30 People Who Need A Do-Over

We all make mistakes. Beyond that, we've all made mistakes that we regret, that we'd give anything to go back and fix.

Unfortunately, the laws of time aren't quite willing to bend that way just yet. Instead, you can look at this list of other people who could really use a do-over. Maybe their mistakes are even worse!

"Did a 'face' swap with my infant daughter."

Reddit | Agent_Hank_Schrader

At least you know now that your baby would make a pretty unattractive nose. You can scratch that off the "potential careers" list.

"This social psychology textbook that was supposed to show your reflection."

Reddit | YoujustgotLokid

I prefer this actually. The last thing I'd need would be to see my exhausted, bloodshot face when closing my textbook after staying up until four in the morning to study.

"Oh dear, dad tried to print a video."

Reddit | Tom_Sawyerer

But without the video, how will your dad shred out "Smoke On The Water"?

"When you're trying to stay healthy, but your demons still haunt you."

Reddit | OppositeTheExodus

I can't tell if it's an omen or a threat. Is McDonald's telling you you'll come back, or saying that you'd better lest something tragic happen?

"The trick is to find out what hour they're not covered."

Reddit | PrinceofTurov

Something tells me that a lot of bad stuff is gonna go down during that one hour. I'd look at upping your security just a touch.

"Tried my hand at sledding today."

Reddit | cobaltgnawl

I never considered sledding to be something one could be bad at, but I stand corrected.

"Decided to get a selfie stick. Still don't see what the point of it is."

Reddit | wardrop

We get it, you couldn't fit your wide, muscular, handsome shoulders into a selfie so you're using the stick this way to capture it all. No need to show off.

"Trying to even out my tan on my lunch break."

Reddit | philfromchico

This time around, I think you want to keep your torso out of the sun, yeah? Just sit on a windowsill and stick your legs out.

"I was trying to take a picture of my sleeping cat but I ended up scaring her instead."

Reddit | Ladymoonshyne

Even in her fall, she is graceful, mildly shocked but retaining her poise. How are cats like this?

"My friend gave cutting his own hair a shot."

Reddit | sklivi

What did he cut it with, a dull steak knife? Now he needs a razor to the whole head. It's bald time.

"My GF ordered some ankle weights for running and somehow got sent this instead."

Reddit | Tex_

Pop that thing open and fill it with sand and you'll have the coolest running weight in history.

"We took a family photo."

Reddit | someoneinabush

"No! Do not believe their smiling lies! This family is not happy! They only gave me two treats this morning instead of three, it is torture!"

"Nice try death, I'm not falling for that one."

Reddit | jstonge

This is technically a zipline, but you can only ride it once.

"I think our 1-year-old is trying to kill us."

Reddit | brewtalizer

I don't blame your kid here. You're the one that bought a rug that looks like a million Lego blocks!

"This person has been walking their dog like this the past few days."

Reddit | Sir_Winsalot

It does seem that cats eventually beat out dogs in the species evolution war, but dogs don't seem to mind too much.

"Decided to try and get one of those custom face-masks."

Reddit | stocklett

At least the mask expresses how he feels about the mask!

"Is this deliberate?"

Reddit | GreyandDribbly

Not only are the words wrong, but I can't figure out exactly what is coming out of the hand. A beetle inside a burn blister?

"This proposal written in mustard on bread."

Reddit | shinysurge

It doesn't even say "I love you," it just says "I love." Also, the answer is no unless you go on to make me a delicious sandwich.

"That didn't work."

Reddit | whampbeef

I'd get in contact with them about that "100% satisfaction guaranteed" claim on the bottle if I were you. I don't think it holds water.

"Took my son skiing for the first time. Went well I think."

Reddit | V1per41

Seeing as my first time skiing I crashed into a fence, I'd say he's doing better than I did!

"Someone seems stuck."

Reddit | Sammie_SU

Speaking of crashing into fences, this seems like an evolution of that idea. With an adorable face like that, someone will be sure to help you soon.

"Isn't that ironic."

Reddit | Dr_Spice_

They're not saying they'll never run out of ink. This is a warning. You better not run out of ink, because they can't help you.

Crazy weather we're having.

Reddit | ittiwi4ever

Phew, looks like we'll need to crank the AC a little, huh? Hottest summer on record for sure.

"This man is under no illusions about his choice of vehicle."

Reddit | Swampfoot

Coincidentally, I also drive a PT Cruiser, and I can confirm that no one has ever said this to me.

"My school spent about $20,000 on TVs to put around the school. They finally turned them on, and this is what they choose."

Reddit | Xtodd49

Is there supposed to be a problem? My school experience would have been greatly improved if I had gotten to watch a video of a bunny going shopping.

"Told my friend to throw on a pot of coffee...didn't taste right."

Reddit | markd220

Jokes on you. Now you'll never ask him to make it again and he gets to sleep in while you have to make your own coffee.

"Home's been on the market for a while. Trying something different."

Reddit | mccarthybergeron

"Well, if a T-Rex can comfortably live there, surely I can too!"

"Some guy copied my tattoo artist's work, but included the nipple."

Reddit | samusxmetroid

With the way that tattoo is looking, I think the included nipple is the least of that recipient's problems.

"The quotes make me nervous actually."

Reddit | jfet_

Yeah, they must "wash hands" just like they must "give change" and "be positive."

"So I’m off work at 2:30am, get home and need to use the bathroom. I swear I felt my soul leave my body."

Reddit | Razulisback

In case you were wondering, apparently it's part of a feather boa, but to the tired middle-of-the-night eye, it's the most horrific beast to ever walk this earth.