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People Are Taking Epic 'Family Portraits' With Their Plants That Have Us Green With Envy

Plant people are the modern day "crazy cat ladies" of yesteryear. I don't mean this in a demeaning way at all, it's just a fact of life. If you've ever got down to chatting with a plant person, you'll know that they refer to their plants as their "plant babies." And if you've ever had the chance to own plants, you'll know why. My mother decided to take it upon herself to give my pothos a haircut, and yes, it did bring me to tears.

Not only does caring for plants bring a buried parenting instinct out that you never thought you'd have, but they're also extremely difficult to not fill your space with, which is why there is a trend going around social media platforms that sees people taking epic family portraits with their plant collection.

Some people collect teacups, coins, and shot glasses, while others collect plants.

And yes, you do become a plant parent once you start owning plants. They need your careful attention, just like a child does.

Obviously, this means that your plant collection becomes one big happy family.

Like most families, this means a family portrait is in order, which is exactly what's happening on social media.

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People across Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram are sharing their plant family portraits that definitely give Sears' portrait studio a run for its money.

People gather all of their plants sprinkled across the rooms of their homes, which is no small feat for massive plant families.

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The saying "green with envy" could not be more appropriate after looking at a picture like this!

Not only are these plant family portraits a great way to show off your collection to other plant fanatics, but they're also a great way to see your whole plant collection come together in one place.

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Plants are usually sprinkled around various parts of the home, but this really shows the scale of your plant obsession and makes for a super cool photo in the end.

Anyone can participate in the plant family portrait trend, whether you have a humble collection or one that looks like a mini rainforest.

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Plant parenting is a wild world out here, folks.

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