10+ Awesome DIY Projects Done By Some Creative Minds

Some people are extremely crafty and good with their hands. Those people are the type who see a need for something and transform ordinary items into extraordinary creations. Luckily, these people are so proud of their creations that they're kind enough to share them with the internet and all of us who surf it. Some of these projects will make you stop and say, "Wow, I wish I could make that."

“A before and after of how we turned our guest bathroom into a walk-in closet.”

Reddit l Mindfuldesigns

Who needs a second bathroom if you can have a second closet? Remodeling the home is always such a fun project to start and even more rewarding when you finish.

“Perhaps my greatest work. Guinea pigs for scale.”

Reddit l _trousers

Everyone loves their pets, no doubt. Sometimes, we love our pets so much that we go above and beyond for them. This adorable picnic table for these guinea pigs is so sweet.

“Dog kennel bed: We have a small house, so we made this loft of a bed and the dogs get kenneled right below us.”

Reddit l Fasttrack564

Now the dogs will always be close to them, even at night when everything is dark and they all go to sleep. How nice that they went the extra mile for their dogs.

“3D printed speakers — my project is finally finished!”

Reddit l vladtron

3D printers are more incredible than we give them credit for. This Reddit user created these amazing speakers using a 3D printer. I would love a set of these for my home!

“I hand carved a new wooden wedding ring!”

Reddit l Trailhawk8095

Wow, what talent! Nothing is more special than a wedding ring. And, making it by hand by yourself is truly even more unique and special for memories and a lifetime of wear.

“This work desk is made from the body of an actual Tesla car.”

Reddit l radgemagik

Well, this is just awesome. Imagine if you worked for a car dealership and your desk was actually made out of the front hood of a car? That would be so cool!

“I made a stool for my girlfriend who is a teacher.”

Reddit l PercussivePirate

A handmade gift is always the nicest thing to give someone. Obviously this boyfriend knows this, and he made his teacher girlfriend a very special stool. As a teacher myself, I love this!

“Recently found a broken baby grand piano in the trash and turned it into a coffee table.”

Reddit l akrause92

What a clever and unique way to turn garbage into a coffee table. For the musician in your life, this would be an excellent way to show a bit of love and care.

“A bunk bed for my son’s glasses."

Reddit l Rock23L

Storing your glasses can be difficult when you don't have a place to put them when you are not wearing them. This dad made an adorable way to store his son's glasses by giving them bunk beds.

“I made an outdoor lounge chair from an old office chair.”

Reddit l Dmisak

Taking the things that you no longer use in your home and reinventing them is so awesome. This person had no use for an old office chair, so they made it into a lounge chair.

“I made folding chairs and a table from old pallets.”

Reddit l Dmisak

This is super cute for the beach or even a picnic. All you need are some pallets in the backyard and some tools. What a wonderful little project for the summer.

A solar-powered hat with a built-in fan.

Reddit l KevlarYarmulke

Need some power and energy while you're hiking or taking a trip? This solar powered hat will do just that. Energy is power, everyone!

A Lego-inspired dresser and nightstand.

Reddit | gnhomero

While we all loved to play with Lego bricks as a kid, this is something that can withstand the test of time. This dresser and nightstand both got a fun upgrade perfect for a kid's room.

This hilarious delivery notification system.

Reddit | AtomicDairy

"We built a parcel delivery box and paired it with an Arduino delivery status display that is hidden in a picture frame. When packages are delivered the eyes in the photo all illuminate with LEDs, among other things. It turned out to be kind of creepy and we love it!" said the Reddit user who built this. If they love it, we love it.

This adorable garden trellis.

Reddit | IrieForever

This honeycomb garden trellis is quite fitting because it was built for a pollinator garden. What a great DIY to help all the bees!

These awesome duct tape posters.

Imgur | Tapesweatandtears

I would have never guessed that these pop art-themed Star Wars posters were made from duct tape. That is such a creative and budget-friendly DIY to spruce up the home.

This epic playhouse one dad built for his kids.

Reddit | Bones4673

"After being laid off in April I spent the last 2 1/2 months building this playhouse for my kids. I have no construction experience, just a lot of YouTube tutorials. I’m very happy with how it turned out," this Reddit user said. It looks amazing to me!

This DIY tiki bar.

Reddit | sbaghetticarbonara

This couple decided to build their own little slice of paradise in their backyard with this DIY tiki bar. Backyard upgrades and projects are some of my favorites.

This garden mosiac.

Reddit | anjayenunciates

This stunning garden mosaic was done by hand and with upcycled pottery. This is such a great way to reuse broken pottery or dishes that would otherwise end up in the trash.

This penny-tiled floor where all the pennies were laid by hand.

Reddit | mostlystuffimade

This is truly impressive. Every single penny was laid out by hand and the entire piece comes together in a beautiful and incredible way. I love to see people make things out of unique materials.

This 'Game of Thrones' iron throne phone charger.

Reddit | NaturalNerdiy

Any Game of Thrones fan knows that this is something iconic and epic. The iron throne is something everyone recognizes at first glance. This is so cool — I want one to charge my phone, too!

“Before and after our van build. It was 8 months of hard work almost every day.”

Reddit l notdayna

Could you imagine going on a road trip in this beautiful van? I think this is something that everyone dreams of. A cross country road trip in a newly renovated van? That is the definition of goals.

This grandpa made an adorable bassinet for his grandson.

Reddit l BlackEyedBroad

There's nothing quite like the love between a grandparent and their grandchild, but this act of love is extremely special. This bassinet looks incredible and you can tell he put in so much love to make it!