20 Powerful Photos That Were Topped By More Powerful Backstories

A photo on its own can show you something interesting. But a photo, along with a bit of backstory, really fills in the big picture (pun fully intended).

With some of these photos, the backstory is almost self evident. Others are a little more oblique. In any case, these might just hit you hard.

Employee of the month.

Reddit | [deleted]

An old man was leaving this Wendy's restaurant when a downpour started to drench him. A kind employee rushed outside, grabbed a patio umbrella and provided some shelter from the storm.

Big smiles.

Reddit | ThatDIYCouple

This granddad hasn't had a chance to meet his granddaughter yet, but he's been checking in regular through video chat. This screengrab shows the moment his granddaughter smiled at him for the first time.

Go with it.

Reddit | -KushkiN-

This couple wanted to get back to nature with this photoshoot, only to find that nature was willing to get very close to them. In this case, they went with it, and now this deer is part of the photoshoot.

Quite a journey.

Reddit | Betatestingtheworld

This woman just completed a 10K run. That's impressive on its own, but what's truly remarkable here is that she did it in the midst of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

"I think nothing can stop me now," she wrote.

Crocheting is caring.

Reddit | Majicjack2434

This elderly lady doesn't want people to be cold, so every winter she crochets hundreds of these knit hats and donates them to a local homeless shelter.

No kids left out.

Reddit | elch3w

This single dad didn't want his kid to feel left out at a Mother's Day event at school, so he decided to wear a dress and fill the role of mom for a day.

Every mask helps.

Reddit | Youareyou64

This pic was snapped by a 14-year-old who's been using their 3D printer to create clear face shields to donate to local hospitals. Personal protective equipment shortages can happen, so donations like this are very welcome.

At last.

Reddit | US_Loli_Police

The guy on the right has lived in the U.S. for over a decade, but his stepmom, on the left, has just arrived from the Philippines. It's the culmination of an 11-year mission to bring her over to the U.S.

Motherly love.

Reddit | xsusaninsanityx

"Almost 28 and finally came out to my family as gender fluid and bisexual after my dad passed away," wrote this poster. "Some didn't accept me but my mom did."

Party like it's 1399.

Reddit | Dalo600

After a much-anticipated Renaissance fair was cancelled, these grandparents decided to put on their own so their grandkids wouldn't miss out. The fair came complete with turkey legs, funnel cakes and live music.


Reddit | starstufft

I've seen those little community libraries before (and they're great), but I've never seen the same principle applied to plants. Seems like a fun idea for anyone who needs a little greenery in their life.

Always there.

Reddit | bleedinorange

This otherworldly-looking glass globe has extra meaning for its owner. After their beloved dog passed away, it was cremated and the ashes were spun into the globe.

His own superhero.

Reddit | andrewg06

These two pics show this dude's battle with, and recovery from, anorexia. He's clearly come a long way, and has probably emerged from this as a stronger person.

First time.

Reddit | ChouaibLoumiy

This man has Down Syndrome, but he's still always wanted to work a day job. Here's a pic of him, dressed to make an impression, on his way to the first job interview of his life.

International shout-out.

Reddit | AlphaRancher

After Cuba sent hundreds of doctors to Italy as a humanitarian gesture, grateful Italians wanted to show their thanks. They projected a giant Cuban flag, and a thank you note, on this spire.

Living the dream.

Reddit | affanoaktree

This artist is posing beside one of their pieces. It's noteworthy because the piece is hanging in an established gallery — the first of hopefully many times this will happen.


Reddit | AksTheGreat

"When two guys ruin your selfie at a Washington D.C. bakery..." wrote this guy in jest. Of course, a closer look at the pic reveals that the guys in the background came straight from the White House.

Full circle.

Reddit | green_teabag_

21 years ago, this doctor delivered a baby. Now, the doctor is still working and still delivering babies — only now he's assisted by that baby he delivered 21 years ago.

Long time coming.

Reddit | NewFound_Fury

These Leeds United football fans are loyal. When the club was last relegated 16 years ago, the supporters swore they'd be back.

It took awhile, but Leeds is finally back in the Premier League.

Big red shoes.

Reddit | BeauKnowz

This man's unique ring places him in truly elite company. It marks the ten years he served as McDonald's official Ronald McDonald mascot, from 1971 to 1981.