30 People Who Have No Chill

Some people just can't help get a little carried away with things from time to time. Look, we're all guilty of it; however, some people get a little more worked up than the rest of us!

And, for some examples of such people, please check out these 17+ people who need to chill out!

Remain Calm!

Reddit | Desomniac

I think that I will need to get my hands on one of these for whenever we have a family game night and the Monopoly board comes out.

"Me at 4 years old, finding out my brother was in fact, not a sister."

Reddit | jizzmae

I wonder if this resentment ever subsided, or if they still hold a grudge against their brother to this day!

"Friend broke his leg in a dirt bike accident this weekend. Pharmacist has no chill."

Reddit | popsludge

I mean, it might be savage as hell, but it's pretty solid advice! They wouldn't have gotten into this mess if they'd have been doing this in the first place... would have taken them ages to get anywhere though.

"Damn CNN!"

Reddit | TwoPointZero_gpa

There's no need for that guys, I'd be tempted to refresh it to see if they apologize but there's always the chance that the new one could be even more offensive!

"This chip shop has no chill!"

Reddit | wbbigdave

How many times do you reckon the people working here have looked out of the window only to see children crying and pointing at this sign? It must be a truly rewarding feeling!

"Kohl’s needs to take it down a peg or two!"

Reddit | TheNorseman

"Hi, welcome to Kohl's, can I help..."

"Get the hell away from me! I've seen the sign!"

Just Let It Go Already!

Reddit | HalpTheFan

Great, now I can't help but hear this song going round and round in my head! Although, I now think this would be a great choice for a funeral song.

You Know What You need To Do?

Reddit | iamnotanasian

I think that absolutely anyone who has ever been in a relationship will be able to attest to this fact. Nothing will anger your partner quite like telling them to calm down.

"I don't even know what to say about this picture."

Reddit \ TheThreshPrince

Sometimes, the love between a man and his toaster can be the purest form of love, but sometimes it can turn into an unhealthy relationship!

"Safety card on the plane says don't mess with this guy!"

Reddit | Mr_Schnib

I, along with many other people it seems, am still pretty lost as to what the hell the actual point of this is? Aside from warning of super-powered psychopaths?

"Brother just sent me this snap from his road trip."

Reddit | Echofives

How many complaints do you think that this farm gets on a yearly basis due to this strange display?

"Barbara Has Zero Chill."

Reddit | Crusty_Gammon_Flaps

There were a few people ho thought that her title was actually "The Basin", as if she was some galavanting romantic English lord-type who called herself, "Barbara The Basin".

"Stay Calm!"

Reddit | Jaghut_Tyrant

I think I need the number for this service immediately. I wonder if it is a 24 hours service? Dear God I hope so!

"Calm yourself, Go-Gurt!"

Reddit | radiorabbit

I don't know how anyone designing this ever thought that this would be remotely appropriate for a child? Although, I guess adults filling it with dirty words in their heads is on them?

"I was driving behind a hearse today with a chillingly appropriate license plate."

Reddit | JimJardashian

This person went on to say, "It would've been ironic if I crashed and died while taking this picture." And they're not wrong!

"Drawing angry eyebrows on a baby!"

Reddit | deepblueballz

I think that they are all adorably evil, however, the bottom left one just takes nefariousness to a new level!

"So I got a happy meal... and then it got weird."

Reddit | MissSpicyMcHaggis

Well, I think that I've just found my Halloween costume for next year! Also, it's a good excuse to buy a Happy Meal as an adult.

"This is too much power for one man."

Reddit | joeycastillo

Would you turn it off? I 'd be tempted to turn it off and see what it was like back in a world where people couldn't remember trivia answers and couldn't just google them!

"Found this picture of my brother from the mid 90's. Too much badassery for one photograph."

Reddit | brianfizzle

Look, what can we say, books about elephants were in during the 90s! Nothing would make you the cool kid faster than a zoological handbook on elephants!

Angry Baby Is Angry!

Reddit | spaceion

"Aww, look at his little face, he looks like a little peanut!"

"I will bring about the end of everything you love..."


"Seems a bit extreme!"

Reddit | benkahn

They take trespassing quite seriously here... some may say they take it a little too damn seriously!

"Nothing quenches your thirst like carbonated yogurt?!"

I'm sorry, but I just had to put this on here. I mean what absolute nut case came up with the idea for carbonated yoghurt soda? They need to give their head a shake whoever they are!

"Before and after I found an extremely powerful hand dryer in the bathroom."

Reddit | Kylanotkayla

I mean, hasn't everyone tried something like this at least once in their life? I'm not saying that is a good excuse, I'm just highlighting that fact.

"Subway needs to chill..."

Reddit | lots-of-crabs

I wonder how the manager of the person who put this up reacted to this? Either they have them a right chewing out, or they just high fived them I reckon.

"Too much information!"

Reddit | Elvis_Maximus

Well... that's good for him, I guess? Don't see what it has to do with me getting to work thought really?

"Nike outlet needs to calm down with these savings!"

Reddit | heapofbears

I think that you kind of have to admire them for having the gall to just come out and actually put this on the shelves.

"Saw this at work today. Was extremely tempted to pull it."

Reddit | sefkhan

In any instances like this, you need to just calm down, take a breath, and then be sure to pull the switch!

"The toothpaste business is quite extreme these days."

Reddit | Exceon

It does feel like toothpaste manufacturers are clutching at straws with their adverts now, telling us that we need to brush our tongues and such. Just calm down, and sell some damn normal toothpaste.

"Last day of school term and this teacher must be really keen for the holidays!"

Reddit | karma_queen10

Teachers are just as excited to get time off as the kids are, if not even more so in some cases! And can you blame them?

"Senior quote. Extremely accurate."

Reddit | forrealigatr

Way to revel in the celebratory spirit! I'm actually quite amazed that this made it into the final copy!