Tattoo Artist Uses 'Double-Vision' Technique To Make Surreal Designs

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm a huge fan of tattoo art. I'm attracted to many different techniques and styles. What about you? Is there one style you gravitate towards more than others?

Well, if there is, I'm about to throw you a curve ball. Here's one unusual technique you absolutely have to see. It'll blow you away.

Yatzil Elizalde, a 25-year-old tattoo artist from Mexico, has a special technique when it comes to tattooing.

She calls it "double-vision" and it mimics the feeling of being dizzy. It's basically like an optical illusion tattoo design, and it's pretty trippy.

The way it's done is by tattooing the same image twice or even three times.

That way, she can create an almost 2D or 3D effect. I think it looks pretty surreal if you ask me. What do you think of it?

Elizalde also makes sure she layers the images slightly off from one another.

I think this is what gives the tattoo that dizzying effect. I know it could be hard for some to look at but I do dig it.

I just hope she never has to tattoo someone who's intoxicated because I think they would be freaked out by it.

Or they would think that they had had far more to drink than they had thought. Ha, ha! Imagine that?

Elizalde originally started off as a visual artist.

What she mostly focused on was doing illustrations, murals, and some digital work. She wanted to start tattooing when she was able to figure out how to create her images on human skin.

Once she was able to do so she knew it was time to start tattooing.

And she's been able to give people her signature blurred vision look. I think this is so unique. I can honestly say I've never seen anything quite like it.

It may take some getting used to for anyone who looks at this type of tattoo.

I gotta admit I'm still doing a double-take every time I see one of her works. How do you feel about it? It's interesting, huh?

If you ever felt like somebody was watching you, perhaps this tattoo isn't for you. Ha, ha!

But if this doesn't trip you out too much, maybe it's something you should consider. I really love how this technique is used here.

I'm a big fan of sun and moon tattoos. So this one is right up my alley, I gotta say.

This is such a different take on a typical celestial tattoo. Don't you think? I really dig it as well.

Oh my goodness! This Medusa is absolutely stunning.

She looks like she's totally alive on this person's skin. I feel like at any minute she's going to snap at me. Ha, ha! Do you feel this way too? I can't be the only one.

If you ever wanted to have Sailor Moon become animated on your skin, you've got your wish here.

She looks like she's escaped from the TV screen and right onto this person's body, no? This is such a cool effect.

How pretty is this feminine tattoo?

I love that she incorporated normal elements in addition to her signature blurry effect here. And you can't forget that she also used a dotted technique in this, too. Wow, I'm really impressed by this piece.

If you're a fan of someone famous perhaps you may be into getting a portrait like this.

This is definitely a different way of showing it off. This tattoo technique may seem a little far out but it's so interesting.

Here's another super cool idea Elizalde created here. It's like a statue that's about to come to life.

No? At least, that's the impression I get from looking at it. I can't get over how unique this double-vision technique really is.

This technique seems to work quite well with people's faces.

I think it adds another dimension to the typical tattoo idea. It definitely keeps your interest when you look at it. There are so many interesting perspectives in this type of work.

Honestly, just when I thought another tattoo artist couldn't blow me away, this lady did.

I can't get over how interesting and creative her tattoo technique really is. I would definitely consider getting something done by her. How about you?

h/t: Insider

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