30 Moments That Made Us Go ‘Something’s Not Right Here’

I'd say most of us have pretty keen eyes. At least, keen enough to notice when something is out of place. Be it offputting or just plain wrong, we can spot the odd in everyday life.

Much like the things in this list here, which simply...aren't right.

Poor Nana.

Reddit | Pudding312

Don't worry! It's not for those types of nanas! Or is it...?

A real green thumb.

Reddit | Starskins

This user gave some context for the picture: "A guy at my wife's job still thinks that his new plant is a cactus. It's actually a pickle that is replaced by a new one every 2 days. It's been like that for 2 weeks now." My question is, how does he not smell it?

Picture perfect match.

Reddit | bennayogurt

This user's friend replaced his parents' photo of Jesus with Dave Grohl, and then waited for their family to discover it. No disrespect to Jesus, but I think Grohl has the better facial hair.

Not a tanning day.

Reddit | maxereboblue

No clouds in the sky? No shade? Not to worry: Just make your own! And by that I mean make someone else do it so you can continue relaxing!

I guess this is dedication.

Reddit | 4chanAD

I get being passionate about your sport of choice, but I think this is too far. You don't have to wear the goggles to bed.

The true star.

Reddit | dryback1486

"My boyfriend moved out of his parents' house last year, he's been replaced already," this user wrote. Not to diss your boyfriend, but I bet the dog is more handsome anyway.

It's evolving.

Reddit | louise1jc

When buses have to replace train lines, they try their best to fill those shoes. Well, wheels.

A model, kind of.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

I'm tired of human celebrity lookalikes. I only want pets that look like movie creatures from here on out.

Maybe it's a sign.

Reddit | TheRealRyanP

"My brother's dumpster was stolen. This is what waste management replaced it with," wrote this poster. I think waste management is telling someone to cut down on their garbage, yeesh.

Not your typical ornaments.

Reddit | stuart2202

It's funny when you notice the first one, and even funnier when you spot the second. It's like I Spy, but with more hilarity.

It needed some modifications.

Reddit | b5jeff

So this person is like a hydra? If you cut off one head, two more will grow back and start complaining about how you cut off the first one?

Who needed those extra keys anyway?

Reddit | Marina_Alexopoul

I don't know why this piano exists. While I'm sure some things could be played on it, I can't imagine it's enough to justify its existence.

Some people really love their FM.

Reddit | rs559

Be bound to local stations only with this computer mod, or use your web browser to open any station in the world. Your choice.

Cruel and Unusual

Reddit | d8ms

This user's kid "lost" their Yoshi toy, but it ended up in the freezer. I don't know what this Yoshi did to piss off that kid, but freezing him alive must have been a fitting punishment.

Meat and mint.

Reddit | redidididididit

Why is it that whenever I have to see a hotdog anywhere that isn't in a bun, it's always the worst part of my day?

Three failed attempts.

Reddit | chyken

Does this mean three pots of gold, or one split in three? I know the leprechaun budget has been getting tighter, so...


Reddit | seven_critical_blows

On one hand, you won't be running out of gas for a while. On the other hand, you might be finding gas in places you shouldn't.

New puppy was just staring at their owner like this.


I think this dog has a craving for human flesh. He's imagining gnawing on your ankle right now. You should put that lid on before he tries it.

Reminding you of your mistakes.

Reddit | partumvir

This is the keyboard the IT department at the poster's work gives out when employees spill coffee on theirs and are waiting on a replacement. I love how this was a frequent enough issue that they made a whole special keyboard specifically to humiliate people for it.

The perfect crime.

Reddit | PhatWalda

Cheese is expensive! Especially whole, delicious wheels. I understand this man on many levels. Wait... Am I the cheese bandit?

The latest products.

Reddit | cagomiyt

I've been looking for a new error store, but most have shut down. Good to see some are still up and running. Well, kind of.

Questionable collection.

Reddit | nocookieforme

At least no matter what he does or where he goes, he can say he has a lot of fans.

The heat was too high.

Reddit | XiphiasZ

This user replaced their forks with cocktail forks, and their roommate thought they had shrunk in the dishwasher. Imagine how much worse life would be if that were a real thing that could happen.

Shock and awe.

Reddit | nesquik8

If you thought you were surprised that your scissors broke like this, imagine how the scissors feel! Actually, you don't even have to: They look pretty shocked.

This dog loves her empty container.

Reddit | timlover69

Much like the photo from earlier, there's something unnerving about a dog just keeping its mouth open. I don't need to see your tongue for this long.

This city must hate cyclists.

Reddit | GeneReddit123

Or all their cyclists have evolved to be amphibious. Wait, that sounds cool. I should buy a bike.

A devastating prank.

Reddit | esmithiii

This user's kids got into their label maker, and as far as kid jokes go, this is probably the tamest thing I've ever seen. Your children must be a delight.

You won't be getting clean like this.

Reddit | milodeceiving

This user replaced their roommate's soap with a "fancy" block of cheese. Maybe I have a food problem, but who would waste fancy cheese like this?

Missing a vital step.

Reddit | markd220

What's it like knowing your entire presence as a human and friend could be replaced by a programmable coffee machine?

Something's brewing.

Reddit | Verrificat

Either Pennywise is cooking up dinner, or he got caught in a terrible accident.