30 Cool Ideas That We're Glad Someone Came Up With

Some of the world's most brilliant minds go completely undiscovered. The ones making the real change, coming up with the most amazing ideas to better our lives, many of us will simply never see.

This list is meant to bring light to those people and their ideas, ideas we really ought to be seeing more of. Appreciate them.

"Our refrigerator has revolving levels so you can reach everything easily."

Reddit | seraphim2703

Forget the thin sliding fridge, or that weird gel fridge, this is the future fridge I want.

"My grandpa has a case for his sauces."

Reddit | satchamo87

You know you can trust a man who always has a spare Nutella packet on hand.

"Putting together furniture? Use some of its styrofoam packaging for keeping small parts from disappearing!"

Reddit | cute-e-lad

It's been this easy the whole time? So many lost screws and brackets...but never again.

"My roommates spatula has a stand so the bit that touches your food doesn’t touch the counter."

Reddit | Alentheflannel

It's just the smallest, tiniest of details that change the whole damn game. This is how I felt when I found out about those dishes for wooden spoons.

"The mirror in my hotel has a heated part that won't steam up after a shower."

Reddit | mdengler

But how am I meant to leave my cryptic mirror messages for the next person to unveil when they take a shower?

"If you want an air purifier but only have $39, slap a 20x20x1 filter on the back of a box fan."

Reddit | Cheff_excelence

I'm glad there are air-purification options for people with an incredibly specific amount of money in their bank account.

"Small bathroom with limited shelving? Buy two cheap shower curtain rods and create more room for your needs."

Reddit | Farfollow

This changes everything. This is bathroom storage, closet storage, laundry room storage. I'm about to have so many more shelves!

"This building has optional Beast Mode stairs."

Reddit | godofgainz

I like that they put "beast mode" on the normal stairs too so you don't feel bad. Any flight of stairs is a physical feat!

"Pour your leftover coffee into ice trays and freeze them. Once they’re solid, use the frozen cubes to make iced coffee without watering down your beverage."

Reddit | d_love_

Hey, one I can actually vouch for! I love doing this, and it's true that the fun shapes brighten up your day a little.

"This airplane sleeping mask has different sides depending on if you want the flight attendant to wake you up for meals or not."

Reddit | alngrd

I need the top one just for my day-to-day life. Unless you're bringing me food, I don't want to be disturbed. At all.

"My IT department has a vending machine for computer parts which charges the cost to the correct department."

Reddit | buckeyespud

Imagine this, but on a wider scale. Vending machines with phone charger cables and single-use battery packs? No need to fear forgetting a charger ever again. That's heaven.

"The hotel I stayed at last weekend has a 'Shower Beer' fridge by the shower."

Reddit | CerebralSlurry

Are shower beers a thing? If not, can they become one? Because I really like the sound of it.

"My bucket has a flat side to put against walls."

Reddit | 1NC3PT10N

Sometimes it really is the little things. It's just a flat side on a bucket but I'm still blown away that it isn't more common.

"This McDonald's has a smaller counter upstairs and they use a conveyer belt to ship food."

Reddit | jacob3ch

"Welcome to Ronald McDonald's Magical Big Mac Ride! Keep your buns and patties in the container at all times, and don't have any loose fries that could get lost on the journey. Most importantly, have fun!"

"This chess set from 1972 has the valid moves for each piece stamped on their bases, making the game much easier for beginners to learn."

Reddit | wowbobwow

I had a friend in high school who loved chess and tried to teach me. Not only was I bad, but I have a terrible memory, so every time we'd play I'd have already forgotten the rules. This would have helped.

"This luggage store has an airplane set up for customers to test their carry-ons and under-seat bags."

Reddit | nosm0kingzone

You're saying people actually test this stuff? I just throw all my things in a backpack and hope for the best.

"Mini M&M containers fit quarters perfectly. Large tube holds $40 and short tube holds $20."

Reddit | BeautifulLilFool

Instead of those boring paper rolls, we could have been using these this whole time? They even come in fun colors!

"My local canal has a little staircase for the ducks to get in and out of the water."

Reddit | Dom_wpc

Ducks could fly out, but sometimes their wings are just aching after a whole day of migrating. They just want to walk for a bit.

"This restaurant gives you a discount if you have well behaved kids."

Reddit | gabymaybe

Restaurant workers are so strong. This discount even existing means they deal with terrible kids so often that good ones are rare. I could never.

"At this airport, they have a machine that will print off free short stories for you to read while you wait!"

Reddit | MisallocatedRacism

This idea is cute, but who just has a five-minute wait at the airport? They should have these set for hours at least. Wait, that's a book.

"These bikes have airless tires."

Reddit | 9_ar7k

This design is to help prevent flats, and are most commonly seen on public/bikeshare bikes to prevent people from just tossing a bike with a flat on the side of the street.

"The local nursing home is an indoor town. There's a movie theater and pub!"

Reddit | ParzivalsQuest

This is such a genuinely incredible idea. I need to move to wherever this is. I don't want to end up anywhere else in my old age.

"Supermarket trolleys in Sweden have a map of the supermarket."

Reddit | capsii2

Considering how many times I've gotten lost in Ikeas, large flea markets, and malls, this would help me a lot.

"There are these internet purchase exchange meetup spots throughout this town."

Reddit | queen0fmars

I wish my city had these. I'm tired of awkwardly meeting people in coffee shop parking lots.

"In Finland, there are buttons to thank the bus driver."

Reddit | Goat_Juice

With this, I wouldn't have to worry about shouting "thank you" from the back of the bus and just hoping the driver heard me.

"The design of the curtains in my hotel room to ensure that there is no annoying light gap in the middle."

Reddit | taharoto

It's little ideas like this that make me go from "this was a fine hotel stay" to "this was a fine hotel stay with a cool feature, maybe I'll write a review if I don't forget in under an hour."

"There are now cardboard biodegradable coolers instead of styrofoam coolers to help the environment."

Reddit | zreynolds11

The creator of this product was actually in the comments of this post providing some info. They say the numbers are a super safe estimate, and had actually succeeded in reusing the cooler multiple times, meaning it's better for the environment and lasts a number of uses!

"Farmers have resorted to painting the fur of dogs to fool monkeys into believing that they are tigers to save their crops."

Reddit | redvakho

"My ferocious guard tiger, let those thieving monkeys hear your roar!"

"Bark bark!"

"Yeah, close enough."

"My dog finally killed her favorite toy tonight, only to find there was a smaller, even more squeaky toy inside!"

Reddit | flourescent_noir

That fly looks like it's seen some horrible things. Well, buddy, I hate to be the one to tell you, but it's about to get worse.

"Table with solar panel as a sunshade that doubles as a charger for the ports at it’s base."

Reddit | gatheryourmagic

This is convenient in every way. Provides shade, charges your phone, better for the planet. Why aren't these everywhere?