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21 Designs To Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level

Guys, we are about to look at our fantasy bathrooms.

They're those bathrooms you only dream about having. The ones that you see and say, "When I get rich..." to your friends.

Well, these are those bathrooms. And don't worry — they aren't all stark white. We're all about variety over here, after all.

Let's start off with a stunner.

Reddit | Lowells

That tub/shower combo, the wooden floors, the sink — no one is looking at those. They're all looking at that view. If you have this view available, consider this bathroom design. Please. For me.

I can't believe this is someone's bathroom.

Reddit | tomgreen99200

I'm trying to think of the parts of this bathroom that you could mimic for your own, but I'm just overwhelmed by the sheer size of it. It's bigger than my apartment!

I will say that adding in some cozy seating to your bathroom is a huge plus.

Adding plants to a bathroom is a good idea.

The mix of man-made and natural textures here is so beautiful. The concrete is seriously tempered by the plants and the wooden vanity.

You could make part of this bathroom happen.

Reddit | henry_hayes

Round tubs are getting more and more accessible to the regular buyer! If it's in your budget, adding that could really punch up your bathroom game. If you want to have bathroom game, that is. Why else would you be here?

Just so we're clear, this is my dream bathroom.

It's pink, white, and grey, which is my favorite color palette ever. Yes, I DO have the taste of an eight-year-old girl, and I am proud of it.

Let's talk hardware.

Because I am so about gold accents, and there are a lot to choose from right now. Adding in different metals can really change your bathroom's style!

And now for something completely different.

NAS Studio

We have to represent the industrial style of this bathroom up in here, because it's such a crazy departure from the stark white and wood of most bathrooms. Is it for me? No. Could you make parts of this happen in your own bathroom, especially the copper hardware? Yup.

Honestly, this is so achievable.

White paint and tiles hide a multitude of sins, and that black tile done in a herringbone pattern is super chic. Add in some plants and an Ikea vanity, and yeah — you could do this.

I want to take a bath here.

Reddit | lankyblonde

How cool is this? It's like a mini spa in your house, and it's so beautiful. I wonder if those rocks heat up so that your feet aren't cold when you get out? Things to think about.

Different mirror shapes are always a fun idea.

They totally change the vibe of a room. Circular mirrors often communicate a boho or chic style, while square and rectangle are more classic shapes.

You know how you need a small pool in your bathroom?

Because why not? This massive jacuzzi is low-key my goal for my future home. Also, that towel and storage ladder is actually something I have in my bathroom now, and it's great.

Fun fact: This is Maggie Gyllenhaal's bathroom.

Reddit | erdeebee

So, what do we think about it? It's certainly unique and it's definitely #bathroomgoals for anyone who likes this style. I'm a big fan of the tiles on the wall — they sparkle like a waterfall!

Architectural shelving is a great way to add style to your bathroom.

Like these copper and glass shelves! They're so gorgeous, add a lot of personality, and of course are incredibly functional. Who wouldn't want extra storage?

I'm so crazy about these tiles.

Reddit | Rashocka

They look like elongated hexagons, don't they? There are a lot of elements in this bathroom that you can use in yours, from the gold and copper fixtures to the tiled shower!

This bathroom is CRAZY.

Reddit | ManiaforBeatles

"Bathroom with a view of the forest at the edge of Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand," ManiaforBeatles wrote on Reddit.

I it so much. I'd never want to be in my birthday suit in it, but still.

Art is a must.

Instagram | @inspirationalkbb

Art truly takes a bathroom from builder grade to personalized and chic. Cute art is super fun for a bathroom, especially in bright, bold colors. Plus, these phrases are aesthetically-pleasing and helpful!

This is a very calming bathroom.

It's so serene! The soft mint of the tiles, the white, the gold hardware — it all comes together to form a bathroom you'd love to spend time in.

Add in some texture.

This bathroom may be one pretty simple color palette, but it works. Why? The textures! You've got the woven look of the basket, the soft towels and blankets, and the fur rug all coming together to give the room some complexity.

Make yourself a little spa.

Your bathroom could be a total sanctuary, especially if you have a nice, deep tub. Add some candles, a good book, and some wine for the perfect spa experience!

This is a tropical dream.

Bring some of those tropical vibes to you, even if you don't live somewhere warm! This bathroom has gorgeous wood accents and tons of plant life.

Oh. My. God.

Okay, now we're getting into the weirder stuff. Consider: wallpaper in your bathroom. I know, I know. But it looks so good, and the room is still so bright!

This ammonite sink is so unique...and educational!

High Tech Designs

Here's a quick environmental history lesson: Ammonites were prehistoric sea creatures and their fossils look really, really cool. You can capture the unique and natural design of these creatures in this stunning sink design.