. It's 2020 for Christ's sake!

"Selfie with Rihanna at the Superbowl!"

Reddit | tmrqz

I've got to be honest, neither of them look like they're having a good time here! Why take a photo with a celebrity if you're gonna look like you want to die in it?!

"That awkward moment when you realize your recycling bin inadvertently makes you look like the loneliest man in the world..."

Reddit | Dirtydog554

Ooft, I wouldn't fancy seeing the faces on the neighbors when you put this bad boy out for collection!

"Mistaking a Vietnamese man for a child."


I mean, at least he looks happy in the picture. Although, he may well be dying behind the eyes.

"When you get a tattoo at age 11."

Reddit | lolthrash

Every tattoo artist who was a kid in the '90s has spent their life training for this tattoo!

Who Put This Here?!"

Reddit | ewolf132

Whoever put this down here, I hope you have a sneeze that you can't quite catch today, you horrible human.

"I Spilled Water On My Phone And Asked My Grandfather To Put It In Rice To Dry It Out. He Thought I Meant Cook It With Rice."

Reddit | EthiopianChica

Better have one hell of an even bigger bowl of rice to put this phone in to fix this rice-based disaster.

"I thought they were announcing the death of their child!"

Reddit | FarohGaming

I was about to say, that kid looks remarkably chipper for someone apparently on the way out!

"I thought that was always the rule."

Reddit | Cky9250

Wait, so you're telling me that this isn't the rule? Oh, dear God, I have to go and make some apologies.

"The only baby picture [I] have... why?"

Reddit | OhCaptainDem

Easy, because why would you need any other pictures after this one? You've already created perfection.

"Landlord left a note saying 'No hot water. Sorry for the inconvenience' What he really meant was..."

Reddit | Hansel_SHRN_Hansel

This mocking letter that was written in response is so expertly crafted, I'm in awe. I hope to one day master the perfect sarcastic, exasperated tone. The landlords will never recover from this burn.

"This kid went from row to row."

Reddit | speldenaar

I've seen a glimpse into his future, and it includes all his teachers asking him to pay more attention and his classmates identifying him as the class clown post-graduation.

"Gee, Thanks Kid!"

Reddit | Ge_Sto

Sure, we should be teaching children about respect and kindness, but I think we should also start teaching them about tact.

"The difference between 31 and 21."

Reddit | melitini

I love how confident the woman taking the selfie is: "Yeah, that used to be me, but look at me now. I wear statement necklaces."

"Be different."

Reddit | yaketysack

According to someone in the comments, these were the freshman shirts for Drexel University, which makes it even funnier. "Be different, but make sure to identify yourself as a student of ours along with thousands of others!"

"Sometimes our dog, Charlie, gets his upper lip stuck behind his lower lip."

Reddit | inkdrone

He looks disappointed, pouty, and awkward all at once. A dog of many faces.

"[Good] looking out UPS no one thought to look under the rock."

Reddit | sneakyneeky

Maybe in the box is a single block of styrofoam, and they didn't want it to fling away in the wind. It's not always about hiding.

"Let's see what my friend got."

Reddit | Triconzor

Whoa, that's a huge catch. I've never seen a worm that big!

"This shouldn't be funny, right?"

Reddit | acdccc

I'm so interested in how she's explaining it to whoever's on the other end of that phone call. "I was...chased down by an angry driver! Across the freeway! Into an abandoned parking lot where I had to fight them off!"

"[...] Local donut shop put up stakes to keep people from driving over the rock that was meant to keep people from driving over plants."

Reddit | gemeni8200

Seems like something the girl in the last photo would have done.

"I think they meant chupacabra."

Reddit | darylivesinsnake

What, you've never seen a wild chimichanga? They only come out at night, but boy, are they freaky looking when they run.

"One of the office girls asked for the password to the bathroom wifi. Took me all day to [realize] what she meant."

Reddit | sixtwosik

If a building has its own dedicated bathroom wifi, you know it has money.

"My friend put a plastic tablecloth down so the cats wouldn’t think it’s a blanket on the table just for them."

Reddit | Lurkypie

Cats think everything is just for them. Nothing you do can thwart them or their desires.

"Left on my fiancé's [friend's] car over night!"

Reddit | TheMightyKNub

This is horrendously creepy. If you're out there and thinking that this is a good way to meet someone, dear God, you're wrong.

"My friend is a manager at a restaurant and she received this in the mail."

Reddit | tranitus

I'm impressed at the stealth it must take to steal a whole plate. Or the size of one's bag.

"At the airport waiting to embarrass Jimmy."

Reddit | orchid_breeder

Come on, Jimmy. Step up and face your responsibilities! This world ain't gonna tolerate your crap forever, Jimmy!