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20 Fascinating Things That People Just Happened To Find

No matter where we go, we're likely to come across something strange if we see enough of the world. Since we're usually focused on our own business, these chance finds can be pretty easy to miss, but we might discover that some things are unusual enough to steal our focus for a second.

And that second is all it takes to make us curious. Did someone drop this or did they leave it here on purpose? Do we actually want it or do we feel compelled to leave it behind?

And sometimes, the biggest question of all is the simplest: What is this?

But while we may never know the answers to all of our questions about this stuff, we can definitely see why someone needed to share them with the world.

The uploader recently bought a home built all the way back in 1780 and once they found a trap door in the barn, they knew they had to explore it.

Reddit | That_One_Fellow

They're still checking to see what mysteries this crevice holds, but they've already uncovered a bunch of loose animal bones and newspapers that date back to 1926.

Maybe some other Prohibition-era goodies are on the way?

This obviously isn't anywhere near as old as what's in the barn, but it's still a find that someone was excited about.

Reddit | portleycrue12

It's unclear where, but somebody came across this Nickelodeon boombox from the '90s. This probably would've been my idea of cool back then as well, but the coolest thing about it is that it still works.

This matchbook has clearly seen some heavy use, but what's more significant is where it originated.

Reddit | Brandflakerson

It's hard to say whether this is true anymore, but it looks like the special few who have taken a ride on Air Force One could once take this as a souvenir that proves it.

Somehow, this one ended up at an Air Force base in Germany.

Apparently, we're not just looking at someone's incoherent ramblings: This cup has actually been in the Marianas Trench.

Reddit | WaterPython1824

It's unclear why the father of the uploader's friend put this Styrofoam cup in a box and sent it down to that trench's famous depths, but it was apparently compressed down to the size we see now when he fished it out.

What gets mixed in with our loose change can be surprising, but that surprise rarely has decades of history behind it.

Reddit | sir_ruu

In this case, one person happened to find a dime from 1935 in their change jar. It's hard to tell what this would be worth now, but my guess would definitely be more than 10 cents.

When a grain of wheat somehow ended up in the uplaoder's washing machine, it apparently found all it needed to start growing.

Reddit | Sfinterogeno

And so, we can see that it's now sprouting forth from this person's underwear. I suppose that all sorts of things have had rougher beginnings.

While a chance find is usually a pleasant surprise, this photo serves as a good reminder that this isn't always the case.

Reddit | Snow_Wolfe

In case it's not clear, this person was lucky enough to find an earwig in their toothbrush.

Why is that lucky? Well, it helps to know that they found it before they started brushing.

This was certainly an interesting find, but this seems to be the right distance to appreciate it.


As welcoming as a "free hugs" sign may usually seem, it's not really a good idea to follow one into a dark, secluded crawlspace.

If it's a trap, it's a new one.

While we may expect to see some lover's initials carved into a tree, this sight is a little more unusual.

Reddit | carrienationhatchet

Unless we're looking at a symbol for someone's undying love for Pythagoras, there must be an easier way to do your math homework.

It's good to see that anyone who finds these shoes won't be able to miss the important announcement that goes with them.

Reddit | chaosphile

I'm not exactly the type who just tries on other people's shoes, but that's especially something I wouldn't do if it meant disturbing happy little Jabba here.

It's pretty easy to understand why this person didn't know what to think when they found a lemon tied to a tree with a bunch of needles stuck in it.

Reddit | imsleepypat

A similar find was a cause for some concern for police in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Although they were apparently unclear on what someone's intentions were for doing this, the fact that the results feature someone's picture in them led them to believe that this constituted an attempt to cause someone harm.

It doesn't take belief in witchcraft to be a little concerned about such intentions.

When the uploader first happened upon this stone warning, they were 15 years old.

Reddit | aDOGnamedZERO

In the 20 years since, it appears that at least a few people have chipped away at the lettering on this warning.

It also seems like at least one of them didn't agree that the nuclear materials buried here aren't a danger to visitors.

Finding a fossil is always pretty cool, but it's even more surprising to find a bunch of them at once.

Reddit | Illustrious_Squash

Although this rock isn't very big, it's apparently old enough to have seen the parts of multiple ancient creatures trapped in it.

For instance, that black triangular one is likely the tooth of a very old shark.

If you liked how Sid hung toys from his garbage truck in Toy Story 3, it may interest you to know that people do that to their work vehicles in real life too.

Reddit | teqmok

It's apparently a tradition, but not one with easily-explained origins. It's just something that a lot of landscapers and others who find themselves working outside all day do.

This one clearly favors stuffed animals, but it's not unusual to see dangling action figures either.

A moth may not be everyone's favorite thing to stumble across, but the markings on this one certainly stood out.

Reddit | souliloquoy

Their resemblance to eyes likely serves this moth well whenever an animal tries to sneak up on it, but it also looks like it's wearing the face of a friendly monster like you might see in Where The Wild Things Are.

Considering how annoying it is to get a rock in your shoe, it definitely puzzled the uploader that someone would design a sandal like this.

Reddit | bandannick

In this case, however, it seems that the rocks have been smoothed down so it apparently feels like a foot massage when you wear them.

While this wouldn't be an unusual design for graffiti, it's the medium rather than the message that stands out here.

Reddit | ClumptyDumpty

Rather than spray paint their tag on walls like most folks, whoever is responsible for this apparently blew glass into its shape so they could hang it from this hook.

That's definitely going the extra mile.

Whenever a recipe calls for a pinch or a "smidge" of something, these are apparently the spoons you're supposed to use.

Reddit | HTRK74JR

I guess it's hard to tell without knowing how large each of these spoons are, but that seems like more than I would interpret a "pinch" to be.

Also, I've always hated the word "dollop" for some reason. It's like when a lot of people hear the word "moist."

The uploader apparently works at a dispensary and this photo shows off how many fake IDs they've come across this year.

Reddit | ExpertRaccoon

Although this seems like a lot, it still doesn't quite look like it should encompass 143 IDs, but that's how many are apparently here.

Usually only jewelry stands out this much despite being so small, but this seems like it would be hard to find as well.

Reddit | isaytyler

What we're looking at is a hummingbird feather, which means that purple color we see on it is likely the result of light refraction.

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