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Man Creates Off-Road 'Wheelchair' So That His Wife Can Go On Adventures Too

Cambry Kaylor was a champion equestrian vaulter when, in 2005, she had an accident during training that left her paralyzed. But that didn't stop her from continuing to train future athletes in her beloved sport, nor did it end her love of adventure.

Sadly, while wheelchairs have come a long way in their design, they still aren't suited toward the sort of outdoor adventures Cambry wished for.

Luckily for Cambry, her future husband was exactly the kind of guy who would make that wish come true.

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Zack Nelson is is the brains behind the YouTube channel Jerry Rig Everything, where he tears down and stress-tests technology, and builds and repairs stuff on his own.

When the pair began dating, Zack also started to include Cambry in his videos and has featured projects specifically focused on accessibility, such as building a home elevator.

But by far the project that has stood out the most is the one he surprised Cambry with in 2018.

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It was a fully-electric off-road wheelchair made using two electric bicycles.

The idea was so simple and genius that the video went viral, having received more than 7.5 million views since its premiere.

Though off-road wheelchairs aren't unheard of, other options are loud, cumbersome, and often cost more than a new car.

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The homemade version was quieter, cheaper, and had far more range.

So, of course, people began asking how to get one of their own and Zack began looking at ways to improve the design for mass-production.

Now it's complete, and he's revealed his fully electric, "Not-a-Wheelchair" called The Rig.

It's built using lightweight materials from the world of electric bicycles, drastically lowering the cost of entry and even allowing for customization.

The electric motor is super quiet and can go a maximum of 12 MPH for up to 20 miles in a single charge.

The rugged wheels can handle everything from rocky terrain, sandy beaches, and even snow.

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Now Cambry uses The Rig any time they are headed outdoors, even if it's just to go to the local park.

If you're interested in learning more, or ordering one, you can do so at their website, Not A Wheel Chair.

Zack has stated that it is important to remember that The Rig is not a fine-tuned medical device, and requires the same sort of maintenance and tune-ups (and helmet) a bicycle would.

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